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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Math Winner

Congrats to JJok for taking down the first Math in the BBT2.

82 Runners in last night Math. I think that must be a Record?
As you can see my first table was not my ideal draw. Fuel to my right and Astin to my left.
All i needed was MiamiDon at the table to tell us how bad we play and that would have been perfect.

I played OK. I think astin was abusing me early but he had Position on me and kept knocking me off my hands. That table was so Tight it wasn't funny. No one was doing anything Donkalishious early that is for sure.

This was my last hand. My 88 couldn't beat the Asian Jew.
I thought I play well (weak/tight) but considering my table not much else I could do. Ran TT into KK shortly before this hand. Which really was my undoing.

Congrats to JJok for taking it down.

See you on wensday and thurday when the BBT2 continues.

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