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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Final Table Baby

Today is the Final table Of the WSOP

Pauly will be live blogging it

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Liz L

Liz Lieu Is one Beautiful Woman. I was reading a quality Post over at Dr. Pauly's when I saw this picture and Instantly Felt Funny, Yeah yeah I am a guy so there.

But man I would love to Know if she is a nice as she is pretty? Wait I don't care I just want to Rub my Face Inbetween Her (probably) Fake boobies.

thats it for me today Go check out Pauly's Blog for some great fucking reading.
I mean who else can weave this

"There's one smoking-hot blonde who's been keeping her eye on the action. She'll suck and fuck and anal lube her way into the lonely life of one of the big money winners. She's sell out her depraved soul to get her hands on a big wad of cash."

Into a story about Poker. Only Pauly can.


Monday, August 07, 2006

INSIDER - POKER BLOG- Terrible play at the WSOP - INSIDER - POKER BLOG. Writer Andrew Feldman

Seems to Me that alot of People want to take shots at all the ametuers playing in the wsop Main Event, But why
Yes some of them do make some bad plays but isn't that what The pro's should want. People making bad desisions for most or not all of their chips.

Bad play at the WSOP

by: Andrew Feldman
posted: Monday, July 31, 2006 | Feedback | Print Entry

I'd like to say this is just me saying this, but it isn't. What is going on with the play at this year's main event? It's sick. Absolutely awful, and thankfully, I'm only watching from the outside, even though I'd rather be at the tables.

OK, here are some things I've seen so far:
(1) A guy call a raise on the river with 8 high. Eight high! He though he had a straight flush. Um, sir, there was no straight flush possibility on the board. Thanks for donating.

OK SO THE GUY Misread his hand and the Board. Isn't this the kind of
Players the Pro's are so much better than

(2) The all-in button that Milwaukee's Best Light handed out to all the players. Some guy yesterday was playing around with it and accidentally let it roll into the center of the pot during a hand. It was a binding bet and he was all-in. Thanks for your $10,000.

So this guy is extremely clumsy so what.

(3) Why do people continue to believe that calling a monster raise with a drawing hand is a good idea? Because once in a blue moon they hit it. Mark Seif raises to $1,000 preflop and gets called by one player. Long, drawn-out betting story made quick, Seif's 9-9 loses to 6-5 offsuit when the guy turns a full house. Rough day for Mr. Seif.

This is what the Pro's talk about Making Mistakes, Let the Bad Players make em.

(4) How about Phil Gordon's favorite player who limped with K-6 under the gun to hit two pair? Read more about that tomorrow.

Why is it when a Pro makes a Move like this it is Brilliant, But when someone else
does it they are monkeys????

It's just terrible and the pros are taking beatings because of it. Many players aren't playing solid poker and the pros just can't win the big pots they should. Hopefully as play moves forward, we'll see some better poker.

Ohh Boo fucking Who its just terrible isnt it that people watch the Pro's do stupid moves and think thats its the way to play.

I also doubt that alot of these pro's Play perfect all the time. There was a post about Layne Flack playing stupid then berating himself at the table.


Daniel Negreanu was one of a few pros who made it through Day 1C. In addition to Negreanu, who has plenty of chips, his protege, Brian Fidler, also made it through. Josh Arieh, Greg Raymer and John Gale will be holding the torch for professionals heading into Day 2.

Wow come day 5 and 45 left and they are all gone Only 2 Big Name pro's left.

Yeah the play is sometimes less than stellar but I think that this tourney seperates the wheat from the Chaff Pretty quickly and thats what makes it special is that anyone can sit down if they have the money.