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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Can u say Bubble???

I Actually played good for a change and made the final table, If bayne hadn't sucked out on my i would have been in real good shape but that is how it goes.

I was happy when we flipped em over but it ended there. that hand would have put me into the top 3 in chips.

here is the suckout of the night for me all the money went in on the flop.

Had some fun Railing this assclowns table. He took a brutal suckout and didnt really respond to my taunting. too bad. He might try to learn some humility since he is criticizing some pretty damm good players. Like I said I will put my money on Hoyazo in a HU match with him anyday.

Redsox-Yankees this weekend should be fun.
I am Disappointed that they aren't pitching clemens this weekend but they probably don't want him to get knocked around in his first start.

The RedSox are 13.5 games up and it isn't june yet. I think it is going to be along summer in NY.
I guess the yanks are so bad the Papers have to resort to have a photographer follow Arod and his Hookers around.

Does anyone else think he will look good in a Redsox Uniform next year? I do.

Bring on the Yanks they are looking old and they are Playing like a bunch of Pussies\


Riverchasers, Patriots

Is there anyone else who can't wait for the NFL season to start???
Maybe it is because the Patriots are looking good.

Bob Kraft Hired a private jet to fly anyone on the team down to New Orleans for the funeral of
Marquis Hill. Small gesture but It means alot to the players. as everyone who spoke to the media today said so.

This is why Players such as Moss are willing to take less money for a chance to Play for a class organization that will give them a chance to win.

Patriots are in Passing camp and Moss and Adalius thomas are both there.
here is a piece from Reiss' Pieces

Five final observations from today's passing camp at Gillette Stadium:

  • 1) Adalius Thomas on the move. The Patriots' big free-agent signing has been advertised as a versatile player who can line up at various positions. This was evident in one of the team's final sets of drills in 11 on 11 work, as Thomas moved from inside linebacker, to playing with his hand on the ground as a down lineman/rusher, to backpedaling in pass coverage. Thomas spent much of the practice lining up at inside linebacker.

  • 2) Tom Brady in command. As one would expect, when Brady is running a drill, there is no question as to who is in charge. While it's the offseason, players weren't in pads, and it was only a small snapshot of a much larger picture, Brady looks as sharp as ever.

  • 3) Randy Moss in focus. It was interesting to watch Moss developing a rapport with Tom Brady and Co. in the passing game. Moss worked as an outside receiver, and showed a part of his competitive side when slipping on the wet field during drills in which there was no defense. He pounded the ground in frustration and shouted. In 11 on 11 drills, Moss caught one touchdown pass down the left sideline from Tom Brady (Tory James in one-on-one coverage) but shortly before that play, he couldn't corral a long pass down the right sideline from Matt Cassel (cornerback Mike Richardson in coverage, with help from safety Rashad Baker). On the latter play, Moss was knocked to the ground by accident as Baker closed in and couldn't pull up in time.

  • 4) Interceptions. Second-year defensive back Willie Andrews and 11-year veteran defensive back Chad Scott both intercepted Matt Cassel in 11 on 11 drills near the end of practice. Andrews, playing safety, showed solid instincts to gather in the interception after the ball was tipped on a throw behind Kelley Washington.

  • 5) Media interest. For perspective on the interest the Patriots are generating among the media, consider that 50 members of the media were granted credentials for this passing camp. A crew from ESPN and the NFL Network were among the crowd.

  • Say it with me, 1 more month.

    see you tonight

    Tonight is the Riverchasers tourney and Sunday is a special Horsie tourney

    Tournament: Riverchasers Online Tour #11
    When: Thursday, May 31th, 21:00pm ET
    Buyin: $10+1
    Password: riverchasers

    Tournament: Riverchasers Special Event #4
    When: Sunday, June 3rd, 16:00pm ET
    Game: HORSE Deepstack
    Buyin: $24+2
    Password: riverhorse

    Wednesday, May 30, 2007


    A3os yeah good hand to call with fucktard. wtf do people actually think before they do something pretty fucking stupid or what???? Yeah I was short stacked but still.

    What Are you hoping for there? at best its a race and at worst I am way ahead.
    as it was he only had 1 over.

    Atleast I didn't do anything too stupid tonight. Unlike some other folks. Bad call but good result for them.


    Monday, May 28, 2007

    Fuck me I am the Donkey King again!!!!!

    Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck MeFFuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, uck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me,

    That about sums it up for me.

    15 fucking minutes thats how long I lasted tonight.

    Atleast I will get a good nights sleep tonight.

    Missed my flush draw and didnt Put the Other Wonka on a Flopped flush and when my st8 card hit the river I lost my fucking mind. Doh!

    Tough table to start but that is why I look forward
    I didnt get a shot of my Idiocy but I got a nice shot of my last hand.

    I almost thought I was going to win for a Second but then Fulltilt didn't let me down.

    All I can say is Atleast I wasn't Gigli.

    I want to go to this place.


    Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck MeFFuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, uck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me,

    Body of LSU standout recovered from lake

    Body of LSU standout recovered from lake - Times-Picayune: Updates

    Authorities pulled the body of Marquis Hill, a former LSU football
    standout and New England Patriot, from Lake Ponchartrain this
    afternoon, after he fell off a jet ski Sunday night.

