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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Talk about Getting an Anal Reaming

Sometimes you hit em and sometimes you don't,
but the last 2 nights I have just Been battered Beaten and Bruised.
last night the Ass Raping Began, that I got when this was my final hand.

After this I Just went to bed since I tilted.
So tonight I am Playing the $5.50 tourney on the Best Damm poker Room there is, Full Tilt Poker and it's not that I lost since that isnt what bothers me it just the Ridonkuless Beats.

Here is Ass Raping #2

All the Money went in on the Flop. But he Called A Bet for 4/5th of his stack with a Draw
Crazy?? Yeah and I know these are the calls we want but Some Times I wish There would Atleast be alittle Foreplay First.

You Play on Stars and there is someone There screaming its rigged that shit like the hands above only happen there but you see the same bad play and suckouts everywhere.
Just look at this years WSOP ME for some incredible stuff. hands that people think only happen online.

What a fun game Eh?

Too Bad Our Goverment Has Decided once again that they
Know what is best for us, What I find even Even More Despicable is How
they went about getting the legislation passed. Sneaking it onto the Port security Bill
which they Know was going to Pass.

Atleast Full Tilt is sticking Around unlike Party and others.
And they have the best Bonus Around up to $600 free.
Bonus Code is 72HAMMER on Full Tilt.
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