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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bodog Why do you have Such Crappy software?Can someone tell me why Bodog poker which wants to be considered one nof the top tier Poker sites has such Shitty fucking software?

Please Don't get me wrong I like Playing at Bodog Poker, Their software just drives me nuts.
I keep hoping they will come out with some new software sometime soon.

Baseball and Poker

Last night was a great night to watch Baseball.
2 close games. lots of excitement.

Staying up till 1 am to watch the redsox is always much better when they win.
and what a win it was a walkoff home run by Manny Ramierez. thats what they get for walking david ortiz
to get to him.

This could be a short series with Curt Shilling of 38 stitches
going on Sunday.

Who thinks the Yankees will win a game against cleveland?? they are 0-2 having had their 2 best starters go and now
they are rolling Roger "the texas con man" Clemens out there on sunday trying to avoid a sweep.

Did you know the yankees were 6-0 versus Cleveland this year??
did you know that the Yanks were like 4-0 when losing the first game of the series?
200 million and they are putting their hopes on a 45 year old pitcher. good grief.

Atleast Yankees fans can comfort themselves in the fact that they have won 26 world series. They seem to be real proud of that fact.
Never mind that they haven't won a world series in oh 7 years doesn't matter to them. It also looks more likely that it will be yet another
year without a World series ring for the Yankees.

Here is a nice link about some Yankees fans. always a classy bunch.
A 25-year-old carpenter from Quincy is in serious condition after he was assaulted outside a Yonkers, N.Y. hotel last night by a group of men he said had earlier asked about his allegiance to the Red Sox.
Read the rest here

I am a Huge Sports fan, But I can not begin to Imagine why this stuff happens? Does it just get out of hand Or do people
really think it is a good idea to assault someone just because they are a FAN of a rival team team?

There were some stories that after the Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the superbowl of Eagles fans
Being very Aggressive after the game. Now does it really surprise you that eagles fans might want to cause trouble?
these are the same folks who booed santa claus, enough said.

It is this same thing in Poker, I see people that get so upset that they say such awful coments at the table.

MoFo_69: gg
[razor1232]: fckn die u lucky fckn cock******
[razor1232]: unreal fck u
tmoney665: a tad harsh
[razor1232]: diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee

Now I find this amusing But I also Find it Kinda sad.

Go read Hoyazo's post on his friend in the Monday 1k.

Football tommorrow should be fun. The Patriots are playing the Browns. On Paper it looks like it might be a good game but I think the
Patriots win going away. Yes the Browns can score atleat on the Bengals. They haven't played a Denfense like the Patriots yet and That will be
the Big Difference in the game. This is also the same team that let the Bengals score 45.

The Patriots are -17 on Bodog as of right now.that is a awful lot of points to give and right now I am inclined to layoff the game.
The Fan in me wants to bet the Patriots but 17 is a big big number.

I am going to have to wait till sunday to decide on that one.


Drop the Hammer.

Bodog Blogger tournamentplease post or forward this information to fellow poker Bloggers.
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Friday, October 05, 2007

Bodog Poker and Vanessa Hutchins Nude Photo's

Bodog Poker and Vanessa Hutchins Nude Photo'sBodog Poker has some good tourneys. There is almost always a Overlay on thier bigger tourneys.

I Played the 20k last night. and started out like Astin. I had QQ and AA within the first 12 hands and took someones stack both times.
the first hand with QQ I felt that the person had AK, AQ and I was right.

Poker is a Funny Beast. You can make all the right plays and still lose but Sometimes you feel like you know what the others are doing it is a nice feeling to have.

I ended up finishing 31st for $100 bucks which isn't bad. Unlike Fulltilt You atleast doubled your buyin for making the money.
I don't understand the make the money out of 1000 people and make 10 bucks more than your buyin. Yeah thats right on Full Tilt they
the payouts are way too top heavy. U make the money after 4 hours and you don't win more than a few dollars. Fuck that.

I know If i went deeper it wouldn't be an issue.

I missed this? what was she thinking? Hmm 18 year old girl she probably wasn't. She was just doing what every other 18year old girl is doing.
taking naked photos of herself and photos of her kissing other 18 year old girls.

I am shocked and Dismayed that My daughter would be exposed to such a crazy thing.

Seriously this is a young girl who made a mistake and now is feeling the Wrath of her bad decisions.
Who gives a fuck. Let her move on. She is 18 after all and is perfectly capable of being just like Paris Hilton.

Have a great weekend.

