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Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Name is Princess

My Texan friend Big Mike has named me Princess this weekend. Something about taking too long to get showered in dressed to play golf. I did have to take a cold shower at his house so that should count for something.

Yes I did get my ass kicked playing golf today. Big mike beat me by 4 strokes. My biggest problem was getting off the Tee. Maybe the cold shower had something to do with it.

I am amazed about the cowboys fans who think their team actually has a chance to win tomorrow. They almost lost to the fucking Buffalo Bills and need a miracle to save their sorry asses well no such luck this week. they are playing a real Football team this week.

Big mike is being a Biatch every time he leaves the room he stop the tivo and takes the remote with him. so he doesn't a miss a pitch of game 2 of the ALCS.

JD pew sucks. thats all i have to say about that.

3-1 redsox and they are making Carmona work. they are already warming someone up and its only the 3rd inning.

more to come.

The StockYards in Dallas

Wow I have never been to a Bar that Had Saddles as Bar stools. Yes that is right real fucking Saddles. Man texas is Messed up. My Ass is sore from 5 min in one, no wonder they walk funny down here.

My Buudy Gibby Met Clonnie Gowen at logan airport while waiting for his flight. Man she is the hottest female that can actually fucking play maybe. what do you think?

Still mad about myself about busting out of the 20k on bodog on the bubble. I guess I could have waited but I thought it was the right time to try to make that move. It just sucks to bubble like that.

Post a comment and let me know how badly I fucked this up.

Hand Actions

Player Action Action Data Timestamp
birdstone Ante $ 200.00 23:42:22
MoFo_69 Ante $ 200.00 23:42:22
jkron1 Ante $ 200.00 23:42:22
bigboat21 Ante $ 200.00 23:42:22
BigBob123 Ante $ 200.00 23:42:22
chaos0Nriver Ante $ 200.00 23:42:22
bdaman3575 Ante $ 200.00 23:42:22
charliew Ante $ 200.00 23:42:22
birdstone Set dealer/Bring in spot 4 23:42:22
MoFo_69 Ante/Small blind $ 1,000.00 23:42:22
jkron1 Big blind/Bring in $ 2,000.00 23:42:22
bdaman3575 Card dealt to a spot
charliew Card dealt to a spot 8 9 23:42:22
birdstone Card dealt to a spot
MoFo_69 Card dealt to a spot K Q 23:42:22
jkron1 Card dealt to a spot
bigboat21 Card dealt to a spot
BigBob123 Card dealt to a spot
chaos0Nriver Card dealt to a spot
bigboat21 Fold $ 200.00 23:42:37
BigBob123 Fold $ 200.00 23:42:37
chaos0Nriver Fold $ 200.00 23:42:37
bdaman3575 Fold $ 200.00 23:42:39
charliew Raise $ 4,000.00 23:42:41
birdstone Fold $ 200.00 23:42:43
MoFo_69 All-in $ 9,710.00 23:42:51
jkron1 Fold $ 2,200.00 23:42:53
charliew Call $ 6,710.00 23:42:55

Betting round completed Last active pot = $0.00
Side pot 5 = $25,020.00

Card dealt to table 2 J A 23:42:57

Betting round completed Last active pot = $0.00
Side pot 5 = $25,020.00

Card dealt to table 7 23:42:59

Betting round completed Last active pot = $0.00
Side pot 5 = $25,020.00

Card dealt to table Q 23:43:01

Betting round completed Last active pot = $0.00
Side pot 5 = $25,020.00
MoFo_69 Showdown Show card: Pair
charliew Showdown Show card: Flush
A Q J 9 7
charliew Hand result $ 25,020.00 23:43:03

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

mookie update

Made the first break of the mookie with 6k not bad. 59 runners to start down to 40
at the first break. RakeFeeder is hanging tough, he has had about 17oo most of the first hour.

