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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Legalize Marijuana or Pot? Not such a Crazy Idea is it?


So Some Crazy California State Senator thinks that Legalizing and Taxing Marijuana might be a good way to raise some money.

"The story SF Weekly broke on Friday is true: Assemblyman Tom Ammiano will announce legislation on Monday to legalize marijuana and earn perhaps $1 billion annually by taxing it. Quintin Mecke, Ammiano's press secretary, confirmed to SF Weekly that the assemblyman's 10 a.m. Monday press conference regarding "new legislation related to the state's fiscal crisis" will broach the subject of reaping untold -- and much-needed -- wealth from the state's No. 1 cash crop. Mecke said Ammiano's proposed bill "would remove all penalties in California law on cultivation, transportation, sale, purchase, possession, or use of marijuana, natural THC, or paraphernalia for persons over the age of 21.

The bill would additionally prohibit state and local law officials from enforcing federal marijuana laws. As for Step Two -- profit -- Ammiano's bill calls for "establishing a fee on the sale of marijuana at a rate of $50 per ounce." Mecke said that would bring in roughly $1 billion for the state, according to estimates made by marijuana advocacy organizations. "


Jezus H Christ, I thank god that someone gets it.  1 Billion a year for the state of California from Taxes But instead  Why do we spend Billions of dollars fighting a problem when the real solution is to leaglize it and tax the shit out of it like we do with Ciggarettes and Alcohol Both of which are Drugs that Kill Far more People every day than Marijuana ever will.


Today I saw this Headline "San.Francisco Sheriff: Decriminalize Marijuana Now".

See here is a Law Enforcement Officer who understands what his job is about. Protecting the People of his city from real crimes. Not to say there isn't crime associated with Marijuana but I think It is reasonable to assume if you remove the Black Market you will remove a good deal of the crime also.

Now that we have a New President who has Smoked Pot and Admitted it publicly We should see a relaxing of the posture from our Overgrown Government in relation to Marijuana and its enforcement by Law Enforcement Officers.

U.S. Attorney General Says Justice Department Will No Longer Interfere With States’ Medical Pot Policies

Time for Americans to be free again don't you think?