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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Poker Stars

No Limit Holdem Tournament

Blinds: t300/t600

(Ante: t50)

9 players


Stack sizes:

UTG: t5160

UTG+1: t13115

MP1: t6154

MP2: t1734

MP3: t8722

CO: t4270

Hero: t7410

SB: t12065

BB: t33124

Pre-flop: (9 players) Hero is Button with
A♦ A♠

UTG folds,
UTG+1 raises to t1800, 4 folds, Hero raises to t3600, 2 folds, UTG+1 calls t1800 (pot was t6750).

J♣ 2♦ Q♥ (t8550, 2 players)

UTG+1 checks,
Hero is all-in t3760, UTG+1 calls t3760 (pot was t12310).

5♥ (t16070, 1 player + 1 all-in - Main pot: t16070)

2♥ (t16070, 1 player + 1 all-in - Main pot: t16070)


Final pot: t16070

UTG+1 showed 7h Ah

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Terrell Owens is a Douche Bag who.....

Terrell Owens is a Douche Bag who Cost me My Fantasy Football Championship.
Really you ask how? well catch the Fucking ball thats how, Dropping a Fucking 40 Yard Pass cause he got pushed and then didn't think the ball was going to get to him, Fuck you CATCH THE GODDAM BALL YOU PUSSY. You shoot of your mouth and then drop the ball. Nice Job asswipe.
You shriveled up like A Dick in cold water. Face it your not an elite receiver your not even #1 on your own team. which is sad since Terry Glenn is outshining you.

So Mr Owens if you want to make it right Send me a check for $300 to make up the difference your Multiple drops in the game cost me.

Atleast the Patriots decided to play a solid game this week and Clinched the AFC east which is
Probably the Toughest division in the NFL. Pats, Jets, Bills and Miami. yes its the toughest from top to bottom.

Pats have 1 more game to win before they play proably the Jets or the Bengals.
But if the Colts Lose again we could actually be the 3 seed.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays - Go Patriots

I just wanted to take a Moment and Wish Everyone A Merry Christmas,
And a happy and Healthy New Year. Please take a Moment and Think of all the
Friends you have and be Grateful for everything. Since you never know
when it will all come to an end.

I Miss the single days When About 10 of Us Jewish friends would meet up for Chinese
and a Movie on Christmas day. But when you marry a shiksa this is what happens.

ok enough of that mushy crap. Take the Pats playing a tough Jacksonville team on the road.
The Pats Need to win since they Might not make the Playoffs if they lose. The Jets are right on their heels and Play The Raiders next week.

I hope everyone has a happy and Healthy Holiday season and Safe travels.

Head on over to Ryan's Blog to get his take on Rudolph The Latently Homosexual Reindeer

"Seriously, the whole damn thing is goddamn Commie Gay Martian propaganda. Rudolph comes out of the womb with a nose that is downright flaming, and is immediately shamed into the closet by his alpha-male father. Then he gets excited while headbutting another young buck (coughERECTIONcough) and is banned from participation in the masculinity-affirming “reindeer games”, disappointing Santa, who is clearly a big ol’ redneck cracker bigot. (Yes, Rudolph then walks a girl reindeer home, but she is clearly destined for Reindeer Vassar.)"


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Charter Cable SUCks

Let me just say right now, CHARTER CABLE is the worst goddasm Cable company.
Why am I so upset you ask well I am tired of not being able to watch The NFL network
and the thursday night game. So Pull that stick out of your Ass charter and carry the NFL network, But the NFL isn't spared from the blame, Why they started their own network
to carry games that no one can see is beyond me.

The Patriots Finally won a game, But this weeks could be another loss since Jacksonville
is a tough tough team. hope it is a good one.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy Hanukkah

Last night (friday) was the first night of Hanukkah. Much to the joy of my two daughters.
I hope everyone has a great Holiday season which ever holiday you might celebrate.
Please take the time to tell the people closest to you how you feel.
Too many people think that there will be another time to tell someone that you care but
you never know what tommorrow will bring so live for today.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Free is free right????

Click the following link for free thats right FREE CONDOMS.
I don't need them but free is free so go get some and give them to someone you know.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Vegas and the Patriots.

Wow I guess I am the only Loser not in VEGAS with the rest of the Bloggers.
Well I can't actually go this time of year, Since I work in retail and taking a weekend
off in the middle of December is really not an option.

Good News is that My Good friend Rob is home on leave from Iraq for 2 weeks.
I let him Convince me to go to foxwoods on thursday to play the 10am tourney.
$100 buyin $80, $20 juice, T1500 to start with 20 min levels, With the blinds doubling every round. Not alot of play for that fee you might say.

Not much to report on my outing played tight and stole a few blinds to stay right around
T1100 until the 2rd level started when it was 50/100 I woke up UTG+1 with KK and
raised to 300 and the guy from MP ReRaises to 600, I pushed for about 600 more which had the guy covered and he flips over AA. He catches an A on the flop and IGHN. I actually had T25 left but that didnt go so well.

Played some 4/8 limit which played like a 1/2 game 4-7 people seeing every flop.
3 limpers A raise and 5 calls. that about sums it up.
got stuck early by flush chasing Bums (yeah that really looked the part) but grinded about 3/4th of it back before heading off to eat.

So not a great day at the Woods But I do like playing Live. there is something about Taunting the bums and trying to tilt them that I find Sickly amusing.

Hope everyone in vegas Gets Food Poisioning from some free buffet. Naw Just kidding.

Too Bad the Patriots forgot that the Game started at 1pm today.
maybe they can pick it up during the second half.

4pm. update.

Well that was a fucking joke of a game for the patriots.
They got outplayed and made the same stupid mistakes they have been for the last
4 weeks and this time they got shut out. I am starting to think they will be
a 1 and Done team in the Playoffs this year, that is assuming they actually make it in.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Harrahs and their allegiance to the WSOP

Harrahs and their allegiance to the WSOP: "Harrahs and their allegiance to the WSOP"

I guess this goes to show everyone how much Harrahs actually cares
about running a fair game.

Check out this article about another incident and I am sure there were many more that weren't reported.

I guess all Harrahs cares about is making money.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Patriots Cheerleaders

Nickleanddimes: "Did either team even want to win or were they worried more about hypothermia due to the 15 million cold weather mentions by Fox Sports? Yes, it’s Chicago, its December, its outdoors, so it might not be 75 and Sunny."

What game is Drizz talking about? My guess is the vikes game.
But he might as well as have been talking about the Patriots-Lions.
Talk about two teams trying to give the Game away. Maybe the Patriots
thought the game started at 4?