I am also in the 4k on bodog and at the 2nd break I have T14,325.00 not bad. 105 left with
54 getting paid. I should be able to make the money as long as I dont fuck it up.

Updates to come.

The Bionic Woman and the Mookie

I really like the Bionic woman I think this is one of the best remakes of a campy 70's
series i have ever seen.

Michelle Ryan is Hot real hot.

Mookie tonight at 10 which is 7 min from now.

browns call vrabel a dirty player

Patriots coach Bill Belichick came to the defense of outside linebacker Mike Vrabel today.

When asked about the fourth-quarter play that drew the ire of Browns guard Eric Steinbach, Belichick backed his captain.

"The only reason Mike was even in the vicinity of anyone’s legs or knees is because he was pushed down," Belichick said. "Then they hit him late. It looked to me that the players were off balance probably because the offense, knowing it was a spike, slowed down and Mike just did what any defensive player should do -- play hard to the whistle and take nothing for granted. I wouldn’t tell Mike to do anything differently."

The play came with 11 seconds left as Browns quarterback Derek Anderson spiked the ball. Steinbach felt Vrabel deliberately fell near the knees of left tackle Joe Thomas and told the Associated Press that Vrabel was "classless" and should be fined.

We are going to have to put up with this shit all year. This is football folks.
the Play where trent green got hurt was a cheap shot on Trents Greens part. He went to block a player below the knees, that is how people get hurt. if it had been the other way around there would have been a 15 yard penalty for a low block.

I suck at poker and 2 more days till Dallas

Last night was one of those nights. the Bodog blogger tourney was messed up the first time around. so they restarted it and I forgot how to play.

Gotta give Bodog props for taking care of the problem as soon as they were made aware of the issue.

I got AA and Couldn't lay it down on the turn even though I knew I was beat.
Yeah I am a Donkey.

2 days till I leave for Dallas. I am going to watch My Patriots play the Cowboys.
I have never been to dallas. I have also never seen an NFL game in any other place other than
Foxboro/Gillette stadium.

2 more days.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bodog Blogger tourney 9:20est.

Well Bodog Fucked up the structure tonight. They had it as 60 min levels with a break every 10.
thats right a 5 min break every 10 min.

I called support explained what was goin on.

I have to admit at least you could call them and they did try to fix it right away unlike Ultimate Bet poker who sucks monkey balls.

looks like it will be a late night tonight after I win this Biatch. I wonder who i will get at my table this time. hopefully it isn't bayne on my left.


Bodog Blogger tourney 8:30 est.

Tonight at 8:30 the Bodog blogger tournament.
Bodog is adding money to the pot and with the smaller fields makes it a good time.

It really is too bad they will not allow an inter account transfers. I know a few bloggers that would play if they could get some money.

Moving on.

I really was hoping the Yankee's would win 1 more game to stretch the Indians pitching staff a bit.
I am also surprised that the general sentiment around new england is that everyone is happy the Yankees lost. Cleveland's pitching is very strong atleast up front.

Joe Torre has not been fired nor has he quit but people are already down on their knees giving
him the business. Yes he was a very good manager. maybe one of the best ever but lets see how this all shakes out before we canonize him.

Monday, October 08, 2007

20k on Bodog

20k Update12:17 OUT in 21st place. Blinded down I open pushed with 77 got called by AK and he turned a boat.
The Cowboys Kicker is clutch. He Nailed the 2nd 53 yarder after buffalo tried to Ice him.

3 more work days till I leave to go to dallas for the Patriots/cowboys game.

have a nice nite/morning everyone
drop the hammer.


11:54 bubble just burst. I have T43k.
cowboys just hit a 53 yard field goal, but no a timeout right before the snap.

11:47 3rd break T48787.02 3 from the money.

11:14 Up to 49k after i raised with AK and guy pushed for like 9 more with A6.
75 peeps left.

11:04 moving along we are under 100 at 92. 45 is the money But I really want to win this so staying aggressive.

