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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It's been a tough weekend

On friday I got the call that a Very close friend had passed away.
Merry Fucking christmas to you too god.

So the weekend has been sad.
That being said my 2 daughters were happy with thier
gifts and we celebrated christmas with the inlaws and Hannukka
with mine.

Poker has been a fricking mess this weekend.
Play well and get kicked in the balls. Rinse and Repeat over and over and over.
and to top it off We played live during MNF and I was the first or 2nd to lose in both games.
I am such a donk.
Well atleast the patriots are picking up steam at the right time to make a run
at 3 in a row.

Bring on the colts it won't even be close.

thats about all for now.