Drop the Hammer.

How Potheads can Help To Build a Better America

Potheads Help To Build a Better America
Potheads Help To Build a Better America
Posted by CN Staff on October 02, 2007 at 06:51:07 PT
By Jeff Ackerman
Source: Union

California -- So one guy is dead and another is in a hospital with bullet holes after a reported weekend shoot-out near North San Juan over some pot. You know ... the green, leafy substance one out of every 10 doctors says will ease your pain faster than a pill-popping Rush Limbaugh could shout, “Liberal Potheads!”
Enough of the reefer madness already. I know a friend-of-a-friend’s-friend who smoked pot once or a thousand times, and he never once put a cat in a microwave or shot heroin into his big toe.

In fact, the only way you’d ever know he enjoys his pot is if you looked in his pantry and saw the 1,000 packs of Oreos and 500 jars of Costco jumbo peanut butter.

My pot-smoking (sometimes he eats it with milk and cookies) friend-of-a-friend’s-friend doesn’t look like someone the FBI would bother pursuing.

Not with Osama bin Laden still on the loose and federal agents still wondering what happened to the guy who jumped out of a jet plane with millions of dollars and a parachute. The pothead I know is semi-retired, has snow-white hair and goes to bed by 9 p.m., mostly, I suspect, because he eats too much pot and gets tired.

Just so you know, there is a BIG difference between pot and ... say ... crank. All you need do is compare the user profiles.

A typical pothead is generally:

1. Mellow.
2. Not an early riser.
3. Casual dresser (buttons can be problematic).
4. Romantic (hence the late mornings).
5. Weight-challenged (there is no Oreo/peanutbutter diet).

A typical crankhead, by comparison, is generally:

1. Hyper (they can vacuum an entire block in one hour).
2. An early riser (mostly because they never sleep in the first place).
3. Romantic (at least until their teeth fall out).
4. Casual dresser (they eventually sell their wardrobe to pay for the crank).
5. Weight-challenged (they sell all of their Oreos and Peanutbutter to the potheads and get very skinny).

And before any of you start suggesting that a pothead eventually becomes a crankhead, stop. It’s not true. Lots of potheads have never tried crank and lots of crankheads have never tried pot. The government wants us to believe that because it allows them to continue to trade pot for oil. That’s right, Americans.

My friend’s-friend’s-friend says he heard about the government plot from a guy he buys Oreos from at WalMart. He says that all that pot the DEA guys take from the farms around North San Juan goes straight to Washington, D.C., where they grind it up into a boatload of brownies and ship it to Saudi in exchange for a few barrels of oil. As you know, it’s hard to grow pot in the desert, even with all the heat, and those sheiks like to kick back on those giant floor pillows listening to Michael Jackson’s greatest hits.

How else can you possibly explain why the federal government keeps putting heat on the potheads and their crops that could, if taxed properly, fund parks, roads, schools and a gigantic crankhead rehab center? That’s right, Americans, potheads helping crankheads, in cooperation with the FBI and Internal Revenue Service.

And if we can finally decriminalize pot we won’t need to keep building prisons to house potheads and their suppliers. Last time I checked, they were stacking inmates six high at San Quentin and paying the guards $100,000 per year, with medical benefits and an unlimited supply of rubber gloves.

According to one estimate, the state spends $160 million per year to arrest, prosecute and imprison marijuana offenders. Our prisons house around 173,000 people today, and seven of every 10 of them we release eventually wind up behind bars again. Yet the state is about to spend another $7 billion or so to build new prisons and add new beds. This at a time when our schools could use some money and our medical-care costs are out of reach for many families. What’s wrong with this picture?

They also estimate that taxes from pot sales could generate as much as $3 billion per year.

“Yes ... but won’t that lead to more pot use?” you ask once again. I don’t think so. Why would every single Californian start smoking pot when they have pain pills, booze and Viagra? Besides, half the fun is breaking the law.

One thing I’m fairly certain of is this: If pot were legal today, one guy would probably still be alive and another would probably not be in a hospital with bullet holes in his skin.

Jeff Ackerman is the publisher of The Union. His column appears on Tuesdays.

