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Friday, October 20, 2006

the Games People Play.

First I would like to off my condolences to Metsfan.
for the loss of his beloved mets and more so since he bought World series tickets

and he LIVES IN LA.

Now that is a True Fan. Now he know how redsox fans have felt all these years.
Maybe Next year.

On to football and we have the return of the Patriots after a BYE WEEK, Thank God
since watching football on sunday isn't right without your team playing.

they are playing the Bills this sunday and if they will they will lockup the AFC least for the year since they are 4-0 in the division.
Take the Pats and the give the points there will be no fluky touchdown on the first play from scrimmage for the bills this week.

I do find it interesting the way the colt and pats front offices get along.
seems like this is kinda petty but whatever works for you.

Patriots pushing Polian's buttons

Posted: Oct.19, 2006, 5:45 pm EDT
Bill PolianJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Patriots won't be rolling out the welcome mat for Colts president Bill Polian on Nov. 5.

The New England Patriots have formally asked the NFL to ensure the safety of Patriots employees when the team hosts the Indianapolis Colts and their explosive president at Gillette Stadium on Sunday night, Nov. 5.
The move, an evident tweaking of the Colts, comes after Colts President Bill Polian apologized to a Jets employee earlier this month for shoving him before the Colts-Jets game at Giants Stadium on Oct. 1.
According to a league source, Polian, Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum and Ray Anderson, the NFL's senior vice president of football operations, discussed the incident on a conference call soon after it occurred and Polian was required to issue a written apology.

The league wanted to the incident to "go away," the source said.According to a report earlier this month, Polian was upset because he felt loudspeakers were positioned too close to the field. In the course of speaking to a Jets employee in a tunnel leading to the field, Polian grabbed the employee by the lapels of his jacket and pushed him against a wall.

When contacted about the incident, Anderson said he had no comment and abruptly hung up.Colts vice president of public relations Craig Kelley said: "I'm not commenting. It's been resolved, if in fact there was a problem in the first place."Polian, who has been with the Colts for nine seasons and was a GM for the Panthers and Bills before that, did not respond to an e-mail request for comment.Jets vice president of public relations Ron Colangelo said last week that the league office was looking into the situation.

Meanwhile, the Colts' longtime AFC nemesis in New England took notice of the Polian issue.In the past few years, the Colts have lodged frequent complaints with the league about the Patriots. Last week, the Colts reportedly asked the league to talk to the Pats about the shoddy condition of the turf at Gillette Stadium.During the 2003 regular season, Indianapolis complained that Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest milked a late-game injury to allow a Patriots substitution. McGinest was later involved in a stirring, game-ending fourth-down stop of Edgerrin James. During the 2003 AFC Championship, Polian went ballistic while watching the Patriots strong-arm Indianapolis receivers. A "rules emphasis" was instituted in 2004 that was dubbed the "Ty Law Rule" after the Patriots corner who picked off Peyton Manning three times that day.In visits to New England, Polian has been demonstrative in the press box, swinging his fists, throwing off his suit coat and pounding the counter in front of him.Last year, when Patriots backup quarterback Doug Flutie scrambled around during the last play of a 40-21 Colts win at Foxborough, Polian said, "Break his leg."

Five reasons the Patriots get under the Colts' skin

1. Winning. The Patriots have won three Super Bowls. The Colts have won one. In 1970. When they were in Baltimore. Since 2001, regardless of circumstance, the Patriots have found a way to win. The Colts, on the other hand, find a way to lose. Quite often, the losses have come at the Colts expense.

2. Quarterbacks. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are the two best quarterbacks in the NFL. And they've forged a pretty strong friendship. Yet as Manning continues to rewrite the league's passing records and fall flat in the playoffs, Brady plods efficiently along during the regular season and, save for last season, lights it up in the playoffs. Manning has a multitude of backers. So does Brady. But the conversation on who's better usually ends when the topic of championship rings is raised.

