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Friday, May 26, 2006

Rizen's Poker Blog

Congrats to Rizen Rizen's Poker Blog: on winning the 1mil guarentee on stars last sunday. Rizen is a nice guy and A great player.
check out his blog for some good insight into how a good player plays.

you can also check out the Final table replays on stars since he aggreed to let them show his hole card.

Hope all goes well in his quest to get healthier.

Now go drop the Hammer


FeliciaLee: "Two Poker Blog Pet Peeves"

Well Just wanted to say thanks to felicia for Writing 2 posts in Row about how other's should blog.

WTF is she the Queen of Blogging and decides what is worthy and by whom it should be done???? Yeah Not everyone is going to write Like Iggy or Pauly, But That doesn't mean that they shouldn't try. Yes I agree with her That people should find thier own style and not try to be Dr. Pauly . Since they are Usually not doing a good Job.

But for Christsakes of all the is good in the world I want to tell felicia to just stick to writing her Blog and if she doesn't like someone elses to shut the Fuck up. This here blog is never going to Read like anyone elses hopefully Why??? Because I suck, but These are my Thoughts and I will write them anyway I fucking want.

Now go drop the Hammer.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Pokerstars Rules the universe

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 7330476

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ramblings of a Mad Man

What is it with some people?? Why is it that they think it's ok to yell, swear and generally be rude to others at the table?

Yeah we have all had those day when every donkey seems to draw out against us,
But still I mean the rude and vile things that some people type into the chat window amazes me and when I see it I usually try to agitate them even more. Why because when someone is tilting so badly then I want them to continue.

here is some rantings from a madman.

»SolidSiege: you fuucking f@ggot
»OHairy: nh
»SolidSiege: you piece of shiiit
»SolidSiege: fuuck you a$shole
»-Wonka: lol
»SolidSiege: nice hand you piece of shiiit
»Two_Seven222: lol, u are the stupid one, i thought u both had k-10
»SolidSiege: unfuucking believable
»SolidSiege: duuuuuh ok f@ggot
»-Wonka: hahaha
»SolidSiege: i don't play k10 like a stupid shiithead
»Two_Seven222: i knew one of u did, its your bad raises
»SolidSiege: fuuck you
»Two_Seven222: what is wrong with k-10?
»SolidSiege: keep playing that bullshiit a$shole
»-Wonka: thats good
»SolidSiege: whats wrong with K10, ok as$hole
»SolidSiege: you don't have to kid around
»SolidSiege: we all know its a piece of shiit hand
»SolidSiege: i know im good.... what a fuucking douchebag
»KarnesRE: where did your money go
»SolidSiege: so fuucking stupid i swear
»SolidSiege: to a f@ggots hand
»SolidSiege: dont worry, he won't get better
»Two_Seven222: u are real good idiot, i thought u both had k-10, i knew one of u did and obviously u didnt know
»SolidSiege: and i beat better players

I just found this to be pretty amusing. hope u did 2.


stop the Lies

Hemp prohibition is a political issue driven by big business interests and it’s damn well time we turn these policies around through extreme civil-disobedience. Grow it everywhere, they can’t get it all...
Hemp laws are immoral.
Hemp can save the forests, the planet and us.
Prohibition laws create crime and black markets.
Taxing drugs would pay for treatment of addicts.
350,000 people die every year from smoking tobacco.
150,000 people die every year from drinking alcohol.
0 people die every year from smoking pot.
Cannabis could potentially save .5 million lives every year in the US alone.
The CIA is the worlds’ biggest cocaine dealer.
The CIA would rather you smoke crack than pot.
The War on Drugs is a campaign of fear and mind control; a war on civil liberties.
Stop political prison sentences in our time.
Stop the promotion of poisons and the prohibition of medicines.
Stop the lies.
Tell the truth.

Legalize It!
- Bob Marley