Source: Union, The (Grass Valley, CA)
Author: Jeff Ackerman
Published: October 2, 2007
Copyright: 2007 The Union

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pro-Pot Group Urges RB Ricky William To Join Broncos

Default Pro-Pot Group Urges RB Ricky William To Join Broncos

Pro-Pot Group Urges RB To Join Broncos
Posted by CN Staff on October 03, 2007 at 06:13:15 PT
By Vanessa Miller, Daily Camera
Source: Rocky Mountain News

Colorado -- The pro-marijuana organization behind the referendum that made penalties for pot on the University of Colorado campus no greater than those for alcohol is encouraging suspended running back Ricky Williams to join the Denver Broncos.
Officials with SAFER, or Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation, will unveil a billboard across the street from Invesco Field in Denver at noon tomorrow supporting Williams' notorious use of marijuana and encouraging him to push for a spot on the Broncos.

Williams, who just completed an 18-month suspension from the NFL for violating the league's drug policy for the fourth time, filed for league reinstatement yesterday and is awaiting approval.

The Miami Dolphins runner has played in 12 NFL games since the start of the 2004 season, and his most recent suspension came in April 2006 after he tested positive for marijuana.

Williams remains under contract with Miami, but the team's coach hasn't said whether he wants Williams back.

SAFER executive director Mason Tvert said today that if Williams must find a new squad, he should come to Colorado.

"The National Football League's marijuana policy is just as irrational as our federal government's marijuana policy," Tvert said in a statement. "Authorities are steering adults toward using alcohol and punishing them for making the safer choice to use marijuana instead."

The new billboard across from Invesco reads "Ricky, come to Denver ... Where the people support your SAFER choice."

It pictures the back of a player with dreadlocks wearing a Broncos jersey.

Tvert said pushing football players to use alcohol instead of pot could be dangerous.

"Why on Earth would the NFL steer some of the biggest, strongest and toughest men in America away from marijuana and toward a drug that contributes to violent and aggressive behavior?" Tvert said.

Source: Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO)
Author: Vanessa Miller, Daily Camera
Published: October 2, 2007
Copyright: 2007 Denver Publishing Co.

Screw that I want Ricky to come to The Patriots. He Might be good insurance and there might be enough veterans to help him along.

now with Laurence Maroney hurt it might be good insurance, and for all his problems (pot, super sperm) Ricky Williams might be that little Piece to top it off.

Anyone have any thoughts?


Presto is Not Gold

OK I won't Lie this one hurt. All the Money went in on the flop for all 3 players.
I think the RNG at Full Tilt Poker really does Hate Me.

I mean is this Not a Total Ass Raping? This one is for Fuel.

Busted I just busted out of the Mookie, I am so Pissed about the way I played the hand.
I mean I was not a short stack and I still felt the need to get it all in Preflop with AQ.
But I had over 10k and got into it with the only fuckin person Sir AlCan't Hang, who had a better
hand than I.

AQ is fine if your short but I had more than 20x the blinds and wasn't feeling any pressure. I should have just folded there but
my thought was that some of these folk can be mighty aggresive.

still I should have folded.

maybe next week.
See you on fulltiltpoker


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

NEWS FLASH Mookie At 10Come Play the Mookie for a Fun time with double stacks. I will donate will you?
Maybe we can All make sure Bdidde bubbles again. that would make 4 in a row.

Josh Beckett has looked Fantastic tonight. He is a Big game pitcher thats for sure.
I am sort of surprised that he came out for the 9th but not with 2 down who am I to complain.
a 4 hit shuttout is nothing to sneeze at. That trade looks better and better all the time. Lets Hope
DiceK makes the same step next year.

This series could be over real fast if DiceK can win tommorrow with Shilling going in game 3 in Anaheim.
The Good thing tonight is that the Redsox bullpen is well rested since they weren't used tonight, So Francona won't have
to try to get 7-8 from DiceK.

Here's a hand from earlier it is a bad beat so you have been forwarned.

$54,000 worth of Prizes on Offer in the ProBloggerThe $54,000 Problogger birthday bash

In case you’ve been living under a rock, at the bottom of the ocean, in a cave, on planet “X” I thought I’d let you in on a little secret. Darren Rowse of Problogger is holding a little contest with $54,000 worth of prizes! Quite simply amazing.

So head over there and check it out and Maybe you can get lucky.

Now go Drop the Hammer.

Billy B.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Live Blogging the Bodog blogger tourney and the 24k on full tiltI had a token so I decided to play the 24k on Full tilt at 8 p.m. and the Bodog Blogger Tourney on Bodog.
Bodog has added money so this is a nice litte tourney.

I have 1 really aggresive monkey at my table he is up to 6k about 10 hands in. He only limps sp tjos cpi;d ne fun.

