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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Death of a Blogger

I just read where Ethan from Gentleman Gigolo Passed away on dec 20th from a Drug Overdose it looks like.

This was one of my favorite reads. Because I am a Married man so I have to read about others having sex. But it went deeper than that (no Pun intended). He actually wrote well and did stress that it wasn't all that glamorous and Not always fun.

His Bio read

"I am a French-Italian raised in Northern Italy. I love the States. Now I survive by selling myself to the highest bidder. I love the lifestyle and until I find a job that can provide me the same income for the same effort, I will continue to explore southern california and all its glory!"

Seriously Though that man could Write about his clients and tell the tales well.
It looks like they will pull the blog down in the next few Days so if you have never read his blog go check it out.

"She grunted really loud and I could see the guys. They were masturbating! I told her to look and she instructed me to fuck her harder so they could hear her scream.
I got up on my knees and pulled her back. I grabbed some hair and twisted it into my hands like the reins of a horse."

Rest in Peace and My Wishes are with you and your Family.