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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

yes I am a shill

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    Monday, March 20, 2006


    I am In the HUC3 challenge. Hoping to take my revenge on Willwonka for taking me out of the Dadi hu event.


    sheverb: "But send me you did."

    Congrats to Gracie for winning a 1500 seat in the wsop last night at the wpbt sattalite.

    this wasn't an easy task for anyone
    69 players started with stacks of 2500 with 20 min levels.

    2 hours later there were 36 peeps left.
    the leader board was a who's who of bloggers.

    I played ok, I did manage to piss C.J. off again. when I raised after he limped and then called
    his push. with Presto (55). C.J. had 44 and was agahast that I would make that call.
    since his push should have represented strength, But I needed to take a flip at some point and he had raised and showed some less than Premium hands.

    had a good time playing with some tough competition, It's nice when it is serious but still
    fun. as it should be. since if you aren't having fun u probably shouldn't be playing.



    finished 16th in the wpbt wsop satalite.
    when my AK got beat by KJ.

    was fun