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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Home game fun. The HPT went off last night with 3 full tables. that is alot of donkys for you.

Biggestron and Rakefeeder were in attendance.
Lucky for me I had Neither at my starting table which is a Plus, Not having to tangle with them early is always nice.

The play in General is awful at this game. There are probably 10 good players and the rest are Fish. Lots of Minraises and Limping were in order. blinds 100/200 one hand went limp, limp,limp min raise and the 3 limpers fold? wtf is that?
Omg sometimes it is just painfull to watch such complete and utter Donkery (is that a word). these players make the riverchasers donks look like good players.

Dropped some chips early chasing a flush only to find out the one really Aggressive Player at my table had been semibluffing with his Ace high flush draw also. I considered Raising his river bet but was weary of Joe so I just called only losing 600 on the hand.

Was down to about 2k when I started to get a few hands. Had AJs with 2 limpers to me so I jammed and get called by KQo?? The Player who made this call is a Nice guy but really doesn't play well. He said Kings had been good to him so he figured he call. Lucky for my me AJ was good. that got me back to even and I ended the first break with T4025. The play was Tight tight tight with only 1 person busting within the first hour. I did let this Donkey knock me off a hand at the final table when he bluffed into my 2 pair and I knew he was weak but didn't go with my read.

2nd hour really wasn't much better for me Just kinda hung around stealing pots when I could to stay even. The aggressive player has now gotten a Big stack with donky from above having almost as much. The 1 Difference is that I know the Donkey will give those chips away like he did to me where as the Aggressive player is good and knows how to use those chips although he was more passive later than usual.

We get down to the final table and they reseat everyone and I end up with Rakefeeder to my Immediate right. I guess if I have to have him at my table this is where I want him right?

Rakefeederhad probably close to 15k when it is folded to him and he raises to like 3k, I look down to find 22 and think that RF could have almost any 2 cards. So I jam for what is about 7k more, If he calls and loses he would be down to about T45oo and He tanks for about 4 minutes and after promising him to show him my cards he Makes the Right move and Folds his A7o.

This was an Interesting hand since I can't do this to the Donkey above since he is insta calling with his A7 since it must be good But Rakefeeder is good enough to think it thru. Now if he had called wanting to take a race it wouldn't have been a bad call.

3 women were in attendance with 2 of them actually knowing how to play. The hostess is one of the 2 and she busted first. The other lady who can play freqents Foxwoods on occasion. she is tough but she ran into some tough hands at the end. Getting 2 small stacks all in and losing to both of them then losing runner runner to a flush to get knocked out when down to the Final table.

I did take out Biggestron when i got lucky and outflopped him short of the money.

I ended up 2nd when I raised preflop with 52s to 9k blinds were 1500/3000
and the button called flop came 85x and i raised all in with Middle Pair. I just didn't think he could be that strong but I was promptly show A8o and 2nd it was.

I am such a donk. I could have worked it more I just thought the guy was going to call off with 2 overs.

all in all a good time. It is always good to see these to donkeys Biggestron and Rakefeeder at a live table. I Prefer playing live much better especially when playing with what is a much weaker field although my one complaint is at times the games just grinds to a halt. In the Middle rounds we were getting like 3-4 hands per 20 minutes which is just painfull for me so what is a donk to do but start drinking.

thank god 2 people brought some good Bourbon and Whiskey that I could drink.
I did suck em all in and let them think I was schnockered by knocking over my Scotch not once but twice all over Rakefeeders table. thereby solidifying my Drunkenness Image.

Go Redsox