10:40 last hand before break that big stack from before min raised so I jammed him with 87 he called with AK and I win. he is now out and I am up to T26,900
I am top 10 in chips with 142 left. Long way to go,.

10:30 just doubled up when I rivered an Ace versus JJ and 85o

10:21 just finally got a double up. my 99 held vrs bigstacks AQ.
T6090 down to 180 with 45 getting paid.

9:49 Romo just threw his 4th Interception. It is still the first half. 17-7 bills.
9:35 made the 1st break with T3495 below average but blinds are only 50/100.

9:26 just remembered the Yankees were playing. Flipped over to see them down 4-1 with bases loaded. now 6-1 bring on cleveland.

9:22 Touchdown Cowboys 7-7

9:10 just had AA 1 limper I raised and got no callers. next had AK no callers again.

Looks like Dallas has Awoken from its nap. atleast the Defense

8:57 make that 2 INT's for Romo. atleast Buffalo didn't score yet
T3120 In the 20k on bodog

8:51 What did I say. Nice throw by Romo for a INT. 7-0 Bills

8:32 I am taking another shot at the 20k on bodog. 441 runners tonight. I will post updates.

Cowboys should smoke the Bills tonight. But the way this NFL season has been going you never know.

Math Pimpage

Hey Come join all the cool bloggers tonight at the Math tourney.
I won't be there since I am busto on FTP. Bodog has been good lately though.

hope everyone has fun.

Time To Consider Legalizing Marijuana

It's Time To Consider Legalizing Marijuana

Posted by CN Staff on October 05, 2007 at 06:04:44 PT

By Robert Robb


USA -- A recent Government Accountability Office report on drug
interdiction in Mexico is so bleak you have to wonder, what's the point?

From 2000 to 2005, according to the GAO, the amount of marijuana
flowing into the United States from Mexico increased 44 percent.
Cocaine shipments to the United States increased 64 percent. Heroin
production for U.S. consumption nearly doubled.

The National Drug Intelligence Center estimates that the total value of
the illegal drug trade between Mexico and the United States at between
$8 billion and $23 billion.

The upper end of that range has eye-popping significance.

Mexico's economy relies heavily on trade with the United States. At the
upper end of the range, the illegal drug trade is equivalent to 14
percent of the total value of Mexico's legal exports to the United
States. Illegal drugs are probably Mexico's second-leading export to
the United States, lagging behind only oil.

It is not as though nothing was being done during the period the GAO
studied. The U.S. gave Mexico nearly $400 million to assist in drug
interdiction. Former President Vicente Fox made interrupting the drug
trade a priority. Cartel leaders were targeted. Extraditions to the
U.S. increased. A new federal police force was formed to try to bypass
the corruption in other agencies.

New Mexican President Felipe Calderón is taking even more aggressive
action. Regardless of the good will and stern intentions of Mexico's
senior federal leadership, however, the money in the illegal drug trade
simply overwhelms the rule of law at the local level. That's a serious
problem, for Mexico and the U.S.

So, what to do about it?

Decriminalization for recreational drug use has been a safe haven for
those who believe that locking up people strictly for drug use is wrong
or have concluded that the war on drugs is futile. I've rested
comfortably there for years.

However, removing criminal sanctions for drug use won't dismantle the
destructive and dangerous criminal supply networks that have taken deep
root in Mexico and, increasingly, here in the United States. Only a
legal means of production, distribution and sale will do that.

That's a far less comfortable proposition. Making the production and
sale of drugs commercially available, particularly hard drugs, is
unnerving and scary.

Perhaps legalizing just marijuana would make the problem manageable.

According to a federal study, 6 percent of the population over the age
of 12 had used marijuana in the previous month. That's nearly 15
million people.

Only about 1 percent of the population had used cocaine in the previous
month. The numbers for meth and heroin were even lower, two-tenths of 1
percent and one-tenth of 1 percent respectively.