Up to T3896 she likes to limp into alot of pots.

8:37: Jezus christ my laptop came unplugged and it just shut down in the middle of a hand

8:56 Just sucked out on her when I rivered a set. up to T 7400.
I did blow half my stack in the blogge rtourney to tripjax but I will get it back. Little by little. back to T1985

9:15 Got all my chips back and took out tripjax when i made a str8 on the river which the 6 also made him a set.
T 3530 in BDBT
T 7930 in the 24k on full tilt

9:33 AA holds up in the 24k up to 10,690

T8080 in the BDBT

10:08 2nd break in the 24k. I just lost a race with AJ v 99, I had a 4 flush on the and hit my 9 on the river but that made him a Boat
I am down to T6611

10:45 out of the 24k in 251st.

down to the final table of the BDBT with T107350

Pokerstars Blogger TourneyPokerstars is at it again this year. I am In. Who is going to join me?

Texas Holdem Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 5077841

Drop the Hammer

As the world's oldest and largest fraternal organization,
Freemasonry today is built on Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. Through fellowship, charity, education and leadership,
Freemasons are making their lives - and their communities - stronger by the day.

Ask a FreeMason

10 Million Americans Busted for Pot

10 Million Americans Busted for Pot
Posted by CN Staff on October 01, 2007 at 08:54:51 PT
By Paul Armentano, AlterNet
Source: AlterNet

USA -- What would cops do without weed? For one thing, they'd sure spend a lot less time arresting and processing petty pot violators. How much time? For starters, however long it took to bust the estimated 739,000 Americans arrested for minor pot possession in 2006.
That's according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, which reported last week that a record 829,625 Americans were arrested for violating marijuana laws last year. Of those arrested, 89 percent of those were charged with simple pot possession -- the highest annual total ever recorded and nearly three times the number of citizens busted 15 years ago.

Yet to hear local law enforcement spin it, busting small-time potheads isn't their priority. The record number of busts, they claim, is simply a reflection that record numbers of Americans are now smoking pot.

But don't tell Drug Czar John Walters that. After all, the czar just claimed earlier this month -- at a press conference announcing the release of the federal Office of Applied Studies (OAS) 2006 National Survey on Drug Use and Health -- that pot use has been declining for the better part of the past five years.

Predictably, both the cops and the drug czar are playing fast and loose with the facts. Yes, in fact more Americans are now admittedly consuming pot today than in 1991 (so much for the past 15 years of the so-called "war on drugs"), but this increase is hardly proportional to the dramatic spike in overall pot arrests.

As for Walter's comments, while the survey did indeed report a minor decline in adolescents' self-reported use of pot, it further reported a minor uptick in the total number of Americans who report using marijuana regularly, from 14.6 million in 2005 to 14.8 million in 2006.

Of course, a less than 2 percent increase in pot users from '05 to '06 doesn't explain why pot arrests jumped more than five percent from a then-record 786,545 to today's total. Or why the overall number of annual pot arrests has gone up every consecutive year but two for the past 16 years.

Perhaps the explanation is two-fold. It's plausible that the federal government is -- and always has -- greatly underestimated the number of Americans who use pot. (Does anyone really believe that cops are busting -- on average -- five percent of all pot smokers each year?) It's also plausible that an outgrowth of the ever-growing number of cops on the street (and citizens' increasing number of interactions with them) is inevitably leading to more and more pot arrests. However, regardless of the explanation, it seems remiss for police and politicians not to acknowledge this growing trend and its burdensome fiscal and perhaps even cultural implications.

The bottom line: Since 1990 over 10.4 million Americans -- predominantly young people under age 30 -- have been busted for pot. Thousands have been disenfranchised, tens of thousands have been unnecessarily sent to "drug treatment," hundreds of thousands have lost their eligibility for student aid, and perhaps an entire generation (or two) has been alienated to believe that the police are an instrument of their oppression rather than their protection. These are the tangible results of the government's stepped up war on pot -- results that go beyond the FBI's record numbers, and it's high time that politicians and the general public began taking notice.

Note: Since 1990, over 10.4 million Americans have been busted for pot. When will we recognize it's time to stand up to the war on harmless pot smoking?

