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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Home game fun. The HPT went off last night with 3 full tables. that is alot of donkys for you.

Biggestron and Rakefeeder were in attendance.
Lucky for me I had Neither at my starting table which is a Plus, Not having to tangle with them early is always nice.

The play in General is awful at this game. There are probably 10 good players and the rest are Fish. Lots of Minraises and Limping were in order. blinds 100/200 one hand went limp, limp,limp min raise and the 3 limpers fold? wtf is that?
Omg sometimes it is just painfull to watch such complete and utter Donkery (is that a word). these players make the riverchasers donks look like good players.

Dropped some chips early chasing a flush only to find out the one really Aggressive Player at my table had been semibluffing with his Ace high flush draw also. I considered Raising his river bet but was weary of Joe so I just called only losing 600 on the hand.

Was down to about 2k when I started to get a few hands. Had AJs with 2 limpers to me so I jammed and get called by KQo?? The Player who made this call is a Nice guy but really doesn't play well. He said Kings had been good to him so he figured he call. Lucky for my me AJ was good. that got me back to even and I ended the first break with T4025. The play was Tight tight tight with only 1 person busting within the first hour. I did let this Donkey knock me off a hand at the final table when he bluffed into my 2 pair and I knew he was weak but didn't go with my read.

2nd hour really wasn't much better for me Just kinda hung around stealing pots when I could to stay even. The aggressive player has now gotten a Big stack with donky from above having almost as much. The 1 Difference is that I know the Donkey will give those chips away like he did to me where as the Aggressive player is good and knows how to use those chips although he was more passive later than usual.

We get down to the final table and they reseat everyone and I end up with Rakefeeder to my Immediate right. I guess if I have to have him at my table this is where I want him right?

Rakefeederhad probably close to 15k when it is folded to him and he raises to like 3k, I look down to find 22 and think that RF could have almost any 2 cards. So I jam for what is about 7k more, If he calls and loses he would be down to about T45oo and He tanks for about 4 minutes and after promising him to show him my cards he Makes the Right move and Folds his A7o.

This was an Interesting hand since I can't do this to the Donkey above since he is insta calling with his A7 since it must be good But Rakefeeder is good enough to think it thru. Now if he had called wanting to take a race it wouldn't have been a bad call.

3 women were in attendance with 2 of them actually knowing how to play. The hostess is one of the 2 and she busted first. The other lady who can play freqents Foxwoods on occasion. she is tough but she ran into some tough hands at the end. Getting 2 small stacks all in and losing to both of them then losing runner runner to a flush to get knocked out when down to the Final table.

I did take out Biggestron when i got lucky and outflopped him short of the money.

I ended up 2nd when I raised preflop with 52s to 9k blinds were 1500/3000
and the button called flop came 85x and i raised all in with Middle Pair. I just didn't think he could be that strong but I was promptly show A8o and 2nd it was.

I am such a donk. I could have worked it more I just thought the guy was going to call off with 2 overs.

all in all a good time. It is always good to see these to donkeys Biggestron and Rakefeeder at a live table. I Prefer playing live much better especially when playing with what is a much weaker field although my one complaint is at times the games just grinds to a halt. In the Middle rounds we were getting like 3-4 hands per 20 minutes which is just painfull for me so what is a donk to do but start drinking.

thank god 2 people brought some good Bourbon and Whiskey that I could drink.
I did suck em all in and let them think I was schnockered by knocking over my Scotch not once but twice all over Rakefeeders table. thereby solidifying my Drunkenness Image.

Go Redsox

Friday, October 26, 2007

Home Gane Tonight

Tonight is HPT#2.

Bloggers Biggestron and Rake Feeder will be in attendance.
Looks like the list is at 30 now. Talk about DEAD MONEY.
4k stack with 20 min rounds and alot of people who do not know how to fold 2nd pair.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hand from the Mookie. Questions about my play

I was thinking astin made the Bad play but the more I think about it I was the one who misplayed my hand.
My thoughts are that I didn't raise enough preflop.

anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

Full Tilt Poker, NL Hold'em Tournament, The Mookie - Slowrollin' Dooosh, 600/1,200 Blinds, 150 Ante, 8 Players

LegoPoker Hand History Converter

Hero (UTG): 20,133

UTG+1: 20,600

MP1: 36,660

MP2: 33,771

CO: 15,183

BTN: 15,191

SB: 11,972

BB: 21,456

Pre-Flop: (3,000) J J dealt to Hero (UTG)

Hero raises to 3,600, UTG+1 folds, MP1 calls 3,600, MP2 folds, CO folds

Flop: (10,200) 4 Q 2 (2 Players)

Hero bets 16,383 and is All-In, MP1 calls 16,383

Turn: (42,966) T (2 Players - 1 is All-In)

River: (42,966) 8 (2 Players - 1 is All-In)

Results: 42,966 Pot

Hero showed J J (a pair of Jacks) and LOST (-20,133 NET)

MP1 showed K Q (a pair of Queens) and WON 42,966 (+22,833 NET)

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Go Redsox and Astin is a luckbox

1:00am Fuck ME, Just got knocked out. Man wtf? KQ good call preflop I guess. Not one I would make but thats why I suck.

out 17th, atleast the redsox won.

I will write up the rest later now i have to drive home from rake feeders house.

Lets Go Redsox11:45 T6505 58 peeps left

11:07 82 out of 112 left. That is higher than normal for one of these but with the bigger fields is to be expected.
down to T4050

11:00 I have been at Rakefeeders house using his wireless since 7:30 and we have player 2 tourneys and ftp has seated us at the same table Not once But Twice. I mean the first time was in the $5 horse tourney and the 2nd time is in the Mookie.