3. Reputations. The Colts play in a controlled dome environment and rely on a finesse passing game and a smallish quick defense. There's a segment of the football-watching public that -- rightly or wrongly -- believes the Colts are soft. The Patriots play outdoors in often sloppy and inclement weather. Their offense is balanced. They can pound it. They can pass it. Defensively, they're smart and nasty. The Patriots may be many things, but soft is not one of them.

4. Expectations. Few things are more agitating in life than expecting great things and getting less. Few things are more enjoyable than expecting little and getting much. The Colts tend to perform below expectations. The Patriots -- despite injuries and roster upheaval -- continue to exceed expectations.

5. Coaches. Colts coach Tony Dungy is widely viewed as one of the most decent men in sports. Frank, forthcoming, earnest and soft-spoken, it's impossible to find anyone who dislikes Dungy. Such is not the case with Bill Belichick. He can be evasive. Forthcoming would be one of the final adjectives anyone would use to describe him. Whether folks like him or loathe him doesn't seem to matter much to Belichick. Far more people root for Tony Dungy than Bill Belichick. With minimal satisfaction. Belichick's continued success must be an irritant in Indy.

poker has been up and down Mostly down lately. It is nice now that fulltilt is
starting to get some added players from the Party closing.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

OK now I am pissed

I was in the Process of getting my first Paid advertiser for this here blog
Until Congress Fucked us all up the Ass without using any lube.
Now that congress did the aforementioned i got this letter.


Just got this news from our payment department. Due to the new legislation, we will be unable to move forward with the deal.


Now This is just what i figured would happen so I wasn't really surprised But
Here congress is taking money that would go to feed the kids. (not really) more like
feed billy's Asian stripper fetish in vegas. So now I will have to do fewer lapdances.

thanks congress you money grubbing special intrest serving motherfuckers.
hope all your daughters get knocked up by some liberals.

heres a cool video to watch.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Who wags the tail?????

Not the People who elected them thats for sure.

MW - Online Sportsbooks Forums - NFL MAKES FANTASY PASS

October 10, 2006 -- WASHINGTON - The National Football League used a big bucks lobbyist to ram through Internet gambling-curbing legislation in the final minutes of the legislative session, sources revealed.

But opponents of the bill charge that the NFL broke the rules when it fast-tracked legislation that never even got a vote in the Senate - a trick play that provided a big exemption for fantasy football.

The NFL runs its own fantasy football site, and gets royalties from others. Fantasy contest companies generate up to $200 million a year, according to an industry association.

The NFL hired lawyer Marty Gold of Covington & Burling and a former counsel to Majority Leader Sen. Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) to design its playbook.

Gold and his firm billed a stunning $700,000 to the NFL in 2005, according to disclosure reports, lobbying on issues from Internet gambling to steroids.

Last month, right before lawmakers left town to campaign, the league was struggling for a way to overcome opposition to clearing the gambling bill. The league decided to try to tack the gambling bill onto final defense legislation that couldn't be amended.

Gold says it wasn't his idea. NFL Chairman Roger Goodell and past chairman Paul Tagliabue wrote Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner (R-Va.) that the bill was an "achievement" he could be proud of, but that couldn't get through the Senate by regular means.

Warner, a senior Navy and Marine veteran, refused.

He wrote Frist - a likely presidential candidate and champion of the gambling bill in the Senate - voicing his "strong objection" to including it in a bipartisan bill for U.S. troops.

Frist relented - but then hatched a new plan to add it to a bill to secure the nation's ports. Rep. Jim Leach (R-Iowa), who holds sway in a key primary state, wrote the original House gambling bill, backed by social conservatives.

House Homeland Security Chairman Rep. Pete King (R-N.Y.) was more compliant, and allowed it onto his port bill without a vote by negotiators.

"I'm not going to stop a bill because of Internet gambling," explained King, who wrote the port bill. "That was their final offer for that day."

Lawyer Tony Cabot, who represents Las Vegas casinos, said he was assuming that "those Republicans got beat down pretty bad by Frist and Hastert. I think they thought they had no choice."

Just goes to show you who trhe politicians in this country really represent.
It sure isn't you and I ....or any of the people who elected them, Its the special intrests that have the money.


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