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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Close But No Cigar, Hooker of the week

12:30am: Man I just busted out of wpbt#1 in 4th. Played Good but it helps when you get good cards. only lost 2 races. #1 was to Gcox when his AQ beat my AK and #2 was the hand I busted out 4th with.

There are so many good players in that tourney that
I think I was lucky to make it as far as i did.

Peace and Enjoy below

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Man is it cold outside & WPBT 07 event #1

Man Oh man is it cold outside. Getting down to the single digits is quite a shock considering that 2 weeks ago it was 65.

Poker continues to be up and down. But on a good note I finally met a fellow Blogger in person when Byron from came to a small bar tourney in worcester. 2900 in chips with 3o min levels. With the way it is structured you have plenty of time so it is a good little tourney. We actually had someone complain that it was taking to long. He wanted 15 min levels like online. I told him to go Fuck himself (not really) but I did say that the tourneys at the bar are structured well not to turn into a crapshoot within the first hour. This player we will call him "D" was very aggro and would raise and push allin and make everyone decide if they wanted to risk their stack. lucky for me he was 2 to my right but the one time i had a big hand I couldnt get him to pay me off. Had AA but the board came 3 clubs and he didn't have one.

I Ended up Pushing from the SB with 73 after it was folded to me. Unfortunately for me the BB woke up with KK and even though the flop cam 45 the 6 didn't show and I went to the Rail to root My Man Mike on. Mike ended up finishing 2nd when He Pushed with the HAMMER and got called. Nice try Mike.

Thanks for coming Byron and Mike and watch out for those Gin and Tonics. hope you had a good time even though you didnt win.

Still loving Triple Draw on Stars. Maybe it's just because its not holdem that I am enjoying it so much.

I was finally getting over the Patriots loss last week when On friday the NFL admitted the Refs fucked up when they called Ellis Hobbs for Pass Interference in the end zone. Since He didn't even make contact and there is no face guarding in the NFL. so instead of 1 and 10 at the 1 it would have have been 3 and 17. Not that I am suggesting the Pats would have stopped them but it might have changed the course of the game.

I was surprised that they didn't also say they messed up the No call when Reche caldwell got Mugged in the end zone but they decided to swallow their whistles on that play. thanks alot NFL now go fuck yourself since you know that the patriots should be in the Super Bowl.

Tonight is the First WPBT EVENT
and MiamiDon has posted the odds of winning the whole thing. I think 10-1 is way to high for me.

see you at 9 pm tonight. at Fulltilt.