Atleast i have position on him. He is always tough to play agaisnt. I am looking forward to playing with Biggeston and Rakefeeder this weekend. Biggestron is the only other blogger I have met and he is a pretty nice guy so its always good to see him. He plays poker pretty well also.

10:42 wow the sox are kicking the shit out of the rockies.

9:25 4-1 Youk scores on a double by david ortiz.

9:12 3-1 sox. Beckett given up 2 doubles this inning. Better get someone up in the Bullpen, Just kidding he gets the 3rd out only giving up 1 run.

9:10 there is 50 min left and there are already 77 Players signed up for the Mookie on Full Tilt Poker.
Man does Beckett look Dominant so far.

9:00 3-0 Redsox. Now this is how you want to start off game 1 of the World Series.

out of the Horse Tourney. Now I know how Matusow felt at the wsop. Rivered every time.

8:52 2-0 Redsox sox bats are still nice and warm.

8:46 LEAD OFF HOMERUN FOR Pedrioa of THE REDSOX. this comes after beckett strikes out 2 in the top of the first.

15 min to game time. Lets hope it is a good series.
go check out Biggestron to get his take on his Man crush of the Redsox.

1:45 till the Mookie starts. I am sure this is going to be another Record field.

I will post updates during the Night. I am at Rakefeeders house to watch the game.

we both signed up for the 5 dolla horsie tourney on Full Tilt.

126 runners in the horse tourney.

First hand TT win a 150 up to T1650.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Math Winner

Congrats to JJok for taking down the first Math in the BBT2.

82 Runners in last night Math. I think that must be a Record?
As you can see my first table was not my ideal draw. Fuel to my right and Astin to my left.
All i needed was MiamiDon at the table to tell us how bad we play and that would have been perfect.

I played OK. I think astin was abusing me early but he had Position on me and kept knocking me off my hands. That table was so Tight it wasn't funny. No one was doing anything Donkalishious early that is for sure.

This was my last hand. My 88 couldn't beat the Asian Jew.
I thought I play well (weak/tight) but considering my table not much else I could do. Ran TT into KK shortly before this hand. Which really was my undoing.

Congrats to JJok for taking it down.

See you on wensday and thurday when the BBT2 continues.

Publish Post
Bodog Blogger tourney tonight at 8:30pm.
see you there.

Drop the Hammer


Free World Series Tickets

Click the photo for a chance at some Free World Series Tickets.
Only 1 entry per person so no stuffing the box for me.

Go Redsox,
Yes I am a Homer as Waffles and Miami Don Pointed out.

Drop the Hammer

Monday, October 22, 2007

World Series,Patriots Domination and Miami Don

The Redsox made another fantastic comeback down 3-1 to the Cleveland Indians.
This was a series that should have gone 7 games. You have the 2 teams that tied for the most wins during the regular season. What Cleveland fans should be shocked at is that their two 19 game winners went 0-4 in this series. thats right both of their Aces got zero wins.

I really did think the Indians were a beaten team after game 6. They did manage to hang tough in game 7. It was much much closer than the final score indicated. Clevelands Pitcher somehow managed to Escape from Multiple Jams early on when it looked like he might not make it past the 2nd inning. Much to his credit the redsox hit into like 25 double plays to save him time and again.

So much For Miami Dons Bet Cleavland the whole way theory. Hope you took a fucking bath on Cleveland, And by the way Don try to show some class at the poker tables for a change. Yes you may take a few bad beats But telling everyone how bad they are just makes you look bad.

Now you may be asking what he said to get my Irish up. Well here is a few quotes from last weeks tourney. This also isn't the First time that Don has chosen to open up his Mouth and spout off after he Lost.

"MiamiDon (Observer): all the donks going deep
when it doesnt' matter"

"MiamiDon (Observer): side bet nobody at this
table makes TOC"

"MiamiDon (Observer): only sore is on your

'All we need is one more win for the Indians. I like Sabathia to bounce back tomorrow night with a better effort but it will tough against Boston's only pitcher Josh Beckett."

Hmm seems like a Pattern here, Don Loses and Takes it out on the rest of us. Well I think that
these Blogger games are supposed to be fun so either he is taking it too seriously or he is just an Ass to people who he feels superior too? which is it folks?

Did anyone watch the Patriots dismantaling of the Dolphins? What a show.
anyone want to argue that the Patriots are Not the Best team in the NFL?
Tom Brady who threw 24 touch downs all of last year has already exceeded that number in
7 games. Peyton Mannings record of 49 Touchdowns might be broken by week 14 if teams can't figure out a way to stop the Patriot offense.

Anyone else find Patrick Crayton's comments following the loss to the Patriots funny.

"Several Cowboys said they hoped to see the Patriots again. If so, that would be in the Super Bowl in Glendale, Ariz., in February.

But receiver Patrick Crayton took it a step further -- saying the only question is whether the Patriots will get that far.

"If they make it to Arizona, we will see them again," Crayton said. "Seriously, I'm not backing down from that statement. If they make it to Arizona, we will see them again."

And while Crayton came away with much respect for the Patriots offense, he said the Patriots defense isn't that good."

Yeah they aren't that good Keep thinking that folks. Ohh yeah and we need to cheat to win.

Tonight is event #2 in the BBT2 . click here to see the Full tilt page
27 events 1 seat to the aussie Millions from Fulltilt.
see you there at 10