I still want to believe that the Patriots are NFL elite, but I am starting
to think they are not even in the top 3 anymore. The injury's are starting to
pile up like billy joels accidents. They are Paper thin at Linebacker and Vrabel got hurt at the
end of the game. Maroney got hurt also and he would be a huge loss, Dillion still has alittle left but his nowhere near an every down back anymore.

Now I do believe that if they can get healthy. Getting Rodney Harrison back for the playoffs and
maybe a LB back and that is assuming that There is nothing Major wrong with Laurence Maroney and they are real close. Why you ask? Well Tom Brady is the Best Qb in the NFL.
thats why and As long as he is standing they will have a shot.

they could go 4-o or 2-2 in these last 4 games at first they looked easy but
Miami always plays the Patriots tough. then the Texans, Jacksonville and then they finish with Tennessee, who will be fighting for a playoff spot with a young QB.

Not as easy as it looked 3 weeks ago. But who knows what 4 weeks of NFL action will bring,


Friday, December 01, 2006


My Brother Jay's Band RAQ is Playing at the Paradise in Boston
RAQ They have been getting great reviews of thier second album. -October 2006
"I’ve been rolling my tongue over certain phrases, trying to find the one that captures the essence of RAQ’s new album Ton These; tour-de-force, unstoppable, aural assault and so forth. The problem is that none of these clich├ęs even come close to distilling the essence of this album.

Right out of the gate, with “Walking In Circles,” this Vermont quartet unleashes an unfettered rock fusion explosion. Chris Michetti’s guitar creates a roaring wall of bouncing sound while Greg Stukey and Jay Burwick’s rhythm section dance around the intricate keys of Todd Stoops and the vocals, breezy and anthemic at the same time; grab the listener by the ears and
shakes. It is the sound of a refreshing, if not roaring, blast of mountain air." read the rest here.

12/02/06 Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA
967 Commonwealth Avenue
18+ | 8pm doors
$12 tix


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tao of Poker: Pauly's Poker Blog

Tao of Poker: Pauly's Poker Blog: "Tilt and Flow

I'm mired deep into a macabre of a losing streak, stuck over $2K in the last two weeks. Poker is as fickle as the Northern Lights, but I'm not freaking out right now. The swings are bigger because I'm playing bigger stakes."

Stop reading my Blog right Now and go read the rest of Pauly's Post and see why he is The BEST POKER BLOGGER AROUND.

billyb SPORTSNATION - Vote: College FB awards

Still sick but feeling better. I'm Not dead yet.
Playing the wwdn is always fun till Pokerstars kicked me in the nuts, with runner runner straight to knock my set of 9's out of the wwdn. so much for making the break.

I got this email from a friend can you help em out and vote for the awards.

billy SPORTSNATION - Vote: College FB awards

Hey y'all,
I don't know how many of you follow College Football. My co-worker's son is playing for Rice. He is having a GREAT year and has been nominated for the Biletnikoff Award. This is an award given to an Outstanding Wide Receiver. I don't think he is as well known as the two other candidates. If it isn't too much trouble, I would like everyone to vote for him. Here is the link. His name is Jarret Dillard. He is the first one listed. If feel you like it, you can forward this to your friends, too.
Thanks for your help and Happy Holidays,

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Being Sick Sucks Monkey Balls

Ok so running yourself ragged while you have a bad head/chest cold is not a good idea.

But free tickets on friday night to see the celtics get smoked by the knicks.
work a double on saturday and then get up at 8 am sunday to go to the Patriots game
makes for a long weekend.

While it was nice to see a Celtics game in person, I wish they could have lost by less than 25.
they are a young team. lots of promise but short term they are going to lose way more than they will win.

I went to My first and probably last patriots game of the year, Why well I work retail and
I have to work sundays in december :( .

It was nice to see the Patriots win against a good Team for a change.
Did the Pat's play well? Not really But Chicago's defense is probably the best in the league.
It was too bad to see Junior Seau Break his Arm, that looked real nasty and incase you didnt see it here it is.

Although i was against him signing with the pats he was fitting in real well and this is another big loss for the patriots. Hopefully he will heal up and not have any lasting effects from this

hopefully the train that is running over my head will stop soon.


Saturday, November 25, 2006

tough Road ahead

Wow just looking at the patriots Old Uniforms gives me the willie's Lots of bad memories
to go along with those uni's.

The 86 superbowl the 1-15 season, so on and so forth.

The Bears are an Interesting team,
are they as strong as everyone thinks or are they just playing in an inferior conference???
The bears are awsome on defense but they are banged up and missing a few key players(mike Brown, Ricky manning Jr).
they score 40% of their points on defense so not turning the ball over is extremely important against the bears.

I think the pats will win by 14, 34-24 but it will be closer than most think. the spread is
3.5 point favorite and you get 3 for being at home s the game is in essence a pickem????
the Patriots should have thier way with the Bears by controlling the clock.
If the patriots win they are back in the drivers seat for a bye with denver losing on Turkey day.
and they really need to win to keep the distance on Miami and the jets who is looking better each week.

Pats bye 14, 34-24

poker has been Blah lately. Had some donk at a 6.50 sng tell me he had notes on me
and that him calling my ALLin with J4o was a good play on his part. because his notes told him so. Note made in his file and I will be looking to play with him again.

just banging around not making much progress on the Bankroll lately.
but I still enjoy playing which is the good part. Just wish the Roll would go up at a noticable rate
I feel like I play well but sometimes that isn't enough.
Maybe someday I will learn the secret.

4pm sat my buddy just called with Tix to the Pats- chicago game.
get to see the Patriots win in person.


Friday, November 24, 2006

best of craigslist : Dudes, don't shower/shave with your kitten...

Wow There is some funny stuff on craigslist.
this is from the best of craigslist.
hope everyone had a great dead Bird day.

best of craigslist : Dudes, don't shower/shave with your kitten...: "Dudes, don't shower/shave with your kitten...
Date: 2006-10-20, 3:41PM EDT

I have this cat whom I found as kitten, too young to have been weened properly and sick - without intervention he wouldn't have survived on his own much longer. I nursed him back to health, had to hand feed him for awhile, and I became very attatched to him. He's now really healthy, a beutiful orange tabby and we get along great, but our relationship hit a very rocky point one morning. We've patched things up, reasonably well, but memories of this particular morning will always haunt us - particularly me.

