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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Death of a Blogger

I just read where Ethan from Gentleman Gigolo Passed away on dec 20th from a Drug Overdose it looks like.

This was one of my favorite reads. Because I am a Married man so I have to read about others having sex. But it went deeper than that (no Pun intended). He actually wrote well and did stress that it wasn't all that glamorous and Not always fun.

His Bio read

"I am a French-Italian raised in Northern Italy. I love the States. Now I survive by selling myself to the highest bidder. I love the lifestyle and until I find a job that can provide me the same income for the same effort, I will continue to explore southern california and all its glory!"

Seriously Though that man could Write about his clients and tell the tales well.
It looks like they will pull the blog down in the next few Days so if you have never read his blog go check it out.

"She grunted really loud and I could see the guys. They were masturbating! I told her to look and she instructed me to fuck her harder so they could hear her scream.
I got up on my knees and pulled her back. I grabbed some hair and twisted it into my hands like the reins of a horse."

Rest in Peace and My Wishes are with you and your Family.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Been Tied Up? There's Still Time to Make Their Day!

Been Tied Up? There's Still Time to Make Their Day!

We've extended our Holiday Sale for all you last minute shoppers. If you place your order before 2pm PST Friday Dec 21st, it can still arrive in time for Christmas!*

Shop now through Jan 2 to save as much as 30% on select items including The OhMiBod iPod Vibrator, nipple clamps and shields, the Rimba Digital Power Box, and fetish wear for men and women.

Not sure what to get for that certain someone? A Gift Certificate makes a perfect gift for the holidays and all year round.

Sale valid through 01/02/08. Restrictions apply. No adjustments will be made to prior purchases.

Because life's too short for mediocre sex

Ok I know your all freaks so here is the perfect site since I know all poker players are into some kind of Pain since we play Poker. So buy your special someone Something special for the Holidays and Put a special Smile on thiers.

Make it 15-0 Belichick says FU to the NFL

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

24k Goodness Courtesey of Full Tilt

All the Money went in on the Turn. I didn't think he had much from watching his previous play

FullTiltPoker Game #4558765650: $24,000 Guarantee (33979361), Table 48 - 40/80 - No Limit Hold'em - 20:50:36 ET - 2007/12/19
Seat 1: frotodod (2,310), is sitting out
Seat 2: wwonka69 (2,320)
Seat 3: RollaMag (7,730)
Seat 5: polarjoe (9,150)
Seat 6: PassThaSHUGA (2,745)
Seat 7: gomez300 (4,768)
Seat 8: MaKinMoNeY76 (1,560)
Seat 9: PIMPOFDAYEAR (3,555)
PassThaSHUGA posts the small blind of 40
gomez300 posts the big blind of 80
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to wwonka69 [Ks Kc]
MaKinMoNeY76 folds
frotodod raises to 240
wwonka69 calls 240
RollaMag folds
polarjoe folds
dantziraz sits down
dantziraz adds 3,555
PassThaSHUGA has 15 seconds left to act
PassThaSHUGA folds
gomez300 folds
*** FLOP *** [5s Jc 8c]
frotodod has 15 seconds left to act
frotodod bets 600
wwonka69 has 15 seconds left to act
wwonka69 calls 600
*** TURN *** [5s Jc 8c] [Ts]
frotodod bets 1,470, and is all in
wwonka69 calls 1,470
frotodod shows [Ad 9h]
wwonka69 shows [Ks Kc]
*** RIVER *** [5s Jc 8c Ts] [Qd] (FUCK ME)
frotodod shows a straight, Queen high
wwonka69 shows a pair of Kings
frotodod wins the pot (4,740) with a straight, Queen high
The blinds are now 50/100
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 4,740 | Rake 0Publish Post
Board: [5s Jc 8c Ts Qd]
Seat 1: frotodod showed [Ad 9h] and won (4,740) with a straight, Queen highPublish Post
Seat 2: wwonka69 showed [Ks Kc] and lost with a pair of Kings

Thank you Full Tilt Poker for that Ass Raping. I mean come on. Why Reward such Recockuosly Bad Play.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blogger Luck Game at 11 est.

[Listening to: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (BuddyDank Radio) - Iron Butterfly - (0:-1)]

Bodonkey tonight 9.05 est.

There is a New starting time of 9:05 est. Why they changed it I don't know it is the longest of all the blogger tourneys due to Bodog having the best MTT structure so pushing it back 30 min just makes it harder on the east coasters.

see you there.

Compusa should change their Name to Terriblecustomerseviceusa
11:40 Disconected after 50 someodd minutes thank you Crapusa.

   Its 11:30 am AND I am Currently waiting on hold. Wait time is currently at 46 minutes and counting.
I can not believe that Compusa has such poor customer service. I mean I can understand a 5 min wait but 45 min?
I was on hold yesterday for over 40 min before getting disconected.

The recording keeps telling me that my call is very Improtant to them But I am getting the Feeling they might be lieing.

All I want to do is get the Right kind of Memory shipped to me. Is that so fucking hard????

Wonder How long it will take?

Monday, December 17, 2007

24K Update12:15 RakeFeeder goes out 39th.

11:48 out 48th. Rakefeeder is over 100k now. Currently sitting in 6th with 60 left.

11:32 52/88 Rake_feeder is doing well and is in the top 10.

11:00 Bubble just burst at 180. I actually took the guy out in 181st. when nhe jammed 87o into my JJ.

Rake_feeder is currently in 4th Place. I am in 80th with 159 left.

More to come.

Can u say Superbowl???

My Perfect scenario played out yesterday with the #1 seed losing in the 2nd round.
His team shattered the season records for points. But a Bad week for Brady and Moss and Stallworth and he is out and Crying like a Little girl.

Look at the photo above he scored 332 more points than anyone in the league.
I am playing the 2nd highest scoring team in the SuperBowl but I like my chances.

The Patriots won again. Not in the Most clean Performance but Pretty doesn't count does it.
14-0 and on the way to a perfect 16-0. The Patriots became only the 2nd team ever to start a season 14-0, Tieing the 72 Dolphins.

I got Crushed on all 4 bets this weekend. Baltimore killed me the most psychologically since I thought that was the easiest of all the picks.

Played the Big Game last night and went out 14th after almost 3 hours of play.
Talk about frustrating, I Played solid but probably too passive in the Mid-late stage and could never find a spot witha a decent hand. I have a hard time restealing with crap since there are Quite a few folks who will call almost any bet with quite a few Marginal hands such as Any Ace.

I failed in my attempt to knock hoyazo out of a 3rd consecutive Blogger tourney, I never dud get the chance since we weren't seated together at all.

Congrats to Astin for getting the 2nd to last seat in the TOC and to Fuel and Julius Goat for winning the 2 Sponsors exemption to the TOC.

Math tonight at 10pm on fulltilt.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Blogger Big Game

Tonight I am going to try and continue my streak of Knocking Hoyazo out of a Blogger tourney. As I did both Wed and Thur nights.

Tournament: Blogger Big Game
When: Sunday, December 16th, 21:30 ET
Game: NLHE Superstack
Buyin: $69+6 or Tier II token
Password: donkey