Marijuana accounts for over 60 percent of the proceeds of the illegal
drug trade between Mexico and the United States, according to the NDIC

So, perhaps the line on legalization, rather than decriminalization,
can be drawn at marijuana. Perhaps that would give Mexican officials a
fighting chance to get on top of the remainder of the drug trade and
install the rule of law at the local level.

Legalization of even marijuana would be a big step into the unknown.

Despite the claims of incautious legalization advocates, usage would
undoubtedly go up as prices dropped, product became more available and
convenient, and risks disappeared.

And despite incautious analogies, marijuana isn't like booze. You can
drink for reasons other than getting drunk. The only reason to ingest
marijuana is to get high.

The experience of other countries with legalization of marijuana and
some harder drugs is mixed, at best. Recreational drug use becoming a
visible part of a culture isn't a good thing.

Perhaps the United States could legislate a legalization of marijuana
use for private consumption that kept it largely out of sight. That,
however, cannot be counted on.

What the United States would be like with legal recreational drugs is
unknown. Sometimes, however, the known is so bad or futile that a trade
for the unknown is the best course of action.

That point has been reached regarding the legal status of marijuana.

His column appears Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Source: (AZ)

Author: Robert Robb

Published: October 5, 2007

Copyright: 2007



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McCain Should Know The Truth About Marijuana

McCain Should Know The Truth About Marijuana
Posted by CN Staff on October 06, 2007 at 08:51:31 PT
By Steve Chapman
Source: Chicago Tribune

USA -- Through all his years in politics, despite the endless obligation to shake hands, smile for the cameras and coax money out of contributors, John McCain has somehow avoided becoming a complete phony—something that John Edwards and Mitt Romney managed to achieve within a week of entering politics. Annoy McCain, and you won't have to wait long to find out.
Even a sickly, soft-spoken woman in a wheelchair gets no pass from him. The other day, at a meeting with voters in New Hampshire, Linda Macia mentioned her use of medical marijuana and politely asked his position on permitting it. Barely were the words out of her mouth before the Arizona senator spun on his heel, stalked away and heaped scorn on the idea.

"You may be one of the unique cases in America that only medical marijuana can relieve pain from," he said, in a skeptical tone. "Every medical expert I know of, including the AMA (American Medical Association), says there are much more effective and much more, uh, better treatments for pain." He also ridiculed the notion that police would arrest patients for using marijuana as medicine.

It's refreshing that McCain is willing to state his position with such unvarnished candor. It would be even better if he knew what he was talking about.

Apparently he missed the news that federal agents recently raided the home of Leonard French, a paraplegic who had been authorized under New Mexico law to use cannabis for his condition. He now faces possible federal charges, not to mention that he was deprived of the medicine recommended by his doctor.

As for medical experts, McCain could easily find plenty who testify to the therapeutic value of pot. The American Academy of HIV Medicine says that "when appropriately prescribed and monitored, marijuana/cannabis can provide immeasurable benefits for the health and well-being of our patients."

The New England Journal of Medicine has called the federal ban on medical marijuana "misguided, heavy-handed, and inhumane." A 1999 report by the federal Institute of Medicine concluded, "Scientific data indicate the potential therapeutic value of cannabinoid drugs for pain relief, control of nausea and vomiting, and appetite stimulation."

It's true that actual arrests of patients are rare. But that's often little consolation. Consider the case of Angel Raich, a California cancer victim whose marijuana was confiscated in a federal drug raid.

When she challenged the federal law, an appeals court ruled against her. But the court also had to acknowledge, "Raich's physician presented uncontroverted evidence that Raich 'cannot be without cannabis as medicine' because she would quickly suffer 'precipitous medical deterioration' and 'could very well die.' " Said the court, "All medical evidence in the record suggests that, if Raich were to stop using marijuana, the acute chronic pain and wasting disorders would immediatelyresume."