But now the point: I shave after I get out of the shower. I throw a towel around my waist, but other than that I shave naked. Like I said my kitten - let's call him Butters - is hanging out in the bathroom the whole time. At this point he's maybe 4 months old, still young, but full of energy. He's playing, doing his thing, and eventually he starts rolling and playing around my feet. 'How sweet,' I think. 'This is a great cat.'

Next thing I know i'm on the floor, curled in the foetus position with blood dripping down my chin from a razor cut and Butters is hiding out behind the porcelin throne, starring at me with huge, dialated eyes.

yeah, he went there.

Dangling objects + kitten = kill.

For those who still haven't caught on, while playing around my feet Butters must have looked up and seen the ole' twig and berries, and decide that it would be a great idea to give the danglies a swat. He had good aim - very good aim...

I don't understand masochists."

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy ThanksGiving :WWdn tourney

Happy Thanksgiving!

Why is it that I like to play with bloggers???? I can find easier games to play,
THE reason is cause of the camaraderie of playing against
other players some of whom you know to be very good at poker.
I mean you get to play with Wil Wheaton, Iggy, the good Doctor Pauly and the list keeps going.

here is a hand from the FINAL Table, Yeah thats right I managed to Not Donk
myself out early as usual.

Now SirWaffles thinks i made a donk play But i don't see it that way.
its the final table and only the big stacks were real comfortable. And I wasn't one of them.

I tried to steal but ran into a hand lucky for me,
I caught and Carmensincity didn't.
If I had Known she was a Pretty as she is good at poker maybe I would have folded.

PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t800 (8 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from (Format: Plain Text)

Hero (t6615)
MP2 (t3363)
CO (t5710)
Button (t17429)
SB (t16015)
BB (t11520)
UTG (t13558)
UTG+1 (t5290)

Preflop: Hero is MP1 with Jd, Kc.
2 folds, Hero raises to t2400, MP2 raises to t3313, 4 folds, Hero calls t913.

Flop: (t6926) 6h, Tc, Kd (2 players)

Turn: (t6926) 8s (2 players)

River: (t6926) 5s (2 players)

Final Pot: t6926

Results below:
Hero has Jd Kc (one pair, kings).
MP2 has Qd Qs (one pair, queens).
Outcome: Hero wins t6926.

Anyone have any comments?

have a great turkey day.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


FeliciaLee: "I think the end has pretty much come. I have wanted to forget about this journal so many times. I kept it going due to obligation I felt to Scott, the readers, myself, Glenn, etc."

Wow, First Iggy and now Felicia, Who will be next.
I know I usually flamed Felicia since she always seemed to
be bitchy in her writings but she is a good writer and seems like a nice person.

It is a shame to see another "Poker Blogger" Take down thier shingle.

thanks for the interesting reads Felicia.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Say it isn't so

First off, I want to thank each and every one of you who wrote about Guinness and Poker, and more importantly, everyone and anyone who came here to read about our beloved game of poker. You're the reason I blogged my ass off for over three years.

Wow Iggy Has decided to end guinnessandpoker. This is a sad day for all of us.
He is the BlogFather one who started the whole Poker Blogging thing with his Uber work killing Posts.

I guess everything must come to an end at some point but its a shame that he is hanging it up since he put out such quality posts (unlike Me). It truly is a shame.

Wow I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks. Why Well poker has been marginally better as of late. I am going back to limit poker on full tilt. It is where i am most comfortable playing.

The Patriots are doing their best to make the afc east a competive race.
It's really a shame that they have lost 2 in a row for the first time in like 4 years since they had a chance to play for the bye which now looks like a loooong shot.

Tom Brady has looked more like Ryan Leaf the last couple of weeks than himself.
4 interceptions just isn't very good.
Is he hurt or is this still just an adjustment period with his new receivers??? all his int's have been High. and we are talking about a QB who is usually extremely accurate.
why sign The Testacle (testeverde) who is 42?????

I think the pats will be fine and bounce back with a win this week since they are playing the Sucky Packers

They better fucking win since they have the Bears at home next week. and that game was moved from 1 to 4pm which is interesting since If the Pats had won atleast 1 of the last 2 games they probably would have moved the game to 8pm.

the Patriots should win this game by atleast 14 points.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

CC’s Thursday Bash

CC’s Thursday Bash:

this should be a fun tourney to play
I will be there to donate how about you?



Friday, November 03, 2006

What A Week

Where do I start,

First the Patriots who are the best team in the NFL Smoked the
Minnesota Vikings (thanks for the money Drizz). Nice Pass Defense the Vikings have
They are the #1 run defense but looked like the #32 pass defense, I really thought the game
would be closer but that is why they play the games.

Maybe After the Patriots Beat the colts this Sunday Night They will start to get the respect they deserve. You gotta remember they were rated no higher than the 12th best team to start the season. and the DOLPHINS (insert Joke) were picked to win the superbowl.

Yesterday the Gold Gloves were awarded, I only have a problem with 1 really and that
would be Derek Jeter Winning at shortstop. I mean do people actually pay attention
He is not even close to being the best DEFENSIVE shortstop in the AL.
Infact I would say he isnt even in the TOP 3. I am not trying to be a Homer Redsox
fan But after watching Alex Gonzalez play short all year I don't understand how
Jeter can win it for the 3rd year in a row it is a Joke.
the award is not about who is a better hitter or more valuable to thier team its supposed to be the best fielder Plain and simple.

         Year Ag Tm  Lg Pos   G     PO    A    E   DP    FP   lgFP  RFg  lgRFg  RF9  lgRF9  GS   Inn  

Gonazlez: 2006 29 BOS AL  SS  111  163  305   7   68  .985  .970  4.22  4.02  4.36  4.49  110  966.3
   jeter: 2006 32 NYY AL  SS  150  214  381   15  81  .975  .970  3.97  4.02  4.14  4.49  149 1292.3 
M young: 2006 29 TEX AL SS 155 241 493 14 113 .981 .970 4.74 4.02 4.87

the award is not about who is a better hitter or more valuable to thier team its supposed to be the best fielder Plain and simple, and you can see here that both Michael Young and Alex Gonazez are better defensively than jeter.
look at putouts and assists and young is way ahead of jeter and Feilding Position Young and Gonzalez are way ahead. Now look at DP and assists and you tell me how Jeter wins????

Crazy I know.

i am sure I will be here next week telling you David Ortiz got screwed
when Jeter wins the MVP also. But I will save that for another post.


Monday, October 30, 2006

What a weekend it was

Had a busy weekend. Had Knee surgery on wensday to remove the torn Cartilidge from my left
Knee. Surgery went Ok But My doctor found that I Tore my ACL also (Fuckme).

