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Sunday, October 07, 2007

BoDog 100k Sattalite

Sunday satalitesPlaying a sat into the 100k on bodog, its a turbo with T700 to start.
started off good I am at T1522 after i get dealt AA and it folds to the Sb who jams into a T30 pot.
I call and Double up to about 1575. having won a few small pots.

hand 22 I get dealt AA in the Sb when it folds around to me I min raise to 120 and bb jams. I call he has K8 I win up to 2117

Final table with 2 short stacks. I am like 6 of 9 with T 1472

top 5 spots pay

6 left I get KK i raise to 880 with 400 behind BB pushes me My KK holds up versus his AJo.

Now up to 3920 which is good for first with 6 left.

5 get paid.