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Friday, July 28, 2006

'Breast' Cover Gets Mixed Reaction - NEWS - HEALTH -

'Breast' Cover Gets Mixed Reaction - NEWS - HEALTH - "'Breast' Cover Gets Mixed Reaction"

What the fuck is up with some people? I mean really people get upset over the sillyest of things. they are worried about a breast on the cover of a parenting magazine?

Ok I Consider myself alittle twisted at times But I Don't see anything slightly erotic about this photo. Not that I wouldnt mind switching spots with the little tyke but this Photo doesn't even give me a chubby.

But yet if you read down There is this little Jewel.

"Another mother, Kelly Wheatley, wrote Babytalk to applaud the cover, precisely because, she says, it helps educate people that breasts are more than sex objects. And yet Wheatley, 40, who's still nursing her 3-year-old daughter, rarely breast-feeds in public, partly because it's more comfortable in the car, and partly
because her husband is uncomfortable with other men seeing her breast.

"Men are very visual," says Wheatley, 40, of Amarillo, Texas. "When they see a woman's breast, they see a breast _ regardless of what it's being used for."

Ok Lets look at these 2 topics.

  1. Why is someone breastfeeding A 3 year old Child????
2.There really isn't much sexy about a breast Feeding woman.

I mean isnt 3 years old alittle old to be breast feeding???
the only exception to this rule is if you are DOLLY PARTONS SON. Then it would be ok to still be breast Feeding at 20. But I think that if your child has a full set of teeth its time to get off the Tit.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Poker Princess: "Visit NOW to send special messages and words of inspiration to kids with cancer via virtual ice cream frozen pop sticks. These frozen pop sticks of hope will be counted up, and at the end of this year, Nestli Ice Cream will donate 25 cents to City of Hope Cancer Center, for each of the first 200,000 messages sent. Keep in mind, only 17,000 messages have been sent so far, so they really need your help!

You can send as many as you like, and for every FOUR you send, a full dollar will be donated. Let's help reach the 200,000 messages goal!"

Fuck Me.

Yeah this was a great fucking hand. what a fucking cocksucker.

But then I played another sng and about 6 hands in this hand came up. maybe alittle revenge.

But wait it gets better this fuck monkey on my right keeps pushing AI with bad hands so I get him or so I think.