Then I ran a Poker tourney with 29 players on saturday which went well.
I busted out my Full tilt Hockey Jersey.for the event.
29 players 3k in chips with 30 min levels till level 8. After that we went to 20 min levels.
I ended up going out 7th when I got it allin with JJ against a shorter 99 and AQ who had me covered. Flop came 9 high and a Q on the river and I was out. I would have been happy with the side pot since it was bigger than the main.

so what do we do then we head down to foxwoods at 8:30 sat night since playing since 1pm wasnt enough.

My Boy BC bought dinner at the Hard Rock which was ok. but free is free right????
we bought into the same $120 sng and i busted out 7th again when KQ called my preflop raise.
and flopped 2 pair.

so decided to play one more and ended up at a table with with 4 ladys who were all friends.
My General game is TIGHT Aggressive since people like to limp and chase down there.

we get 4 way with 2,3,4,8 seats left. and the 2 and 8 seats are sisters.
the woman in the 9 seat didnt leave her seat and was telling the woman in the 8 how to play.
so what do i do I speak up and tell her nicely to shut her mouth. since she isnt even in the game she shouldn't even be sitting at the table anymore nevermind coaching the 8 seat.

long story short I ended up winning the sng for $500 after sucking out with J4 to take a commanding lead. But even then It wasn't easy my Hu opponent was in the 3 seat and me in the 4. he doubled up when he was AI for less than the blind. and then procedded to push like 4 hands in a row when i had 82, 84, 74 and 72s, he was starting to get frustrated when i said I wish i could call with 72 and flipped it face up, here is where HU sngs help alot getting comfortable with the situation. Finally got it all in with AT and it held up for the win.

so I won $220 for the day which isn't too bad. too bad I didn't get home till 3am.

Sunday went by in a blur. No Patriots so means not so much intrest in watching the NFL games
other than My Fantasy Teams.

Tonight is the Big game with alot of money $10 riding on the outcome. Drizz just send the money to my stars account now. since the Pats will be victorious.

can u believe they lost to the RAIDERS?
so much for a repeat they aren't going to make the playoffs.
making it easier for the Patriots to return to thier rightfull spot on top.

Patriots 24
Vikings 17


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

wow I suck at this game

Sometimes no matter what you do it turns out wrong and that was how it was last night for me.
one of those nights when after loosing 3 sng's and 1 tourney early I decided to just watch instead of playing. Such is life.

I am scheduled to have knee surgery tomorrow (thurs) and I should hopefully
feel much better than it does now, I can't straighten my knee out without
excruciating pain.

Maybe I am getting to Old to play Football like
My wife says. But since I am having surgery I get a few days off so what will
I do with all my free time????? Hmm I will give you 2 guesses.



Monday, October 23, 2006

Who's the best Team in the NFL?????

the first thing I would like to do is give a big congratulations to Brdweb for his
3rd place in the bodog 100k last night.

Now Who's the best Team in the NFL?????

the New England Patriots.!!! Yeah thats right and no I haven't lost my mind Brady is starting to get comfortable with his recievers and we have not 1 good Running Back But 2 with Dillion and Maroney who is going to be a star in this league.

The Patriots are 5-1 for the first time in 10 years and other than chicago and a suddenly tough
game with Minnesotta next monday the schedule is pretty favorable.

By the way Drizz want to make a bet?????

HOW about those steelers. Are they out of the playoffs yet????
how the mighty have fallen.
can the tigers win 4 straight.
tune in next time for the answers.


Friday, October 20, 2006

the Games People Play.

First I would like to off my condolences to Metsfan.
for the loss of his beloved mets and more so since he bought World series tickets

and he LIVES IN LA.

Now that is a True Fan. Now he know how redsox fans have felt all these years.
Maybe Next year.

On to football and we have the return of the Patriots after a BYE WEEK, Thank God
since watching football on sunday isn't right without your team playing.

they are playing the Bills this sunday and if they will they will lockup the AFC least for the year since they are 4-0 in the division.
Take the Pats and the give the points there will be no fluky touchdown on the first play from scrimmage for the bills this week.

I do find it interesting the way the colt and pats front offices get along.
seems like this is kinda petty but whatever works for you.

Patriots pushing Polian's buttons

Posted: Oct.19, 2006, 5:45 pm EDT
Bill PolianJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Patriots won't be rolling out the welcome mat for Colts president Bill Polian on Nov. 5.

The New England Patriots have formally asked the NFL to ensure the safety of Patriots employees when the team hosts the Indianapolis Colts and their explosive president at Gillette Stadium on Sunday night, Nov. 5.
The move, an evident tweaking of the Colts, comes after Colts President Bill Polian apologized to a Jets employee earlier this month for shoving him before the Colts-Jets game at Giants Stadium on Oct. 1.
According to a league source, Polian, Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum and Ray Anderson, the NFL's senior vice president of football operations, discussed the incident on a conference call soon after it occurred and Polian was required to issue a written apology.

The league wanted to the incident to "go away," the source said.According to a report earlier this month, Polian was upset because he felt loudspeakers were positioned too close to the field. In the course of speaking to a Jets employee in a tunnel leading to the field, Polian grabbed the employee by the lapels of his jacket and pushed him against a wall.

When contacted about the incident, Anderson said he had no comment and abruptly hung up.Colts vice president of public relations Craig Kelley said: "I'm not commenting. It's been resolved, if in fact there was a problem in the first place."Polian, who has been with the Colts for nine seasons and was a GM for the Panthers and Bills before that, did not respond to an e-mail request for comment.Jets vice president of public relations Ron Colangelo said last week that the league office was looking into the situation.

Meanwhile, the Colts' longtime AFC nemesis in New England took notice of the Polian issue.In the past few years, the Colts have lodged frequent complaints with the league about the Patriots. Last week, the Colts reportedly asked the league to talk to the Pats about the shoddy condition of the turf at Gillette Stadium.During the 2003 regular season, Indianapolis complained that Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest milked a late-game injury to allow a Patriots substitution. McGinest was later involved in a stirring, game-ending fourth-down stop of Edgerrin James. During the 2003 AFC Championship, Polian went ballistic while watching the Patriots strong-arm Indianapolis receivers. A "rules emphasis" was instituted in 2004 that was dubbed the "Ty Law Rule" after the Patriots corner who picked off Peyton Manning three times that day.In visits to New England, Polian has been demonstrative in the press box, swinging his fists, throwing off his suit coat and pounding the counter in front of him.Last year, when Patriots backup quarterback Doug Flutie scrambled around during the last play of a 40-21 Colts win at Foxborough, Polian said, "Break his leg."

