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Monday, August 21, 2006

Attention Red Sox Fans.

This is your Captain.
Abandon Ship
Abandon Ship

this ship is Going down Faster than Pamela Anderson on Tommy Lee.
Faster than a crack whore pouncing on a twenty-dollar bill, the rats are abandoning the sinking ship.

How the fuck did the sox get swept 5 straight by the yankees?
We are 6 1/2 game behind the yanks.
The whole Fucking Redsox team other than David ortiz, Manny, Shilling and Wells should be
ashamed of themselves. 5 straight losses to the Yanks at HOME.
That is just not acceptable. Thank God the Patriots are Going to be good.

WEEI should be fun to listen to tommorow.

They are the #1 sports radio in the country
good stuff, except for the morning show Jerry Callahan is about as open minded as Rush Limbaugh ab0out sports. Callahan is a white Irish Catholic from Boston.

He writes for the boston Hearld, he Thinks that catholics should rule the world and impose thier views on everyone else and that all democrats are Morons.

Seriously those are his views. But weei has some great talent and callers.

they do stream on the web.