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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Up For Poker Blog

Guys head on over and check out OTIS's new post its some great stuff.

Up For Poker Blog: "d out on him), 'I didn't realize you'd been drinking.' It was the young alcoholic asking me to move over because I 'smelled like beer.' It was Wheaton, Absinthe, and Spaceman sweating me at the final table and imploring me to bubble.

It was, in short, fun.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006



TOBACCO ........................ 400,000
ALCOHOL ........................ 100,000
ALL LEGAL DRUGS ................ 20,000
ALL ILLEGAL DRUGS .............. 15,000
CAFFEINE ....................... 2,000
ASPIRIN ........................ 500

MARIJUANA ...................... 0

Source: United States government...
National Institute on Drug Abuse,
Bureau of Mortality Statistics

New Billion-Dollar Crop appeared in the February 1938 issue
of Popular Mechanics Magazine. Just as this article went to press
The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 took effect, which effectively killed
the hemp industry. Highlights of are in bold.

Popular Mechanics Magazine
New Billion-Dollar Crop
Sailing the seven seas with sails and rope made of hemp. American farmers are promised a new cash crop with an annual value of several hundred million dollars, all because a machine has been invented that solves a problem more than 6,000 years old.

It is hemp, a crop that will not compete with other American products. Instead, it will displace imports of raw material and manufactured products produced by underpaid coolie and peasant labor and it will provide thousands of jobs for American workers throughout the land.

The machine that makes this possible is designed for removing the fiber-bearing cortex from the rest of the stalk, making hemp fiber available for use without prohibitive amounts of human labor.

Hemp is the standard fiber of the world. It has great tensile strength and durability. It is used to produce more than 5,000 textile products, ranging from rope to fine laces, and the woody "hurds" remaining after the fiber has been removed contain more than 77 percent cellulose, which can be used to produce more than 25,000 products, ranging from dynamite to Cellophane.

Machines now in service in Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, and other states are producing fiber at a manufacturing cost of half a cent per pound, and are finding a profitable market for the rest of the stalk. Machine operators are making a good profit in competition with coolie-produced foreign fiber, while paying farmers $15 a ton for hemp as it comes from the field.

From the farmer's point of view, hemp is an easy crop to grow and will yield from three to six tons per acre on any land that will grow corn, wheat, or oats. It can be grown in any state of the Union. It has a short growing season, so that it can be planted after other crops are in. The long roots penetrate and break the soil to leave it in perfect condition for next year's crop. The dense shock of leaves, eight to twelve feet above the ground, chokes out weeds. Two successive crops are enough to reclaim land that has been abandoned because of Canadian thistles or quack grass.

Hemp fiber being delivered from machine, ready for baling.  Pile of pulverized hurds beside machine is 77 percent cellulose.

Under old methods, hemp was cut and allowed to lie in the fields for weeks until it "retted" enough so that the fibers could be pulled off by hand. Retting is simply rotting as a result of dew, rain, and bacterial action. Machines were developed to separate the fibers mechanically after retting was complete, but the cost was high, the loss of fiber great, and the quality of fiber comparatively low.

With the new machine--known as a decorticator--hemp is cut with a slightly modified grain binder. It is delivered to the machine where an automatic chain conveyor feeds it to the breaking arms at a rate of two or three tons per hour. The hurds are broken into fine pieces that drop into the hopper, from where they are delivered by blower to a baler, or to a truck or freight car for loose shipment. The fiber comes from the other end of the machine, ready for baling.

Kinda makes you wonder what all the fuss is about.
It's a good thing our goverment is here to protect us from ourselves.


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Monday, August 21, 2006

Attention Red Sox Fans.

This is your Captain.
Abandon Ship
Abandon Ship

this ship is Going down Faster than Pamela Anderson on Tommy Lee.
Faster than a crack whore pouncing on a twenty-dollar bill, the rats are abandoning the sinking ship.

How the fuck did the sox get swept 5 straight by the yankees?
We are 6 1/2 game behind the yanks.
The whole Fucking Redsox team other than David ortiz, Manny, Shilling and Wells should be
ashamed of themselves. 5 straight losses to the Yanks at HOME.
That is just not acceptable. Thank God the Patriots are Going to be good.

WEEI should be fun to listen to tommorow.

They are the #1 sports radio in the country
good stuff, except for the morning show Jerry Callahan is about as open minded as Rush Limbaugh ab0out sports. Callahan is a white Irish Catholic from Boston.

He writes for the boston Hearld, he Thinks that catholics should rule the world and impose thier views on everyone else and that all democrats are Morons.

Seriously those are his views. But weei has some great talent and callers.

they do stream on the web.