Five reasons the Patriots get under the Colts' skin

1. Winning. The Patriots have won three Super Bowls. The Colts have won one. In 1970. When they were in Baltimore. Since 2001, regardless of circumstance, the Patriots have found a way to win. The Colts, on the other hand, find a way to lose. Quite often, the losses have come at the Colts expense.

2. Quarterbacks. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are the two best quarterbacks in the NFL. And they've forged a pretty strong friendship. Yet as Manning continues to rewrite the league's passing records and fall flat in the playoffs, Brady plods efficiently along during the regular season and, save for last season, lights it up in the playoffs. Manning has a multitude of backers. So does Brady. But the conversation on who's better usually ends when the topic of championship rings is raised.

3. Reputations. The Colts play in a controlled dome environment and rely on a finesse passing game and a smallish quick defense. There's a segment of the football-watching public that -- rightly or wrongly -- believes the Colts are soft. The Patriots play outdoors in often sloppy and inclement weather. Their offense is balanced. They can pound it. They can pass it. Defensively, they're smart and nasty. The Patriots may be many things, but soft is not one of them.

4. Expectations. Few things are more agitating in life than expecting great things and getting less. Few things are more enjoyable than expecting little and getting much. The Colts tend to perform below expectations. The Patriots -- despite injuries and roster upheaval -- continue to exceed expectations.

5. Coaches. Colts coach Tony Dungy is widely viewed as one of the most decent men in sports. Frank, forthcoming, earnest and soft-spoken, it's impossible to find anyone who dislikes Dungy. Such is not the case with Bill Belichick. He can be evasive. Forthcoming would be one of the final adjectives anyone would use to describe him. Whether folks like him or loathe him doesn't seem to matter much to Belichick. Far more people root for Tony Dungy than Bill Belichick. With minimal satisfaction. Belichick's continued success must be an irritant in Indy.

poker has been up and down Mostly down lately. It is nice now that fulltilt is
starting to get some added players from the Party closing.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

OK now I am pissed

I was in the Process of getting my first Paid advertiser for this here blog
Until Congress Fucked us all up the Ass without using any lube.
Now that congress did the aforementioned i got this letter.


Just got this news from our payment department. Due to the new legislation, we will be unable to move forward with the deal.


Now This is just what i figured would happen so I wasn't really surprised But
Here congress is taking money that would go to feed the kids. (not really) more like
feed billy's Asian stripper fetish in vegas. So now I will have to do fewer lapdances.

thanks congress you money grubbing special intrest serving motherfuckers.
hope all your daughters get knocked up by some liberals.

heres a cool video to watch.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Who wags the tail?????

Not the People who elected them thats for sure.

MW - Online Sportsbooks Forums - NFL MAKES FANTASY PASS

October 10, 2006 -- WASHINGTON - The National Football League used a big bucks lobbyist to ram through Internet gambling-curbing legislation in the final minutes of the legislative session, sources revealed.

But opponents of the bill charge that the NFL broke the rules when it fast-tracked legislation that never even got a vote in the Senate - a trick play that provided a big exemption for fantasy football.

The NFL runs its own fantasy football site, and gets royalties from others. Fantasy contest companies generate up to $200 million a year, according to an industry association.

The NFL hired lawyer Marty Gold of Covington & Burling and a former counsel to Majority Leader Sen. Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) to design its playbook.

Gold and his firm billed a stunning $700,000 to the NFL in 2005, according to disclosure reports, lobbying on issues from Internet gambling to steroids.

Last month, right before lawmakers left town to campaign, the league was struggling for a way to overcome opposition to clearing the gambling bill. The league decided to try to tack the gambling bill onto final defense legislation that couldn't be amended.

Gold says it wasn't his idea. NFL Chairman Roger Goodell and past chairman Paul Tagliabue wrote Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner (R-Va.) that the bill was an "achievement" he could be proud of, but that couldn't get through the Senate by regular means.

Warner, a senior Navy and Marine veteran, refused.

He wrote Frist - a likely presidential candidate and champion of the gambling bill in the Senate - voicing his "strong objection" to including it in a bipartisan bill for U.S. troops.

Frist relented - but then hatched a new plan to add it to a bill to secure the nation's ports. Rep. Jim Leach (R-Iowa), who holds sway in a key primary state, wrote the original House gambling bill, backed by social conservatives.

House Homeland Security Chairman Rep. Pete King (R-N.Y.) was more compliant, and allowed it onto his port bill without a vote by negotiators.

"I'm not going to stop a bill because of Internet gambling," explained King, who wrote the port bill. "That was their final offer for that day."

Lawyer Tony Cabot, who represents Las Vegas casinos, said he was assuming that "those Republicans got beat down pretty bad by Frist and Hastert. I think they thought they had no choice."

Just goes to show you who trhe politicians in this country really represent.
It sure isn't you and I ....or any of the people who elected them, Its the special intrests that have the money.


Legalize Online Gambling Now Petition

Legalize Online Gambling Now Petition
go sign the petition Now.


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Alittle Grump are we????

FeliciaLee: "the kumbaya's who started it in the first place!'"

9:46 am
Entitlement? Yeah, Eat my Azz!
I am still unable to get past this entitlement belief that so many people possess. I have been an adult for almost 20 years, yet I still can't seem to understand it, or accept it at all.

Almost every person I've spoken to over the past few weeks insists that a certain well-known man "owes" them an explanation. He charges them nothing to participate on his website. He gives out free advice and help. He provides a meeting place and open discussion. He doesn't ask for anything in return other than civility.

Yet everyone I've spoken to insists that he "owes" them something. This is absurd, imo.

The readers coming here are reading my journal because they like the candid look inside of me, my life. I write, they read. I don't charge them to read. I hand out advice when I can, although I'm not always sure if it's worth anything ;)

Good thing I don't charge, eh?

But if even one of them said that I "owed" them an explanation on a big issue? Well, that would be the last post they would be allowed to make. I don't "owe" them jack. Nor does he.

You can insist and demand all you want, but to me, you look like an idiot. Have you gotten so used to the welfare that this country hands out like candy that you believe someone "owes" you anything at all??? I suppose so, because I've yet to find even one exception in this case.

Just because someone is providing you with a website, free of charge, doesn't mean suddenly you are his employer and can boss him around, demanding that he give you even more, more, more.

I'll say what he won't: eff off.

And blow me. And GTFO my site. And eat me. And "go demand your welfare somewhere else. Maybe from the kumbaya's who started it in the first place!"

