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Friday, December 01, 2006


My Brother Jay's Band RAQ is Playing at the Paradise in Boston
RAQ They have been getting great reviews of thier second album. -October 2006
"I’ve been rolling my tongue over certain phrases, trying to find the one that captures the essence of RAQ’s new album Ton These; tour-de-force, unstoppable, aural assault and so forth. The problem is that none of these clich├ęs even come close to distilling the essence of this album.

Right out of the gate, with “Walking In Circles,” this Vermont quartet unleashes an unfettered rock fusion explosion. Chris Michetti’s guitar creates a roaring wall of bouncing sound while Greg Stukey and Jay Burwick’s rhythm section dance around the intricate keys of Todd Stoops and the vocals, breezy and anthemic at the same time; grab the listener by the ears and
shakes. It is the sound of a refreshing, if not roaring, blast of mountain air." read the rest here.

12/02/06 Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA
967 Commonwealth Avenue
18+ | 8pm doors
$12 tix


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tao of Poker: Pauly's Poker Blog

Tao of Poker: Pauly's Poker Blog: "Tilt and Flow

I'm mired deep into a macabre of a losing streak, stuck over $2K in the last two weeks. Poker is as fickle as the Northern Lights, but I'm not freaking out right now. The swings are bigger because I'm playing bigger stakes."

Stop reading my Blog right Now and go read the rest of Pauly's Post and see why he is The BEST POKER BLOGGER AROUND.

billyb SPORTSNATION - Vote: College FB awards

Still sick but feeling better. I'm Not dead yet.
Playing the wwdn is always fun till Pokerstars kicked me in the nuts, with runner runner straight to knock my set of 9's out of the wwdn. so much for making the break.

I got this email from a friend can you help em out and vote for the awards.

billy SPORTSNATION - Vote: College FB awards

Hey y'all,
I don't know how many of you follow College Football. My co-worker's son is playing for Rice. He is having a GREAT year and has been nominated for the Biletnikoff Award. This is an award given to an Outstanding Wide Receiver. I don't think he is as well known as the two other candidates. If it isn't too much trouble, I would like everyone to vote for him. Here is the link. His name is Jarret Dillard. He is the first one listed. If feel you like it, you can forward this to your friends, too.
Thanks for your help and Happy Holidays,

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Being Sick Sucks Monkey Balls

Ok so running yourself ragged while you have a bad head/chest cold is not a good idea.

But free tickets on friday night to see the celtics get smoked by the knicks.
work a double on saturday and then get up at 8 am sunday to go to the Patriots game
makes for a long weekend.

While it was nice to see a Celtics game in person, I wish they could have lost by less than 25.
they are a young team. lots of promise but short term they are going to lose way more than they will win.

I went to My first and probably last patriots game of the year, Why well I work retail and
I have to work sundays in december :( .

It was nice to see the Patriots win against a good Team for a change.
Did the Pat's play well? Not really But Chicago's defense is probably the best in the league.
It was too bad to see Junior Seau Break his Arm, that looked real nasty and incase you didnt see it here it is.

Although i was against him signing with the pats he was fitting in real well and this is another big loss for the patriots. Hopefully he will heal up and not have any lasting effects from this

hopefully the train that is running over my head will stop soon.