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Monday, December 17, 2007

Can u say Superbowl???

My Perfect scenario played out yesterday with the #1 seed losing in the 2nd round.
His team shattered the season records for points. But a Bad week for Brady and Moss and Stallworth and he is out and Crying like a Little girl.

Look at the photo above he scored 332 more points than anyone in the league.
I am playing the 2nd highest scoring team in the SuperBowl but I like my chances.

The Patriots won again. Not in the Most clean Performance but Pretty doesn't count does it.
14-0 and on the way to a perfect 16-0. The Patriots became only the 2nd team ever to start a season 14-0, Tieing the 72 Dolphins.

I got Crushed on all 4 bets this weekend. Baltimore killed me the most psychologically since I thought that was the easiest of all the picks.

Played the Big Game last night and went out 14th after almost 3 hours of play.
Talk about frustrating, I Played solid but probably too passive in the Mid-late stage and could never find a spot witha a decent hand. I have a hard time restealing with crap since there are Quite a few folks who will call almost any bet with quite a few Marginal hands such as Any Ace.

I failed in my attempt to knock hoyazo out of a 3rd consecutive Blogger tourney, I never dud get the chance since we weren't seated together at all.

Congrats to Astin for getting the 2nd to last seat in the TOC and to Fuel and Julius Goat for winning the 2 Sponsors exemption to the TOC.

Math tonight at 10pm on fulltilt.