Have a nice day!

Felicia :)"

Wow did some bitch wake up on the wrong side of the pillow or what?
I can't even figure out who she is talking about? I will guess
that she is talking about Mason Malmuth over at 2+2 which
while being a free site and All the Police the chat just like hitler
did. If you don't aggree with them they will ban you or delete your

They are also making money off this Free site,
So they do have some Responsiblity to the Masses But lets say they don't
they could still offer an Opinion as to the current lesiglation will bring.

Just love a good rant Like Felicia had. Maybe she could ask her doctor for some new
Happy Pills since these don't seem to be working.
she also suggests that we should
"blow me. And GTFO my site. And eat me. And "go demand your welfare somewhere else. Maybe from the kumbaya's who started it in the first place!"

maybe we don't want to touch you nasty old cooch so let glen have it all.
Life is way to short to be miserable all the time.


An Open Letter From Full Tilt Poker

An Open Letter From Full Tilt Poker Regarding the State of Your Online Poker Experience
Posted by Full Tilt Poker.

As many people are well aware, the United States Congress recently passed legislation that aims to make it illegal for U.S. banks to process transactions related to online gaming.

We, like all online poker players, are dismayed and saddened by these potential regulations, and are doing our best to determine what these changes will mean to our customers. We are continuing to study this legislation and, until our investigation is complete, believe it would be wrong to comment on how these new rules will impact the ability for players to transfer funds to and from Full Tilt Poker.

In the short term, we assure you that your online experience at Full Tilt Poker will not change. You will still be able to deposit and withdraw money from the site using the same methods and payment processors you have always used, and your money will remain completely safe and secure. We cannot predict how the online poker experience may change in the future, but we do not expect any immediate impact from the legislation, as the banking industry has 270 days to implement new rules after the bill is signed.

It is also important to note that, once signed, the new legislation will not criminalize individuals for playing poker online. Instead, the bill will eventually attempt to prevent the transfer of funds to online gaming. As poker is a game of skill rather than pure chance, we hope that it will not be affected by this new bill. Speculation aside, however, we will continue to work closely with organizations like the Poker Player's Alliance to lobby for an exemption for online poker and for your right to play a truly American game from the privacy of your own home and computer.

While this last-minute congressional move has undoubtedly caused concern among our players, we want to assure you that Full Tilt Poker is legally regulated and licensed to offer its services to anyone around the world and that your day-to-day experience at the site will remain unchanged in all respects.

Full Tilt Poker

so head on over and check out one of the best rooms on the net that your still allowed to play at. They Have great software and support. Unlike Party which besides having the worst software around screw you at every chance they get.


The Apocolypse is upon us NFL - Embattled Owens to release children's book series - Friday October 6, 2006 9:01PM - NFL - Embattled Owens to release children's book series - Friday October 6, 2006 9:01PM:
"Embattled Owens to release children's book series"

I dont have anything else to add just found this Somewhat Amusing.


Friday, October 06, 2006


Since Congress decided to Stick up the Ass of every
Online Poker players I havent writen anything on it.
I just couldn't put what bothered me the most into words
then i read this post on Amy's Blog and she hit it on the Head.

AimlesslyChasingAmy: "I play(ed) poker online. But losing that opportunity doesn’t even make my top three issues I have with this legislation. While pork and private agendas in legislation have failed to surprise me for decades, Frist’s blatant cramming of this legislation into this particular bill managed to crack even my disillusioned foundation. The fact that this security bill fails to secure mass transportation in deference to Frist’s catering of Leach’s anti-gaming fetish should (but sadly may not) irk more than online gamers. And then there are some trivial concerns like privacy and government control; issues that the Republicans actually used to claim as their moral high ground. It is tragic that this becomes yet another poster child for how public policy can be hijacked by a couple of well positioned morons."

Head on over and Read the rest of the post.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Talk about Getting an Anal Reaming

Sometimes you hit em and sometimes you don't,
but the last 2 nights I have just Been battered Beaten and Bruised.
last night the Ass Raping Began, that I got when this was my final hand.

After this I Just went to bed since I tilted.
So tonight I am Playing the $5.50 tourney on the Best Damm poker Room there is, Full Tilt Poker and it's not that I lost since that isnt what bothers me it just the Ridonkuless Beats.

Here is Ass Raping #2

All the Money went in on the Flop. But he Called A Bet for 4/5th of his stack with a Draw
Crazy?? Yeah and I know these are the calls we want but Some Times I wish There would Atleast be alittle Foreplay First.

You Play on Stars and there is someone There screaming its rigged that shit like the hands above only happen there but you see the same bad play and suckouts everywhere.
Just look at this years WSOP ME for some incredible stuff. hands that people think only happen online.

What a fun game Eh?

Too Bad Our Goverment Has Decided once again that they
Know what is best for us, What I find even Even More Despicable is How
they went about getting the legislation passed. Sneaking it onto the Port security Bill
which they Know was going to Pass.

Atleast Full Tilt is sticking Around unlike Party and others.
And they have the best Bonus Around up to $600 free.
Bonus Code is 72HAMMER on Full Tilt.
play online poker
Play Online Poker


Friday, September 29, 2006

Poltical Ads

It's that time of the year again when the Tv airways are filled with
Stupid Political Ads. But Every Once in awhile A candidate has an Ad that
is right on target. Too Bad Christy Mihos has Almost NO CHANCE TO WIN
atleast he isn't afraid to take some shots.

Here is one From Christy Mihos

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Free Midget Porn and Free XXX

No not really, There is no Free Midget Porn here.
If you want some of that head on over to Iggy's site. and get your fill of Hot Midgets frolicking.

Wow Poker seems to be turning around alittle bit.
I feel like I am Playing better Making the correct desicions and such.

It also helps when your cards hold up Like this hand last night

But this is the ONLY hand where I got

But that gave me the chips I needed to run pretty deep.

I pretty much when card dead from here on out and just sat around and stole enough blinds to reach the final table where I was 7/9 when we started.

this was the final Hand.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Maybe I am getting Old.

What a weekend.

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR to any Fellow MOT's out there.

Not much to report On the poker scene I have been spinning my wheels taking 2 steps forward and 1 step backwards in regards to the bankroll.
I did finish 11th last night in a 10+1 on FullTilt
and was poised to go deep when my AK couldn't beat 77 and my AK couldnt outrun A6.

