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Friday, April 14, 2006

This is what I call an Ass Whooping.

Look at the Ass Whooping I am Putting on my buddy Mark. there hasn't been a beating like this since Tina left Ike.

I am going to get the trophy this year in my league. Ship it.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006



everyone get your shirt, hat or button.

funny how one person lied about getting a blow job and congress feels the need to impeach him.

The other lied about the reasons for going to war and authorized the leak of a CIA operatives name. Which by the way is an ACT OF TREASON.

But we wouldn't want to give Our Brilliant Comander in Chief a hard time would we? Nah he is doing such a great job that he gets a free pass.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I am Back

I had been taking some time off to clear my mind of the Negative thoughts
that had been running around my head in relation to poker lately.
Monday was the first time I played for money in awhile and I feel the mini break was good for me. I put some money on Empire to clear a bonus Which never did show up(lets see if party fucks me).

I played the 20k guarenteed at 8:30 with alittle over 2200 people. some of theplay that I witnessed was truly Horrible. People pushing with 54os with a coordinated board, I mean if theres an A,J on the board what makes that monkey think pushing allin with 54os is a good idea?

I played with a medium to small stack for most of the night till shortly after the bubble broke when I doubled up a few times and got to about 150K but then ran my KK into A6 to get chopped in half. But proceeded to get it back up to about 150k with 30 left and MP (who had me covered by 10k) made a small raise to 22k and I jammed hoping to steal.
Well u can see where this is going, He called and flipped over K6os, Yeah K6 I wish I could understand why he thought his K6 was good????

flop was 3,5,4 turn was an A (sweet i am going to double up to 300k)
But the River was a 7. Wtf I am out 28th ok that sucked after 4+ hours I get fucking Rivered. I was just stunned and I think that I deal with beats pretty well But I just couldn't get me head around that one plus the fact that it was like 1:00am.

K fuckin 6 for all your chips????????? K fuckin 6 for all yourchips????????? K fuckin 6 for all your chips????????? K fuckin 6 for all your chips????????? K fuckin 6 for all your chips?????????

this guy outlasted 2000+ players to call a push with K6.
Sometimes I just dont get it. I am happy with the way I played since at one point I had an M of about 5 but was patient and did not get unlucky when I put all my chips in till the end.

It feels good to be back playing with a clear head thats for sure.
Take care and goodluck