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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

browns call vrabel a dirty player

Patriots coach Bill Belichick came to the defense of outside linebacker Mike Vrabel today.

When asked about the fourth-quarter play that drew the ire of Browns guard Eric Steinbach, Belichick backed his captain.

"The only reason Mike was even in the vicinity of anyone’s legs or knees is because he was pushed down," Belichick said. "Then they hit him late. It looked to me that the players were off balance probably because the offense, knowing it was a spike, slowed down and Mike just did what any defensive player should do -- play hard to the whistle and take nothing for granted. I wouldn’t tell Mike to do anything differently."

The play came with 11 seconds left as Browns quarterback Derek Anderson spiked the ball. Steinbach felt Vrabel deliberately fell near the knees of left tackle Joe Thomas and told the Associated Press that Vrabel was "classless" and should be fined.

We are going to have to put up with this shit all year. This is football folks.
the Play where trent green got hurt was a cheap shot on Trents Greens part. He went to block a player below the knees, that is how people get hurt. if it had been the other way around there would have been a 15 yard penalty for a low block.