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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Go Redsox and Astin is a luckbox

1:00am Fuck ME, Just got knocked out. Man wtf? KQ good call preflop I guess. Not one I would make but thats why I suck.

out 17th, atleast the redsox won.

I will write up the rest later now i have to drive home from rake feeders house.

Lets Go Redsox11:45 T6505 58 peeps left

11:07 82 out of 112 left. That is higher than normal for one of these but with the bigger fields is to be expected.
down to T4050

11:00 I have been at Rakefeeders house using his wireless since 7:30 and we have player 2 tourneys and ftp has seated us at the same table Not once But Twice. I mean the first time was in the $5 horse tourney and the 2nd time is in the Mookie.

Atleast i have position on him. He is always tough to play agaisnt. I am looking forward to playing with Biggeston and Rakefeeder this weekend. Biggestron is the only other blogger I have met and he is a pretty nice guy so its always good to see him. He plays poker pretty well also.

10:42 wow the sox are kicking the shit out of the rockies.

9:25 4-1 Youk scores on a double by david ortiz.

9:12 3-1 sox. Beckett given up 2 doubles this inning. Better get someone up in the Bullpen, Just kidding he gets the 3rd out only giving up 1 run.

9:10 there is 50 min left and there are already 77 Players signed up for the Mookie on Full Tilt Poker.
Man does Beckett look Dominant so far.

9:00 3-0 Redsox. Now this is how you want to start off game 1 of the World Series.

out of the Horse Tourney. Now I know how Matusow felt at the wsop. Rivered every time.

8:52 2-0 Redsox sox bats are still nice and warm.

8:46 LEAD OFF HOMERUN FOR Pedrioa of THE REDSOX. this comes after beckett strikes out 2 in the top of the first.

15 min to game time. Lets hope it is a good series.
go check out Biggestron to get his take on his Man crush of the Redsox.

1:45 till the Mookie starts. I am sure this is going to be another Record field.

I will post updates during the Night. I am at Rakefeeders house to watch the game.

we both signed up for the 5 dolla horsie tourney on Full Tilt.

126 runners in the horse tourney.

First hand TT win a 150 up to T1650.