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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Can u say Bubble???

I Actually played good for a change and made the final table, If bayne hadn't sucked out on my i would have been in real good shape but that is how it goes.

I was happy when we flipped em over but it ended there. that hand would have put me into the top 3 in chips.

here is the suckout of the night for me all the money went in on the flop.

Had some fun Railing this assclowns table. He took a brutal suckout and didnt really respond to my taunting. too bad. He might try to learn some humility since he is criticizing some pretty damm good players. Like I said I will put my money on Hoyazo in a HU match with him anyday.

Redsox-Yankees this weekend should be fun.
I am Disappointed that they aren't pitching clemens this weekend but they probably don't want him to get knocked around in his first start.

The RedSox are 13.5 games up and it isn't june yet. I think it is going to be along summer in NY.
I guess the yanks are so bad the Papers have to resort to have a photographer follow Arod and his Hookers around.

Does anyone else think he will look good in a Redsox Uniform next year? I do.

Bring on the Yanks they are looking old and they are Playing like a bunch of Pussies\



bayne_s said...

Sorry about my suckout leading to bubble. Read Andy Bloch's pre-flop play chapter of FullTilt Poker Startegy guide and J9s sort of chose itself tonight as non-premium hand that I would play as premium hand.