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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Underfeated and History in the Making

History in the Making. that is what your going to see tonight. The point that most people are missing is that the Giants have nothing to play for.

Got my ass handed to me last night at the HPT event. Congrats to Ittolm for finishing first and Byron (biggestron) for coming in 2nd. I think this is the 2nd time Byron has come in 2nd. I got lucky and got to sit with him for most of the night.

All 4 Bloggers made the final table after about 2 1/2 hours of play. I had been nursing a short stack after Byron chased me to the river calling a big bet on the turn mumbling something about odds and Catching on the river. so I limped to the final table but could get no love and ended up 9th. Played well just couldn't get any cards or get it in first.

enjoy the game tonight 16-0 is just a few hours away. Enjoy the show.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Get some Donkey Poker tonight

Home Game Fun Tonight! The Hpt Tour is having another Tourney tonight. There will be 4 Bloggers there tonight with Rake Feeder, Biggerston and Poker Dave with myself being 4. I also have a old family friend coming so this should be a fun night with meeting another local blogger. PokerDave is coming maybe someday I will get to meet the other Dave from Mass or Sir Waffles.

Fun game lots of bad players but quite a few good ones. The host gives us a Good structure to start. so dealing with the good players which Rakefeeder and Biggestro are 2 and the host is another. there are a few utterly terrible players also. I mean these folks make us bloggers look like geniuses.

Calling all the way down with bottom pair on a flushed board Priceless, But you also can't bluff the UnBluffable and there are a few of them there. But isn't that what you really want people who will put it in with the worst just cause they feel lucky? You know the ones they play almost every hand. There's always atleast 1 in every game.

But then having to deal with Players like RakeFeeder and Biggestro and Ittolm (the host) and Dave among others is tough too. Biggestro is Good I had to suckout on him last time. Funny thing is I didn't even know till he pointed it out to me. Thanks B.

hope everyone has a great nite tonight. Be safe this holiday weekend.

And don't forget to watch the Game, You know which game atleast you can tell your grandchildren that you saw it. You might not see another Perfect 16-0 regular season for awhile.
If the weather is good the pats should roll over the giants who really have nothing to play for other than Pride but that isn't going to help them next week so we shall see who plays and for how long.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Patriots for everyone!!!

The NFL just sent out the following announcement regarding the Patriots-Giants game:

The NFL has arranged with broadcast television partners CBS and NBC for an unprecedented three-way national simulcast of the NFL Network telecast of Saturday night’s New England Patriots at New York Giants game when the Patriots will try to become the first NFL team to go 16-0 in a regular season, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced today.

“We have taken this extraordinary step because it is in the best interest of our fans,” Commissioner Goodell said. “What we have seen for the past year is a very strong consumer demand for NFL Network. We appreciate CBS and NBC delivering the NFL Network telecast on Saturday night to the broad audience that deserves to see this potentially historic game. Our commitment to the NFL Network is stronger than ever.”

CBS and NBC will carry the NFL Network feed of the game with Bryant Gumbel and Cris Collinsowrth in the broadcast booth. The game also will be televised by WCVB-ABC (Channel 5) in Boston, WMUR-ABC in Manchester, New Hampshire (Channel 9) and WWOR (Channel 9) in New York. The telecast begins at 8 p.m. ET with kickoff set at 8:15 p.m. ET.

This will be the first three-network simulcast in NFL history and the first simulcast of any kind of an NFL game since Super Bowl I in 1967 when CBS and NBC both televised the first meeting of the champions of the newly merged National Football League and American Football League. CBS was the network partner of the NFL at that time and NBC televised the AFL. In that first Super Bowl – in which the NFL Green Bay Packers beat the AFL Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on January 15, 1967 – Ray Scott, Jack Whitaker and Frank Gifford called the game for CBS while Curt Gowdy and Paul Christman broadcast the game on NBC.

Against the 10-5 playoff-bound Giants, the 15-0 Patriots on Saturday night will seek to become the first NFL team to complete an unbeaten regular season since the Miami Dolphins went 14-0 in 1972. The Dolphins proceeded to win three more games, including Super Bowl VII, to finish 17-0 for the only perfect season in NFL history. The NFL regular season was expanded to 16 games in 1978.

The Patriots also are aiming for their record 19th consecutive regular-season victory dating back to the 2006 season. With six points, they also will become the highest scoring team in one NFL season, breaking the Minnesota Vikings’ total of 556 in 1998. Individually, quarterback Tom Brady (48) is in position to break Peyton Manning’s NFL record for most touchdown passes in a season (49 in 2004) and wide receiver Randy Moss (21) will set a new league mark if he catches two touchdown passes to surpass Jerry Rice’s 22 in 1987.

NFL Network is currently available on 240 cable systems, including Cox, plus satellite television providers DirecTV and Dish Network, and the telephone company TV services of AT&T U-VERSE and Verizon FiOS. But a few of the largest cable companies have refused to carry NFL Network on their most broadly distributed and affordable packages.

“NFL Network is a programming service of great interest to fans and should be broadly distributed by the cable industry,” said NFL Network President and CEO Steve Bornstein. “The only channel devoted 24/7 to America’s favorite sport is not programming that should be relegated to a poorly promoted, pay-extra sports tier that takes advantage of our fans’ passion for the NFL. A few of the biggest cable operators have refused to negotiate. We call on them to do what’s right for their consumers and negotiate agreements for NFL Network that make sense for everybody.”

I am still amazed it took the NFL this long to cave and show this game to everyone.
Since up until this afternoon if you didn't get the NFL network you were fucked.

That Meant both my Brothers, one who lives in LA and one in Burlington Vermont, would be missing this Historic Game. It's Not like the Patriots are going to lose so everyone should be watching.

Don't forget about the Last Mookie of the Year. 10p.m. eastern on FULL TILT POKER.

Drop the Hammer

Till next Year

That is the Line of the Song.
Hug your Kids and tell them you love them.

Does anyone else find it funny that this is one of my favorite songs considering that I am Jewish???

and does sting look sort of like why the fuck am I here?


Monday, December 24, 2007

Jamie Gold a nice guy afterall?

Jamie Gold gets alot of shit for his play at the table. Yes he did cross some lines in the Main event. Yes he can seem like a Huge Douchebag eating his blueberrys at the table.
So its nice to see him doing something good and Giving back to those less fortunate. : The Best In Pokertainment

Jamie Gold has signed on with Dean Cain (Lois and Clark’s Superman) for a very good cause. They will be joining Mixed Martial Arts Legend Randy Couture for “Operation All In.” A charity poker tournament that benefits U.S troops that have been wounded in action. The poker tournament will take place at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, on January 12th, 2008.

The event will have big names in the poker community, joining big names in the Mixed Martial Arts World, for a fun day of No Limit Texas Hold’ Em. The cost of the tournament is $550.00, with $200.00 rebuys and a guaranteed prize pool.

The tournament will be limited to 15 tables.
For more information, or to buy tickets, go to, or

Drop The Hammer

Merry Christmas to all

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Deep in Daily Double A

2:40 out 3rd. Let my say Thanks to Zeem for railing my and giving me his advice. He reminded me to stay aggressive.

I also Cashed in Daily Double B so I should have alittle more coming.

2:39 down to 3.

2:27 i am 5/5 with T160k

Its 2 :17 currently down to 6, I am in 4th with T202,584

Its 1:25 and I have T304,092 at the break. I am in first place with 16 left.