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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Free Money

Hey free money is always good right?????

Instant Bankroll just added a new room to their site that gives you $75 cash to try out poker. They added Titan poker, and I can attest that Titan is a great place to make some money.

No deposit.
No credit Card.
No risk.

Just sign up here and you're on your way to $75 in cash.

check out PSO They are the best affiliate on the Net.

Billy B

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

No Poker for me.

I had the last Flag football game of the year. We actually managed to win our 2nd game and knock
the team we were playing out of the playoffs.

atleast I made it thru the season with no major injuries.
tonight I will get back on track and hit the tables hard. hopefully they don't hit back.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Free Money at Party Poker

Free Money for New Party Poker Players Thats Right Free Money!

This has been around for a while, but I need someplace to send people who ask me about this, so if you already have an account at Party Poker You are screwed.

Instant Bankroll is a program offered by Poker Source Online that gives you a free $75 bankroll at Party Poker.

Here's how it works:

You sign up for Instant BankRoll by clicking on the banner or one of these links. You also sign up for a new account at Party Poker. Instant BankRoll will send you an email with a toll-free phone number to call so you can verify that you are 21 or over and that you haven't done this promotion before. The phone is often busy, especially on the weekends. Once you complete the phone call, they deposit $75 in your new Party Poker account. Once you play 500 raked hands, you get another $25 bonus. At that point you can cash out the money or keep playing.

Only one person per household qualifies for this offer. If you already have a Play Money account at Party Poker you can still do this promotion, but you have to create a NEW Party Poker account using a different Email address from your first one.

If you already had a real money account at Party Poker or aren't 21 yet, please don't try to cheat the system and do this promotion.

happy Birthday

Today is my oldest daughters birthday. I find it amazing that she is 7.
it seems like just yesterday I was holding her for the first time.

Happy Birthday Sweetie.

Poker has been up and down the last few days.
tried playing some 5/10 6 max and got smacked back down to the 2/4 game where i am
more comfortable. which is fine for now.

i also signed up for Jetset poker since they are going to be starting thier wsop promos
and I am going back.

was playing on a 4/8 at jetset with some of the worst players the other side of poker blue,
and would have had a much better session if I could have stayed away from the 1 other good
player on the table.

but never mind I still ended up +50 after about 1 hour of screwing around.
sometimes it is fun to Lag it up.

thats all for today folks have a nice day.