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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Biggest Leak

I’ve got to stop playing tournaments....
They’re a leak in my bankroll that’s keeping me from getting ahead.
I do ok but not well enough. and they just make me spin my wheels as far as my Bankroll goes.
I find I am much more consistent Playing Limit ring games.
grinding it out, Yes it isnt that exciting but I find it to be much more profitable and less
of an emotional rollercoaster when some Dumbass thinks it is a good idea to call your
preflop raise with 45 suited. and knocks you out 10 from the money.


tough weekend

Saturday 11/19

Happy birthday to me.

We had a tourney at the bar that I work at on saturday aftrenoon.
on friday night we had about 20 signed up. So I get to the bar at 11 for a 12pm start and there are
like 25 people there. we ended up with 32 runners.

1500 chips and 30 min levels. I really never got it going. Got bluffed off of 55 by a donkey that had 22 think i had AK 1 time and that was it for hands. I basically had nothing playable for the last hour. It also didn't help that I had the chip leader to my left most of the time.

He was someone who would bet the flop whether he hit it or not. He got lucky a few times. but he did end up making the money. but only 3rd.

I played a few sng's but that is all all weekend. Too much football on sunday.

Atleast the Patriots won again. 2 game winning streak.
Superbowl here we come. Yeah right.