I Fucked up my Knee Playing Football this weekend, So that is a bummer I think it is just a
cartilige tear (hopefully) I will have an MRI this sunday so we shall then know the full extent of the injury. The worst part is that It was a non contact injury so for everyone who says i am too old. I dont think so. It was due to happen sooner or later. I had my right knee done 19 years ago.
So that was my sunday morning, AND then I had to watch
my Patriots Lose and look
like they were asleep for most of the game.

Good thing its a 16 game schedule. too bad they have to play the Bengals this sunday
hopefully they can rebound.


Monday, September 18, 2006

Two Million Questions. Will Poker Answer?: Part One | Poker News

Two Million Questions. Will Poker Answer?: Part One | Poker News

It seems that there were 2 million extra chips in the Wsop ME.
yes that is alot of extra chips to be added by Mistake and Just Another Example Of Harrah's FUCKING IT ALL UP.

Head on over and Read Amy Calistri and Tim Lavalli's
three-part series (1 2 3) on PokerNews.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Take the time to make the call

The U.S. Senate is Seeking to Ban Online Poker
PPA Phone March on Capitol Hill Scheduled for Sept. 12

Dear Poker player,

Your urgent action is needed! On September 12th the Poker Players Alliance with the support of leading poker blogs and forums,, Wicked Chops Poker and others are organizing a “Phone March” on Capitol Hill. From 9:00 AM Eastern Time, until 5:30 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, September 12th, we are asking all PPA members and anyone interested in defending poker to call this toll free number, (800)-289-1136 and be patched through to one of your two U.S. Senators in Washington D.C. When you call the 800 number you will hear a recording from fellow PPA member Greg “Fossilman” Raymer and then you will be prompted to enter your five digit zip code so you can be directed, free of charge, to your Senator’s office.

Note: The 800 number will only be active between 9:00 AM EST and 5:30 PM EST on Tuesday September 12.

Key points you should make:

I am a voter in your state.
I strongly oppose any legislation that would prohibit online poker, and urge the Senator to vote against such legislation.
Poker is a skill game enjoyed by 70 Million Americans.
The Senator should seek to regulate online poker much like the government regulates other forms of gaming, like lotteries.
Prohibitions don’t work. Any legislation that tries to ban online poker will only drive those players underground.
Again, I urge the Senator to oppose any attempts to prohibit me from playing the great American game of poker on the Internet.
The threat to poker is real. Please forward this information to everyone you know who cares about poker and an American’s freedom to use the Internet. We need everyone possible to make their voice heard on September 12th!


Michael Bolcerek


Poker Players Alliance

Monday, September 11, 2006

Why can't they all be this easy?????

I like to play the Low Limit Heads up Sng's on Full Tilt

Fitst I played a $5 +.50 and the first hand is this one

so then I loaded up a 6+.50 turbo and the 3rd hand was this

and the money didnt all go in till the river. Yes I am a slowplaying bastard.


Has it been 5 years already???

5 years Ago Today.

it was about this time we were just starting to realize the horrors of the day.
One that most of us will never forget,
A day that touched everyone in one way or another and one that we are still dealing with today.

One of those moments where you remember where you were when you heard the news.
making calls to check on loved ones or friends. The Deep sadness that followed Not for the loss of anyone in paticular But just for the loss of so many Human Lives.

Hopefully September 11th 2001 will never be forgotten or those who have Died Fighting for America since then.

Billy B.

Friday, September 08, 2006


People Just don't get it do they? I mean 3 of the last 5 superbowls
and now they are worse than the dolphins????

Here is a quote from C.J. from Up For Anything:

"AFC East

The mighty are falling. The Patriots are not the team they were. The Deion Branch saga is just one example of how bad things have gotten. It's time for a new champ in this division and the Nick Saban project is complete. Expect the Dolphins with a rejuvenated Dante Culpepper to take the crown. (NICE PREDICTION)

The Patriots could still make enough noise to make the playoffs. That's especially considering both the Jets and the Bills are still trying to find out if they really have a starting QB."

Well there it is in a nutshell. Seems to be a pretty common theme.



thats my prediction

15 min to game time.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Standard -

Had My 2nd and last Fantasy Football draft and here are the results. I picked 6th, Which is good and Bad since you miss out on the early stud Running Backs, You get consistent picks .
league is set up
1 QB
2 RB'
2 WR
1 TE
1 Flex (rb, wr,te)
1 kicker
1 defense

The Standard -: "MoFo's Bozos
QB- B Johnson
QB- D Brees
RB- D Rhodes
RB- B Westbrook
RB- L White
RB- C Williams
RB- T Jones
WR- T Owens
WR- M Clayton
WR- P Burress
WR- R Smith
WR- S Moss
WR- B Lloyd
TE- M Lewis
TE- J Shockey
K- L Tynes
K- R Longwell
D- Colts

I actually like it.
with the flex Player it gives you more roster flexiblity you can start 3 rb's or 3 wr's or 2 TE. I will probably try to trade
a Rb for a Better Qb.


Onlinr Poker is Rigged.

Not really but sometimes if feels like it.
Like right now its 2:48 and I just bubbled out of a 20 +2 sng after 128 hands.
Yes 128 hands what the fuck is up with that?
and To top it off this was the last hand.

And to make matters worse I am all out of beer and my fantasy football draft is in 07:08:02


Thursday, August 31, 2006

strongbacks Lineup

I had 1 of my 2 fantasy drafts and I am kinda worried about my team.
but you never know how it is going to end up.
Any team with Peyton Manning has a chance. My starters are in red

My team consists of:

QB's RB's WR's TE's Kickers Defence

B Volek
B Griese
P Manning
C Dillon
B Westbrook
M Turner
D Williams
F Taylor
B Edwards
A Randle El
J Jurevicius
A Johnson
D Givens
J Witten
J Stevens
J Hanson
M anderjagt
D Bears
D Bills

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Up For Poker Blog

Guys head on over and check out OTIS's new post its some great stuff.

Up For Poker Blog: "d out on him), 'I didn't realize you'd been drinking.' It was the young alcoholic asking me to move over because I 'smelled like beer.' It was Wheaton, Absinthe, and Spaceman sweating me at the final table and imploring me to bubble.

It was, in short, fun.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006



TOBACCO ........................ 400,000
ALCOHOL ........................ 100,000
ALL LEGAL DRUGS ................ 20,000
ALL ILLEGAL DRUGS .............. 15,000
CAFFEINE ....................... 2,000
ASPIRIN ........................ 500

MARIJUANA ...................... 0

Source: United States government...
National Institute on Drug Abuse,
Bureau of Mortality Statistics

New Billion-Dollar Crop appeared in the February 1938 issue
of Popular Mechanics Magazine. Just as this article went to press
The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 took effect, which effectively killed
the hemp industry. Highlights of are in bold.

