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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


MissT74: "MissT74" has a cheap sat to a wsop seat tonight

Wednesday, March 15 @ 9:00pm EST
NLHE for a $1,500 WSOP event
40 players MAX
Buy in is $10/$1, with $27.50 received in advance.

check em out and send her email if you want to play.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


is looking for a few more people for tonight wsop sattalite.

If it doesn't fill up by an hour before then I will have to cancel. I have about 7 seats left right now..HELP!!!

Tuesday, March 14 @ 10:00pm EST
NLHE for a $2,000 WSOP event
20 players MAX
Buy in is $10/$1, with $90 received in advance



Monday, March 13, 2006

Iraq's getting scared

My man Rob is heading to Iraq for a free vacation in 2 weeks. Iraqi's throw down your weapons and surrender now.

Lately I just hope that rob can make it home in 1 piece.
He is already crazy so no worries there. (just kidding)

Rob's a great guy who when he was called up after being out of the army for 9 years would do nothing to get out of his callup.
It's too bad more people aren't like rob, and by that I mean having a sense of pride in our country and the stones to do what he thinks is right.