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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Top 100 SEX BLOGS OF 2008

Just in case you need something to Masturbate to (Waffles). I am willing to bet there is pretty much something for everyone in the following links.

I Have not been to all the links so Beware but there are some pretty good non Poker Bloggers out there and here is a few.

from Rori’s Between My Sheets:

1. Sinclair Sexsmith
2. Radical Vixen
3. Curvaceous Dee
4. Always Aroused Girl
5. Ellie Lumpesse
6. Catalina
7. Selena Kitt
8-9. Wifey and Hubby
10. Roger
11. Essin’ Em
12. Amber Rhea
13-14. Richard and Amy
15-16. MJ and MJ’s Slave
17. Thursday’s Child
18. Narration by D
19. Andrea Zanin
20. The Provocateur
21. Violet Blue
22. Autumn
23. SSS
24. Storm
25. Sub lyn
26. Tara Tainton
27. Jake
28. Cherry Bomb
29. Lakey
30. Scarlet
31. Glenpreece
32. Lolita Wolf
33. Vixen
34. Tom Paine
35. Tongue Tied Blue
36. Maymay
37. Miss Bliss
38. Mistress Maeve
39. Nadia
40. Luka
41-42. Odysseus and Penelope
43. Eileen
44. Calico
45. Caroline Shepherd
46. Kathleen
47. Packing Vocals
48. Audacia Ray
49. Axe
50. Baccus
51. Chelsea Summers
52. Debauchette
53. The Butterfly Temptress
54. Dirty Little Girl
55. Sexy Whispers
56. Wendy Blackheart
57-58. Padme and Anakin
59-60. Him and Her
61. Slip of a Girl
62. Blowjob Babe
63-64. Dirty Debbie and CJ
65. Scorpio
66. Charlotte
67. Bitchy Jones
68. Anastasisa
69. Alice
70. Anita Wagner
71. Jack
72. Mistress Matisse
73. Mariella
74. O
75. Shasta Gibson
76. Gwen
77. fivestar
78. Lilly
79. Penny
80. Figleaf
81. Tony
82. Viviane
83. Six
84. Bob
85-99. Fiammetta, Jill, Robyn, Scarlot, Melissa, Kitten, Karly, Holly, Surgeon, Stacey, Tara, Jessica, Gina, Wendy, and Tori

Why is #100 blank? Because I know there are dozens…hundreds…of other amazing sex bloggers out there, and I want everyone to be a part of this list. If you weren’t already include, please promote yourself and your blog with a comment below. You can also feel free to link to other people’s blogs in a comment. Anything goes! I hope you’ll copy/paste this list on your own blog, if you have one. You don’t have to link back here - just get the word out about these amazing bloggers. Or, create your own list! Again, I hope you this out the 2008 Sex Bloggers page, which goes into more detail about each amazing blogger above!

Comedian Ron White BUSTED WITH Marijuana for medicinal purposes

By Lamaur Stancil (Contact)
Vero Beach Press
Originally published 12:14 p.m., September 11, 2008
Updated 05:35 p.m., September 11, 2008

— Comedian Ron White told police the marijuana he was carrying with him when he stepped off his jet Wednesday was for medicinal purposes, according to the arrest affidavit released Thursday.

The Vero Beach Police Department arrested the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” star on charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. White, whose home address was listed on the affidavit as Beverly Hills, Calif., told officers the marijuana was for medicinal purposes, but he could not provide a prescription.

An anonymous tipster told Vero Beach Police detectives an airplane would be landing at 5 p.m. at the city’s airport with a passenger carrying illegal drugs, said Officer John Morrison, spokesman for the Vero Beach Police Department.

White, on the Treasure Coast to perform at the Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce, was booked at the Indian River County Jail at 6:07 p.m. Wednesday and released at 8:06 p.m. after posting $1,000 bail, said Deputy Jeff Luther, Indian River County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

Only White and the pilot were on the plane, and the 51-year-old comedian was cooperative with detectives, who during the search found less than 3 grams of marijuana and a pipe to smoke the drug, Morrison said.

"The officers told him why they were there, and he chose to produce what he had," Vero Beach Police Chief Donald Dappen said. "With that, he put my officers in the position where they needed to act. It's a violation of the law and everyone knows that."

Dappen said his officers responded correctly to the tip, which indicated White would have a nominal amount of the drug on him.

"It was a small amount by the time he was arrested, but how much did he start with?" Dappen said. "That's not the amount he originally arranged to get."

White began his sold-out performance at the 1,200-seat Sunrise Theatre more than an hour late Wednesday and is scheduled to do a second sold-out show there Thursday.

This was the second incident involving White and his plane in the past four months.

Atlanta's WSBTV Channel 2 Action News report the Federal Aviation Administration is conducting an investigation into a May incident in which pilots allege White may have risked the safety of crew and passengers on board his private jet.

The pilots said White fired them after the alleged incident, according to WSBTV.

