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Friday, August 08, 2008

Online Poker Post for realz

Welcome to the Donkey Show.

     Yes an actual Online Poker post from Me. I know its been awhile but I have had nothing good to say about online poker since the end of the BBT3. My Bankroll is in Waffles territory and The Break has been nice.

Last night I fired up the $5 horse tourney and the Riverchasers which AL decided to add an extra $100 to to juice it while watching The 2nd Best Football team from 2007 The New England Patriots play their first Pre Season Game.

The $5 horse tourney  I ended up going out on the Final Table Bubble after 1 particularly Brutal Beat.



All the money went in on the turn even though it was a Limit Tourney. So he was drawing to 2 outs and go there on the end. It was a Shame since if I won that hand we are at the Final Table and I am one of the Chip Leaders but it wasn't meant to be.
I wasn't actually out after this hand But it Put the last Nail in the Coffin since my will was broken.

The Riverchasers wasn't much better. I ended up going out 10th or 11th when a Donkey called my allin with Ax and got there. So what's new its the Riverchasers and People call all ins with Terrible hands when they don't have too.  The eventual winner was one of those players you know the kind. Any Ace is good to call any bet with. Congrats to RakeFeeder for coming in 2nd after a Long and Unlucky Headsup Match.

I did find it Nice and Refreshing to play a Riverchasers that only had 30+ people, It was back to the old days pre BBT3 when you knew Most of the Players and It was fun fun fun.

Everyone go comment on Smokkee's blog about how much of a Pussy he is for not accepting of my bet for the loser to wear the Opponents hat for 6 months. I think Smokkee would look good wearing this hat.

I was willing to wear this one.


But we all Know that I wouldn't wearing any chargers Hat since the Patriots are a Much Superior team to the Chargers.



Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Taopoker 5th Birthday Tourney Tonight









AlCanthang said:

Hoyazo has decided to stop hosting Mondays at the Hoy and Sean has decided to pick up the Monday slack by throwing a LivePokerRadio game.

Tournament: Live Poker Radio
When: Monday at 22:00ET
Game: Deepstack NLHE
Buyin: $10+1
Password: boom