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Monday, October 08, 2007

20k on Bodog

20k Update12:17 OUT in 21st place. Blinded down I open pushed with 77 got called by AK and he turned a boat.
The Cowboys Kicker is clutch. He Nailed the 2nd 53 yarder after buffalo tried to Ice him.

3 more work days till I leave to go to dallas for the Patriots/cowboys game.

have a nice nite/morning everyone
drop the hammer.


11:54 bubble just burst. I have T43k.
cowboys just hit a 53 yard field goal, but no a timeout right before the snap.

11:47 3rd break T48787.02 3 from the money.

11:14 Up to 49k after i raised with AK and guy pushed for like 9 more with A6.
75 peeps left.

11:04 moving along we are under 100 at 92. 45 is the money But I really want to win this so staying aggressive.

10:40 last hand before break that big stack from before min raised so I jammed him with 87 he called with AK and I win. he is now out and I am up to T26,900
I am top 10 in chips with 142 left. Long way to go,.

10:30 just doubled up when I rivered an Ace versus JJ and 85o

10:21 just finally got a double up. my 99 held vrs bigstacks AQ.
T6090 down to 180 with 45 getting paid.

9:49 Romo just threw his 4th Interception. It is still the first half. 17-7 bills.
9:35 made the 1st break with T3495 below average but blinds are only 50/100.

9:26 just remembered the Yankees were playing. Flipped over to see them down 4-1 with bases loaded. now 6-1 bring on cleveland.

9:22 Touchdown Cowboys 7-7

9:10 just had AA 1 limper I raised and got no callers. next had AK no callers again.

Looks like Dallas has Awoken from its nap. atleast the Defense

8:57 make that 2 INT's for Romo. atleast Buffalo didn't score yet
T3120 In the 20k on bodog

8:51 What did I say. Nice throw by Romo for a INT. 7-0 Bills

8:32 I am taking another shot at the 20k on bodog. 441 runners tonight. I will post updates.

Cowboys should smoke the Bills tonight. But the way this NFL season has been going you never know.