    Hill's body was recovered around 2:15 p.m. He was taken by authorities to the Orleans Parish Coroner's Office.

    Capt. Brian Clark of the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
    said Hill was found by a drag net several hundred yards west of the
    Industrial Canal. Hill was not wearing a life vest.

    New England teammate Randall Gay of Baton Rouge was at the scene when authorities found Hill. Gay also played with Hill at LSU.

    Gay said practice resumes Thursday for the Patriots.

    "I know it's going to be hard in that locker room seeing his locker,'' he said.

    Around 10 a.m. today, Steve McManus of the Louisiana Department of
    Wildlife and Fisheries said officials decided to focus on recovering
    Hill's body after witnesses saw him go under the water without
    resurfacing. Authorities were using information from family members to
    determine Hill's exact location at the time he and a woman fell from
    the craft, McManus said.

    The accident was reported about 9 p.m. Sunday after a man and woman
    were reported falling into the water from a recreational craft. They
    apparently were heading to the Seabrook boat launch. The Orleans Levee
    Board Police said that a passing boat had briefly picked up the man,
    but he jumped back in the water to look for the woman.

    The woman, who was rescued after a passerby heard someone calling
    for help, had apparently grabbed onto a piling or other structure in
    the lake. Hill, a New Orleans native who graduated from De La Salle High School,
    has played in the NFL since 2004 and was a member of LSU's national
    championship-winning 2003 Tigers.

    This is a sad day for the Hill Family and everyone associated with the Patriots.

    The Patriots released the following statements from chairman/CEO Robert Kraft and coach Bill Belichick regarding Marquise Hill:

    Robert Kraft:
    “We are absolutely heartbroken to learn of Marquise’s death. Our immediate thoughts go to Marquise’s mother, Sherry, and the rest of his family. He was only 24 years old and his death is hard to comprehend. Marquise was a very respectful young man who worked hard to improve and was always eager to contribute to the team, both on the field and in the community. On behalf of the entire Patriots organization, we extend our most heartfelt sympathies to Marquise’s family and friends who mourn his loss.”

    Bill Belichick:
    “We have suffered a stunning and tragic loss today. Marquise will be remembered as a thoughtful and caring young man who established himself as one of the year-round daily fixtures of our team. I send my deepest condolences to the Hill family.”

    By all account Marquis hill was one of the Good guys. Such a s
    hame for someone to pass so young.

    My heart and Prayers go out to his Family.


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    Happy Memorial Day

    I hope everyone is enjoying a Happy and Safe Memorial Day weekend.
    If when you are out and about today you see a Soldier or a vetran shake thier hand and say thanks for all they have given to make this country what it is today. Many men and women have sacraficed alot for all of us, But with Todays political climate that seems to be forgotten. Soldiers Just DO THIER JOB whether they want to or not. I just hope that all the soldiers that are in harms way make it home to thier familys safe and sound.

    Poker has been Blah lately, Mainly because I suck pretty bad at it.
    Sometimes i wonder though watching some of the People play what they are thinking, making some of the plays they do But I guess if the only place you ever learned any poker theory is from the TV watching reruns of WPT final tables and Celebrity Poker showdown that would explain it.

    I played a $5 90 person sng on Fulltilt last night and busted 3 off the money at 21. I would be curious what people think of the play since Like I said to my Bri who was sitting next to me that I didn't want to just make the money, since making 8.10 for isn't why i am playing it.

    Full Tilt Poker No Limit Holdem Tournament Blinds: t200/t400 (Ante: t50) 7 players Converter
    Pre-flop: (7 players) Hero is UTG+1 with :ac :kh UTG folds, Hero calls t400 (pot was t950), MP1 folds, CO calls t400 (pot was t1350), Button folds, SB calls t200 (pot was t1750), BB raises to t2350, Hero raises all-in t9545, 2 folds, BB calls t7195(3,3) (pot was t12645).

    Flop: :jc :5d :9d (t20240, 1 player + 1 all-in - Main pot: t20240)
    Turn: :jh (t20240, 1 player + 1 all-in - Main pot: t20240)
    River: :4c (t20240, 1 player + 1 all-in - Main pot: t20240)
    Results: Final pot: t20240

    My thoughts were that The villian had been pretty aggressive he had been the Chipleader at one time. He also liked to run that squeeze play and Had been making some pretty loose calls.
    I also wasn't playing for 18th I wanted to have enough chips to make a run and Getting up to 18k would have put me in the top 10. Brian suggested I should have called then jammed the flop.

    Anyone have any thoughts?? Anyone want to teach me how to play??

    Lets all hope and Pray that Marquis Hill is Ok.

    U.S. Coast Guard rescue crews continued searching Lake Pontchartrain on Monday for New England Patriots defensive end Marquise Hill, who was reported missing following a jetski accident.

    "I spoke with the girl and her mother this morning and they said he helped her stay calm. He ended up saving her life, keeping her calm until she could grab onto a buoy," said Elias said, who added that Hill can swim, but was not wearing a life preserver.

    Be safe everyone

    Billy B.