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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Alittle Grump are we????

FeliciaLee: "the kumbaya's who started it in the first place!'"

9:46 am
Entitlement? Yeah, Eat my Azz!
I am still unable to get past this entitlement belief that so many people possess. I have been an adult for almost 20 years, yet I still can't seem to understand it, or accept it at all.

Almost every person I've spoken to over the past few weeks insists that a certain well-known man "owes" them an explanation. He charges them nothing to participate on his website. He gives out free advice and help. He provides a meeting place and open discussion. He doesn't ask for anything in return other than civility.

Yet everyone I've spoken to insists that he "owes" them something. This is absurd, imo.

The readers coming here are reading my journal because they like the candid look inside of me, my life. I write, they read. I don't charge them to read. I hand out advice when I can, although I'm not always sure if it's worth anything ;)

Good thing I don't charge, eh?

But if even one of them said that I "owed" them an explanation on a big issue? Well, that would be the last post they would be allowed to make. I don't "owe" them jack. Nor does he.

You can insist and demand all you want, but to me, you look like an idiot. Have you gotten so used to the welfare that this country hands out like candy that you believe someone "owes" you anything at all??? I suppose so, because I've yet to find even one exception in this case.

Just because someone is providing you with a website, free of charge, doesn't mean suddenly you are his employer and can boss him around, demanding that he give you even more, more, more.

I'll say what he won't: eff off.

And blow me. And GTFO my site. And eat me. And "go demand your welfare somewhere else. Maybe from the kumbaya's who started it in the first place!"

Have a nice day!

Felicia :)"

Wow did some bitch wake up on the wrong side of the pillow or what?
I can't even figure out who she is talking about? I will guess
that she is talking about Mason Malmuth over at 2+2 which
while being a free site and All the Police the chat just like hitler
did. If you don't aggree with them they will ban you or delete your

They are also making money off this Free site,
So they do have some Responsiblity to the Masses But lets say they don't
they could still offer an Opinion as to the current lesiglation will bring.

Just love a good rant Like Felicia had. Maybe she could ask her doctor for some new
Happy Pills since these don't seem to be working.
she also suggests that we should
"blow me. And GTFO my site. And eat me. And "go demand your welfare somewhere else. Maybe from the kumbaya's who started it in the first place!"

maybe we don't want to touch you nasty old cooch so let glen have it all.
Life is way to short to be miserable all the time.