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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

back to Full tilt

I played in the 9pm 10k on ftp and donked around for about 30 min.
I got it all in with tptk but someone liked to chase thier flush and got there.

So I sat down in a 2/4 6max game and got cold decked for about 40 min but only managed to
drop 60 bucks. I didn't hit one flop when i had cards. Not fun but so it goes.
I had one guy yell at me for chasing But I had 2 pair to his 1 pair until he caught his flush on the river.

so -86 for the night but things could have been worse, I think I am getting a better
handle on 6max but the swings can sure be crazy. but it is certainly more fun since u
get to play many more hands.


Monday, December 19, 2005

bet365 and bonus whoring

I signed up for bet365 which is a prima room with the intention of bonus whoring them
since they have a promo where for every 50 raked hands you get $10.

but man these players are crazy. It is odd since most of them are Euro's
but some of these clowns have no clue how to play, That being said I ended up +36 before the
bonus after 500 hand. Not great but I will take it.

It should have been +150 but was the victim of a few suckouts to drag me down.
still free money is free money right?

back to FTP to grind it out there.