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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bodog Blogger tourney 8:30 est.

Tonight at 8:30 the Bodog blogger tournament.
Bodog is adding money to the pot and with the smaller fields makes it a good time.

It really is too bad they will not allow an inter account transfers. I know a few bloggers that would play if they could get some money.

Moving on.

I really was hoping the Yankee's would win 1 more game to stretch the Indians pitching staff a bit.
I am also surprised that the general sentiment around new england is that everyone is happy the Yankees lost. Cleveland's pitching is very strong atleast up front.

Joe Torre has not been fired nor has he quit but people are already down on their knees giving
him the business. Yes he was a very good manager. maybe one of the best ever but lets see how this all shakes out before we canonize him.