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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Giant Marijuana Farm Found 200 Yards From DEA Office

Giant Marijuana Farm Found 200 Yards From DEA Office

Created: Thursday, 12 Jul 2007, 12:20 PM CDTDALLAS --
Drug Enforcement Administration officials discovered a large number of marijuana plants growing in a wooded area near the Trinity River in Dallas Thursday afternoon.

The secret pot farm was practically right under their noses. In fact, if you could walk in a straight line from the riverbank through the marshy underbrush and tangled wilderness, you'd walk just 200 yards before you hit the DEA's office building.

Right now, agents have no idea who planted and carefully tended to the elaborate farm, it appears whoever it was spent a lot of time and money on the project.

From the air, four agents could be seen pulling up huge plants -- some up to four or five feet tall -- and confiscated them. Officials say they found more than 300 plants, worth at least $300,000 on the street.

The raid comes just two days after Richardson police discovered more than 1,100 marijuana plants growing in a house on La Mesa Drive. They arrested 25-year-old Brett Lachance, who is listed as the house's owner."
See the Whole story here with Video:

Amazing that it was only 200 yards from the office and it took them that long to find it.
The shame of it is that they will now destroy it instead of selling it and making a profit for the County or Feds. Seems like that would be a better soulution than just burning it in an incinerator.

Billy B.

I Support The Marijuana Policy Project and you should too!

Lying is Good

Man playing 5 dolla sng's on Full tilt is fun is fun.

wwonka69: what u got?
joaquin89: wat u
wwonka69: T
Dealer: wwonka69 shows a full house, Sixes full of
Dealer: wwonka69 wins the pot (3,740) with a full
house, Sixes full of Queens
wwonka69: gg
joaquin89 (Observer): u lied
wwonka69: yup its poker
joaquin89 (Observer): im out cause u lied
wwonka69: lol
joaquin89 (Observer): good ly
joaquin89 (Observer): i believe u

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Wsop Updates

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"The fourth day of the WSOP was action packed. 337 players began the day and when it was over 112 remained. One by one some of the bigger names dropped out of the field while a few notables went deep such as 2007 WSOP bracelet winners Alex Kravchenko and Bill Edler. Also left in the field are...Lee Watkinson, Julian Gardner, Gus Hansen, Rep Porter, Huckleberry Seed, John Spadavecchia, Matt Keikoan, Cory Carroll, Dario Minieri, Jeff "Mr. Rain" Banghart, Kirk Morrison, Humberto Brenes, Willie Tann, Scotty Nguyen, Warren Karp, Philip Hilm, Maria Ho, Kenny Tran, Daniel Alaei, Chad Brown, Isaac Haxton, Francois Safieddine, Ayaz Mahmood, Brandon Adams, Jared "WacoKidd" Hamby, Mickey Seagle, and Andreas Krause."


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

High Class Hooker of the Week

I am Bringing Back High Class Hooker of the Week, So without any further ado here is this weeks lovely Lady, Monica

Hi boys, I'm Monica. I'm an aspiring model and actress - you may
have seen me in some magazine ads and bikini prints. I'm extremely
outgoing and fun to be with. I can provide the type of experience that
you're unlikely to find elseewhere and that you'll never forget. 100%

I have long blond hair and light eyes. I work hard to keep my body
tight and fit. Most importantly, I make a great companion for almost
any event. From a quiet evening at home to a wild night out on the town

Location: NYC
Affiliation: Independent
Height: 5' 6''
Weight: 105
Measurements: 34B-23-34

So If you live around the New York Metro area and are wanting to get your freak on
Email Monica and I am sure she will probably fill what ever Freaky desire you can come up with.

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and go check out this Blog for a Writeup of the sickest hand ever.
"The other great story, which I’m proud to share with everyone as an EXCLUSIVE as far as I can tell, is what some witnesses are calling the Sickest Hand Ever Played in Poker. All capital letters, ’cause it deserves them. There are rumors out there about this hand and I’m setting the record straight after speaking with multiple players at the table including the man who made the play himself, EPT founder John Duthie."


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Suffolk Punch Poker: Hairy Gymnast: An Explanation

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