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Saturday, July 28, 2007


Poker, Sushi, PatriotsI have been Playing Lots of poker as usual but The results have been pretty much Up and Down.
played a few tourneys this week. I was running the 24k and the BBT Freeroll when Full Tilt Decided to stop working.

The RiverChasers is always a fun tourney if you like playing with People who don't know how to fold. I was amazed that it seemed to take awhile for people to start dropping, Maybe the Double stack had something to do with that. since 30 min's in we only had o People out.
That is amazing considering some of the Play that goes on in these tourneys.

I do find it Amusing that Hoyazo seems to like to criticize others Play when it is something that he might do himself. Getting raised on your BBwith a small stack from a Known Aggressor. Fuck Yeah J9s is good. and is probably not too far behind his range of hands.

"I would like to say thanks for the Kudos to Hoyazo. I think that bullying the short stack with A7s from the CO is an ok play if you can afford to do it and you think the shorty will fold to your raise. Defending your big blind heads up with J9s and 5 big blinds remaining might be an ok play as well."

I did go to Foxwoods twice in the last week and a half and Proceeded to get spanked both times.
the first time I was Playing 4/8 O8 and 4/8 Limit. (-170) after about 8 hours of play. Not much fun.

the 2nd time Rake Feeder Said he would stake me (LOAN) if I played NL which is what I did and Proceeded to have
the worst run of cards I have seen in awhile. Other than getting the 2nd nut flush and losing a big pot to the Nut flush calling a 50 raise on the river Knowing I was Beat I played ok, Probably alittle to Timidly but for my first time playing NL at Foxwoods I can't complain.

Moving On.

Went out for sushi at Baba Sushi i with Rakefeeder and 2 other friends and Had a Blast.
We ordered enough sushi for a small army but we did manage to kill it all.
Funny thing happened when we were leaving. We are outside in the Parking Lot when 2 Young (18-21) girls, 1 of them Holding a 1 year old kid approach us and ask us for Money. Something about Gas Money and the less attractive one was holding a Gas can.
Now I am usually the first one to digg something out of my Pocket to give to them but I was Too stuffed to do it.

I did want to tell her she could earn $20 real quick but Kept my mouth shut as my Friend
Mark caved in and gave her what she wanted. As we were driving away we did notice them coming back from the gas station But I wondered aloud if they actually bought gas or cigarettes or maybe condoms for her Boyfriend but then realized it was too late for the last one.

Football is BACK, What else can I say.

I am a Huge redsox fan But Football is my Passion. I love the Patriots, I am also A big Cowboys fan from growing up without a father to show me the way till I was 12. Which Is why I can't wait to go to dallas to Root for the Pats as they march towards another Lombardi Trophy that was So rudely snatched away from them by the Refferees in the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. Never mind if Bug eyes Reche Caldwell hadn't decided to choke and drop 2 passes that either of my daughters could have caught.

The Patriots had 3000 people there for thier first day of practice. Crazy stuff.
We are crazy about our football team in this area. We had so many years where we were soo fucking bad,
and now we are looking sooooooo good that can only mean 2 things.

either we will be champs or we will be sorely disapointed. I am sure Fans in indy and San Diego feel the same way I do but
do they feel like they should win it this year or are they just hoping they are good enough?

I know the answer here in Patriotville.

Billy B.

Drop the Hammer

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fullt Tilt Poker Fucks A DonKey!!!

Now this just really pisses me off. I Was playing well Tonight It was Early in the BBT FreeRoll But I was
IN FIRST PLACE. Now I Know that I am more than capable of Donking it off real quick, I was also deep in the 24k 30 off the money when FullTilt Poker decided to Fuck a Donkey, They Crashed. then they made us all hang around for and hour before they canceled
the tourney.

31.2. If the tournament had not yet reached the money - All players still in the tournament at the time of the cancellation will be refunded their tournament buy-in and tournament fee. Players will have their buy-ins refunded in the same currency they used to enter the tournament (real money, tokens, etc.), unless they earned their entry through a satellite, in which case, they will be refunded the standard buy-in for the tournament. In addition, the buy-ins of players already eliminated from the tournament will be divided up and distributed to the remaining players, based on their chip counts. Guarantees and money added to the prize pool will not be included in the player payouts.

So the way the rules read I should get some money for being in first in the BBT.
Restarting the tourney from the beginning would be a complete joke since People would get a 2nd chance (waffles). So Lets see how long (read Never) till I get my money for my chip equity?

What other Fair solution is there?

I seemed to get fucked in the 24k having just lost a pot to bring me down to 5k and since they are award money based on chipcounts I seemed to get the short end whereas My man Bcbombers was in 20 something place got like 14th place money. so not really sure how they do it but he got 200+ and I only got 50 including my buyin back.

I will add that Full Tilt was fantastic for giving allowing us to run the BBT challenge and giving us all the rake back. It was a novel Idea and They do deserve Props for that.