On June 25, the pilots told the news station they were flying White on May 11 from Ithaca, N.Y., to Gwinnett County Airport at Briscoe Field in Lawrenceville, Ga., but were diverted to DeKalb-Peachtree Airport in Chamblee, Ga. White became drunk and enraged and tried to enter the cockpit, the pilots told WSBTV.

Terry Lloyd, a lawyer for the comedian, told the TV station, “I have absolutely no confidence in any allegations they make against Ron White. They were terminated by him. They’re nothing more than disgruntled former pilots.”

White is best known for his days on the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” with fellow comedians and friends Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy.

Holding a glass of scotch in one hand and a cigarette or cigar in the other, White often includes jokes in his acts about being arrested and charged with public intoxication after being thrown out of a New York bar and booked in Texas with the alias “Tater Salad.”

Drew Edwards, president of Ron White Inc., said Thursday he was aware of the charges against White, but had no comment.

White made his rendezvous with Vero's finest a large part of the opening of his performance Wednesday night, said Roberta Davis, 64, of White City, who attended the show. But Davis said she was unaware at the time the story he was telling was true.

"I went to the restroom after the show, and this woman in front of me must have gotten a text message about his arrest," Davis said. "She said 'He really did get arrested!' We just thought it was a part of his show."

White appeared upset about the incident at the airport, in which the police used K-9 dogs, Davis said.

"He said the police took the dog's opinion over his," she said.

Just another example of why our drug laws need some reform.

"It was a small amount by the time he was arrested, but how much did he start with?" Dappen said. "That's not the amount he originally arranged to get."


This is the same flawed logic you see when they seize drug grows and brag about the amout and value. what they don't tell you is they grossly inflate the numbers and Value to make it seem worthwhile instead of a waste of TAXPAYERS DOLLARS like it really is.

I guess the Words "Land of the Free" Doesn't really apply anymore



Maybe we might get some help When the New President is Elected.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I Still Suck at Poker even though I won the Riverchasers on Full Tilt Poker


Welcome to the Donkey Show.

Yes thats Right Biatches I won the Riverchasers on Full Tilt Poker Last night. I Think I found the Key which is to get it in Bad Repeatedly Just like KatieMother and Suck out Repeatedly.  I wasn't keeping track but I am guessing the Number of times I got it in  Truly Bad was probably Atleast 5.





So I have now almost Tripled my Bankroll from $75 bucks with this win.  Good stuff. Too Bad I still suck at poker atleast it was fun to play again. Sorry to all those that I put Bad Beats on and I know there were a few.



Welcome to the Donkey Show.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 years ago today September 11th





Yes is has been 7 years since the Terrorist Bombings of September 11 2001, 7 years and it seems like just yesterday.
I remember where I was when i first heard the news. My Oldest Daughter who was 2 when it happened has no Memory and asked me if it really happened.

We as Americans Must never forget what was taken from us that day and we must Fight to protect ourselves everyday from those who would Kill us for no reason other than Using a Perverted Religious Doctrine.

My heart goes out to all the Family's that lost loved ones on this day 7 years ago.


Miami Don aka (THE WHORE MASTER) Posted a Link to Kissing Susie Kolber which had the funniest letter I have seen in a long time.

Kissing Susie Kolber
"I cannot see how you can allow league play to continue in light of this incredible facking tragedy. We, the legendary Baston fans, ahhh suffaring! DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT, YOU NEW YARK FAGGOT?! This is the warst tragedy of ow-uh times. It’s fahhh warse than that 9/11 shit. Sure-ah, those camelfackahs killed lawts of people, but they also took out a shitload of faggot Yankee fans, AND NO TEARS NEED TO BE SHED OVAH THAT! "



Here is my Bold Prediction. The Patriots will still make it farther than the San Diego Chargers will even without Tommy Terrific (Brady).

10-6 they will win the east and Win the SuperBowl just like in 2001.

Ok seriously I doubt that will happen but as far as everyone writing off this season because we lost One Player even if said Player is the Reigning League MVP is silly. The New England Patriots have enough Talent to win without Brady,

Yes he was a Huge Loss and not one that is to be Pooh Poohed but I remember back when Drew Bledsoe went down and look what Happened that year. The Patriots are also Lucky to be Playing in the Afc East where other than the Bills the rest of the Teams are not that good. Sure the Jets are better with Farve but he showed last week he is still going to make so Really stupid throws and the Dolphins just plain SUCK.

Someone tell Vince Young's Mom to Shut the FUCK UP. Does she think she is actually helping her Son with her Comments?


No Poker lately. all my accounts are tapped out unless someone wants to take some cash on Paypal for some on Full Tilt or Stars. Anyone?

I had a pretty big hangover after the BBT3 ended Badly for me. but I am Starting to Miss Playing some of the Blogger tourneys. Hopefully I will be back soon.


Thanks for reading.