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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tao of Poker: Pauly's Poker Blog

It's Quotes like this that Make Pauly the MAN

Tao of Poker: Pauly's Poker Blog: "12:50am... Recent Eliminations: The Dragon has been slayed. David Pham hits the rail as more big named pros are dropping like flies. Phil Hellmuth has been hanging around the Rio all day, like that loser college guy who comes by and hangs out at highschool during winter break."

5:15pm... Rick Solomon, the guy slamming Paris Hilton in her sex video, is up to 770K after he won a race with A-K."

Corporate America corrupted poker. The WSOP has been tainted like the slutty girl on your freshman hall dorm with a severe case of the clap. But we're horny losers with self-esteem issues and fuck her anyway. The thrill, the rush, and the high far outweighs the long term consequences."

So what the Fuck are you waiting for??? Head on over and check him out, He is in vegas covering the ME..


Friday, August 04, 2006

Things have been looking up

My Play seems to have turned around alot. I am playing alot of sng's (well alot for me)
and i have made the money in 10/11 over the last 2 days. So while the Bankroll is still low It is going in the right direction again.

Now I don't expect that this little run will continue But I also think the the Low limit sng's (5's +10's) are beatable so I am going to Be Playing these for now.

Also want to Wish Ryan over at Absinthetics some luck today as he Returns for day 3 of the Main Event.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Own A Peice of Wil Wheaton

'Star Trek' memorabilia to be auctioned -

Who wouldn't want to own one of Wil Wheaton's Costumes from Next Gen??
You could then show up an the next Wpbt event dressed in it.
and Be Ohh so Cool.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I got a New Blog Banner

I want to give A Huge shout out to Kattitude
check out Kat's blog she is an Awsome person.
who made me this Awsome new Banner.

Now I have a Banner that represents my blog.
From a great Poker player who List on her 100 Things You may not know about me

#11 My favourite movie is the Holy Grail by Monty Python, and can quote many parts of it with a good degree of accuracy.

anyone who's favorite movie is the MPHG is ok in my book.

What the Air velocity of a laden swallow??