But none of that mattered. In the end, the government and the courts gave Raich a choice: obey federal law, or risk jail by using the only treatment that helped her.

Bush administration officials often insist there are no definitive studies proving the curative powers of marijuana. What they omit is that the federal government has done everything in its power to prevent such research.

That effort has not entirely succeeded, though. Recently, the journal Neurology published the results of one clinical trial of HIV patients. It showed that pot "effectively relieved chronic neuropathic pain from HIV-associated sensory neuropathy," with no adverse side effects.

The mystery is not why anyone believes cannabis can be safe and effective therapy. The mystery is why so many politicians, particularly Republican presidential candidates—Ron Paul, a physician, being the heroic exception—are unwilling to consider the possibility, or to leave the matter up to the states. It's not even clear their hard-line stance is smart politics in their own party.

Wherever you look, public opinion supports medical marijuana. In Texas, a 2004 Scripps-Howard poll found that 75 percent of the people favor allowing it—including 67 percent of Republicans. Such red states as Alaska, Colorado, Montana and Nevada are among the 12 that have legalized medical marijuana.

This is not a dispute between Republican voters and Democratic voters. It's a dispute between Republican politicians and everyone else.

What McCain ought to say is that he would rather ignore medical opinion, and inflict needless pain on people whose doctors say they could be helped by marijuana, than admit the federal ban is a mistake. Now that would be real candor.

Complete Title: McCain Should Know The Truth About Medical Marijuana

Source: Chicago Tribune (IL)
Author: Steve Chapman
Published: October 7, 2007
Copyright: 2007 Chicago Tribune Company

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Poker Etiquette

Let The Cards Speak: Players should refrain from commenting to the table during a hand on cards they have folded, or expressing disappointment as the cards are turned up in the course of a hand. This is to prevent players from inferring from the chat about what cards may have helped or hurt the chances of other players. Any chat or observations during a hand that may alter the outcome of that hand should be avoided at all costs.

You can read the whole list here at Bodog.

Drop the Hammer

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No it is not a scam this is the site that sent ME to the World series of Poker back in 2005.

So Head on over to Poker Source Online and check em out. Bonus Code Wwonka.

Check out this Awsome IttyBitty site.

Drop the Hammer

Patriots defense to the rescue

I don't know what the Patriots were doing going for it on 4th down at the 3 yard line.
I needed them to kick a field goal for me to cover.

Unreal I was thinking till the first play Cleveland passes and the patriots pick it off and run it in for a TD.

Cha Ching. Cover Baby

I forgot that the Redsox are playing Game 3 and when I switched over it was nice to see them up 2-0 in the top of the 4th.

and SHilling is looing decent so far.

BoDog 100k Sattalite

Sunday satalitesPlaying a sat into the 100k on bodog, its a turbo with T700 to start.
started off good I am at T1522 after i get dealt AA and it folds to the Sb who jams into a T30 pot.
I call and Double up to about 1575. having won a few small pots.

hand 22 I get dealt AA in the Sb when it folds around to me I min raise to 120 and bb jams. I call he has K8 I win up to 2117

Final table with 2 short stacks. I am like 6 of 9 with T 1472

top 5 spots pay

6 left I get KK i raise to 880 with 400 behind BB pushes me My KK holds up versus his AJo.

Now up to 3920 which is good for first with 6 left.

5 get paid.

Bodog BetsI like the Pats Just not giving 17.
I think the Jets are terrible, They couldn't even beat the Bills and they suck. plus the Giants sacked Donovan Mcnabb like 99 times last week.
what are the odds that Chad Penington makes it thru the whole game?

My Picks. For entertainment purposes only.

New England Patriots -11
Football - NFL Lines NFL - WEEK 5 - Pointspread
(Teased 6.0 points)

New York Giants +2
Football - NFL Lines NFL - WEEK 5 - Pointspread
(Teased 6.0 points)

Go Patriots.

Drop the Hammer.