Popular Mechanics Magazine
New Billion-Dollar Crop
Sailing the seven seas with sails and rope made of hemp. American farmers are promised a new cash crop with an annual value of several hundred million dollars, all because a machine has been invented that solves a problem more than 6,000 years old.

It is hemp, a crop that will not compete with other American products. Instead, it will displace imports of raw material and manufactured products produced by underpaid coolie and peasant labor and it will provide thousands of jobs for American workers throughout the land.

The machine that makes this possible is designed for removing the fiber-bearing cortex from the rest of the stalk, making hemp fiber available for use without prohibitive amounts of human labor.

Hemp is the standard fiber of the world. It has great tensile strength and durability. It is used to produce more than 5,000 textile products, ranging from rope to fine laces, and the woody "hurds" remaining after the fiber has been removed contain more than 77 percent cellulose, which can be used to produce more than 25,000 products, ranging from dynamite to Cellophane.

Machines now in service in Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, and other states are producing fiber at a manufacturing cost of half a cent per pound, and are finding a profitable market for the rest of the stalk. Machine operators are making a good profit in competition with coolie-produced foreign fiber, while paying farmers $15 a ton for hemp as it comes from the field.

From the farmer's point of view, hemp is an easy crop to grow and will yield from three to six tons per acre on any land that will grow corn, wheat, or oats. It can be grown in any state of the Union. It has a short growing season, so that it can be planted after other crops are in. The long roots penetrate and break the soil to leave it in perfect condition for next year's crop. The dense shock of leaves, eight to twelve feet above the ground, chokes out weeds. Two successive crops are enough to reclaim land that has been abandoned because of Canadian thistles or quack grass.

Hemp fiber being delivered from machine, ready for baling.  Pile of pulverized hurds beside machine is 77 percent cellulose.

Under old methods, hemp was cut and allowed to lie in the fields for weeks until it "retted" enough so that the fibers could be pulled off by hand. Retting is simply rotting as a result of dew, rain, and bacterial action. Machines were developed to separate the fibers mechanically after retting was complete, but the cost was high, the loss of fiber great, and the quality of fiber comparatively low.

With the new machine--known as a decorticator--hemp is cut with a slightly modified grain binder. It is delivered to the machine where an automatic chain conveyor feeds it to the breaking arms at a rate of two or three tons per hour. The hurds are broken into fine pieces that drop into the hopper, from where they are delivered by blower to a baler, or to a truck or freight car for loose shipment. The fiber comes from the other end of the machine, ready for baling.

Kinda makes you wonder what all the fuss is about.
It's a good thing our goverment is here to protect us from ourselves.


Template Help

Hey If anyone knows how to move the links part from the left to the right and get the
main text to shift to the left please let me know.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Attention Red Sox Fans.

This is your Captain.
Abandon Ship
Abandon Ship

this ship is Going down Faster than Pamela Anderson on Tommy Lee.
Faster than a crack whore pouncing on a twenty-dollar bill, the rats are abandoning the sinking ship.

How the fuck did the sox get swept 5 straight by the yankees?
We are 6 1/2 game behind the yanks.
The whole Fucking Redsox team other than David ortiz, Manny, Shilling and Wells should be
ashamed of themselves. 5 straight losses to the Yanks at HOME.
That is just not acceptable. Thank God the Patriots are Going to be good.

WEEI should be fun to listen to tommorow.

They are the #1 sports radio in the country
good stuff, except for the morning show Jerry Callahan is about as open minded as Rush Limbaugh ab0out sports. Callahan is a white Irish Catholic from Boston.

He writes for the boston Hearld, he Thinks that catholics should rule the world and impose thier views on everyone else and that all democrats are Morons.

Seriously those are his views. But weei has some great talent and callers.

they do stream on the web.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hot Chick of the week: Alicia-Marie

God Dam is this girl Hot?
I mean the things I would like to do with her.

Her Name is Alicia-Marie
and she is fucking smoking HOT.

look at that stomach you could eat off of it.

Thats All I got.

go check out her website for more hot Pics.


Friday, August 18, 2006

Poker Source Online

The Great Folks over at Poker Source Online just added another site
to thier instant Bankroll.

"Poker Source Online is excited to announce that we have expanded our Instant Bankroll promotion with three great offers from Absolute Poker. These promotions are a perfect alternative if you already have a Party Poker account or if you just want to give Absolute Poker a try.

As with our other Instant Bankroll promotions, you are only allowed to pick ONE free money promotion. So, you are only allowed one free money account between Party Poker, Titan Poker, and now Absolute Poker"
Head on over and see why PokersourceOnline is the #1 affiliate out there.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Write your Senator And voice your opposition to an Internet Poker ban!

Dear PPA Member:

As the summer temperatures continue to rise, so does the heated debate in Congress over banning online poker. The Poker Players Alliance is working to ensure that the U.S. Senate does not vote on the same misguided legislation that passed the House in July. We have been successful in delaying action until now, but Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) intends to bring the online poker prohibition bill to a vote when the Senate returns for business in September.

The PPA continues to grow. We have just recently exceeded the 100,000 membership mark. Impressive, yet, we must continue to make our voices even louder. We have updated a letter which we ask that you send to both of your U.S. Senators. Simply click on this link, enter your zip and send the letters today!

Additionally, throughout the month of August U.S. Senators will be back in their home states. During this time most Senators host town hall meetings, public forums and debates to discuss the issues important to you, their constituents. We encourage you to seek out these meetings and ask your Senator to oppose any legislation that will limit your ability to play the great game of poker on the Internet.

Here are some key points for you to know:

* I strongly oppose H.R. 4411 which passed the U.S. House in July and implore you and your colleagues to oppose similar legislation that may be offered in the Senate.

* With rising gas prices, a prolonged war in the Mid-East and an ever increasing national debt, the U.S. Senate has much better and bigger things to accomplish than a ban on poker.

* More than 70 million Americans play poker. 23 million enjoy the game on the Internet. A vote against poker is a vote against me and other like minded Americans and will mobilize us in the November elections.

* A recent CNBC poll showed that 91 percent of Americans would like to see online gambling regulated in the U.S. and not prohibited! Studies have shown that regulation and taxation of Internet poker could net the federal government $3.3 billion in revenue annually and another $1 billion for the states.

Thank you so much for your continued support. With your help we can keep the federal government from banning the game we love.

Michael Bolcerek, president
Poker Players Alliance