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Friday, February 23, 2007

outrage and Much much more.

I got an email from FT that i want to share

You should be outraged.

You should be outraged that the U.S. government is infringing on your personal rights and telling you how to use your hard-earned money. You should be outraged by the fact that a minority of legislators passed the UIGEA, which impacts your ability to play the great game of poker on the Internet. They did this by slipping the language into a completely unrelated port security bill that went to the floor just minutes before Congress took its break for the mid-term elections. The bill passed without any Congressional debate or opportunity for you to object.

Although many legal scholars would argue that online poker should not be affected by the UIGEA, we believe the law’s lack of clarity can only harm the game unless an express exemption is granted under the UIGEA. You should be outraged that, in a rush to passage, poker did not receive the objective review it deserves, and did not already get this express exemption while lotteries, horse racing, and fantasy sports were all given free passes. We demand that Congress address this grievous oversight now.

The PPA’s primary goal for 2007 is to get an express exemption for online poker from the UIGEA and we want to ensure that the PPA’s message is heard loud and clear by Capitol Hill. By mobilizing 1 million online poker players to join the PPA they will listen, because a million voices can’t be ignored! Sign up for any PPA membership before Monday, March 5th and we’ll enter you in a PPA Freeroll tournament where you can win one of 18 personalized Full Tilt Poker jerseys like the ones our pros wear.

Step up and make a donation to the PPA before Monday, March 5th and you’ll be eligible for a cash bonus of up to $1,000.

If you’re already a PPA member, you can earn your special, one-time only bonus by upgrading to a higher membership level by Monday, March 5th, as shown above. To join now and receive your bonus, please select your option from the following…

Outrage is good, but outrage without action is useless. Stand up for your rights and help protect the great American game of poker by joining the PPA today.


Full Tilt Poker

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Vegas Countdown T-20, Poker Shrinkage,

That's right 20 more days till I get to spend 5 nights in my favorite town.
with my Brother and few of my Best friends .
I will be there March 14th-18th which is March Madness. I also realized that Saint Patrick's day is the 17th so there should be some great dunken stories coming back with me.

My Bankroll is Shrinking up like a little boy's junk in a cold Pool.
So I was donking around in a $5 + .50 tourney on Full Tilt Poker.
And I was Amazed at the Horrible Horrible plays that some people did.
yes I know it was only a $5 tourney but still
calling off your whole stack with KJ on a board with an Ace on it is not the brightest thing to do.
but that crime and much worse were committed at my table last night.

here is one hand that I wished I had played differently But Silly me for giving my 2 opponents any credit for a decent hand.

Or am being way too tight in that spot?
Just didn't think my AQ was that strong.
and didnt want to race so early.

no hands until KK and you can guess the rest.

See you tonight If I am awake.

Atleast tommorrow is Friday and that means I get to go to ittolm's house for a friendly home game.

And when I first heard about Britney Spears Being Bald I said I already knew she was Bald,
not this.

this girl needs some help. Hopefully there is someone in her life who can get her the help
she needs. But they would need to convince her to stay in rehab longer than Nicole waits to throw up after eating.

20 more days


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

US Government monitoring your emails

First thing First I would like to congratulate a Fellow Blogger BrdWeb who finished 38th in the Ftops main event.

US Government monitoring your emails:

This week, NOW reports on new evidence suggesting the existence of a secret government program that intercepts millions of private e-mails each day in the name of terrorist surveillance. News about the alleged program came to light when a former AT employee, Mark Klein, blew the whistle on what he believes to be a large-scale installation of secret Internet monitoring equipment deep inside AT San Francisco office. The equipment, he contends, was created at the request of the U.S. government to spy on e-mail traffic across the entire Internet. Though the government and AT refuse to address the issue directly, Klein backs up his charges with internal company documents and personal photos. Criminal Defense Lawyer Nancy Hollander, who represents several Muslim-Americans, feels her confidential e-mails are anything but secure. "I've personally never been afraid of my government until now. And now I feel personally afraid that I could be locked up tomorrow," she told NOW. Who might be eyeing the hundreds of millions of e-mails Americans send out each day, and to what end? Also this week, David Brancaccio talks to John Yoo, the former Bush Administration lawyer who was a key figure in granting the President expansive powers in the wake of September 11th. "There's no doubt that, in wartime, Presidents exercise much broader power than they do in peacetime," Yoo tells NOW. He also says President Bush has "tried to not go too far," in increasing such powers, as compared to previous administrations in wartime.

Link to the NOW homepage :

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Does this make you feel safe or More Like you are living in a Police State???
How long until we see headlines of poker players getting arrested??

In other poker news:
Doyle's Poker Room To block US players

The Texan promised he'd never let down US players and cave in to the federal government, but alas...
Dear DoylesRoom Player,

This email is intended solely for US-based players at Please ignore this communication if you are based in any other country.

In view of the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (“UIGEA”) and the cessation of operations by Neteller and other payment processors, the management of the Doyle Brunson Poker Network (“DBPN”) has reluctantly decided not to permit online real money play by US-based players. We know this will come as a disappointment to you but we have taken the view that the most prudent course of action at this time to ensure the security of player funds is to conduct an orderly withdrawal from the United States market.

Effective immediately, US online poker players will not be permitted to sign up for real money play or deposit funds into existing accounts. Commencing March 1, 2007, all US play on will be blocked and US players will be able to access only the withdrawals page.

You may withdraw your funds at any time or, should you wish to enjoy uninterrupted play, we are pleased to announce that Full Tilt Poker has agreed to accept direct transfer of your account balance. This will give you the opportunity to earn a signup bonus of up to $600 and use your action point balance on their site (terms and conditions apply, see below). This account transfer option will be simple, immediate, and allow you to take advantage of Full Tilt Poker’s wide range of games and tournaments. The transfer feature is available now.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Countdown is on

25 days to vegas