Paul Armentano is the senior policy analyst for the NORML Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Source: AlterNet (US)
Author: Paul Armentano, AlterNet
Published: October 1, 2007
Copyright: 2007 Independent Media Institute

A Stoners Dilema

The Stoner’s Dilemma
Posted by CN Staff on October 01, 2007 at 13:34:51 PT
By Garrett G. D. Nelson
Source: Harvard Crimson

USA -- Paint out an exaggerated caricature of the Left and you are likely to find among “Bible-burning,” “latte-drinking,” and “tax-raising” the common epithet “pot-smoking.” A well-stuffed joint is, apparently, a familiar staple in the progressive’s quiver alongside a Che shirt and a burning American flag. Unfortunately, marijuana as political issue goes better to the tune of “Puttin’ on the Ritz” than “The Internationale,” for drug consumption, even if it frees minds, shackles the lower class into economic bondsmanship.

It is disingenuous and regressive to attack the “degenerate habit” of marijuana from a cultural stand, as conservatives frequently do. It is hard to argue that the puffs of pot that waft out of college dormitories are inculcating slothfulness or Marxism among developing generations. It is even harder to attack pot from a cultural standpoint when it is hardly the exclusive domain of young people; when presidential candidates can openly admit their use of the drug without consequence, it is clear enough that the mainstreaming of pot is complete. While the aesthetic horror of a lazy smoking hippie may still be an effective bogeyman for the farthest-right conservatives, most Americans correctly realize that marijuana is a fairly innocent drug.
What most of them don’t realize, though, is how utterly irresponsible pot is when viewed from a broader social perspective. We live in an age where the Left has wisely and effectively turned their efforts toward influencing society through the marketplace. There are few consumer goods left which do not have some sort of socially-responsible alternatives. Bananas are sold with the promise that their pickers were paid and housed decently, automobiles are sold with the promise that they will sip gingerly on gas, retailers market their community activism, and even mutual funds tout their responsible investments. Our accouterments are now accountable from the point where they were dug out of the earth to the point that they arrive at our table.

Yet most of the same people who insist that their apples are local, their bankers tolerant, their handbags messianic, and their maids affluent seem perfectly comfortable propping up the demand side of a trade which forces thousands of Americans into a life at the margins of society. Between all of their insistences that pot doesn’t hurt people, they seem to have forgotten that the stuff has to come from somewhere. And this is quite a large omission to make.

The legal differential between consumers and suppliers of marijuana is enormous. Middle- and upper- class users of pot face essentially no consequences for their actions. Law enforcement across the country generally looks in the other direction when teenagers listening to the Flaming Lips (or their parents listening to Big Brother & The Holding Company) toke up in the evenings. When they do run into trouble, legal help is easy and effective. Nobody worries too much about serving hard time for smoking pot at home, and even hard-nosed stalwarts of the law have given up on prosecuting every offense of petty possession. At Harvard, certainly, we’re more likely to get into trouble for covering up our fire extinguisher to keep it from squawking at the smoke than we are from smoking the pot itself.

For growers and distributors, though, the situation is different entirely. They form the linemen of a vast American underclass of crime and poverty. Their entire lives are, by and large, extralegal. They do not donate to politicians and they do not vote. Their trade demands that they shed their citizenry, that they give up the privileges and protections of society for them and their families. The law does not demur to strip away their freedom, and they fill up the ranks of inmates in wild overproportion—over 55 percent of the federal prison population is incarcerated for drug offenses.

And this legal differential mirrors a class differential. Most drug dealers are not recent economics graduates, and most freshly-minted MBAs do not consider a career in dealing alongside their offers from McKinsey & Co. and Goldman Sachs. They are made up mostly of desperately poor people—people for whom the inflated demand of pot represents a rare economic opportunity in a world where jobs are scarce and education scarcer.

Yet we continue to smoke our pot, liberally, as it were, missing among its innocent curls of smoke the sinister economic system that it sets up. One cannot sneer at the social irresponsibility of a Hummer driver and then return home to relax over a joint whose procurement demanded the subjection of an impoverished underclass on the fringes of society.

This is, of course, not an argument against the legalization of marijuana. Perhaps there is a legitimate argument to be made that all of these problems could be easily dissolved by legal sanction for the drug trade. But until that point comes, we light up with the legal system we have, not the legal system we wish we had, and we cannot merely pretend that our actions have no consequences.

So perhaps a measure of consumer responsibility ought to make its way over to the liberal-minded drug users of our country. And perhaps we should insert into our caricature of the pot smoker the fat cigar of the plutocrat.

Garrett G. D. Nelson ’09 is a social studies and visual and environmental studies concentrator in Cabot House.

Source: Harvard Crimson (MA Edu)
Author: Garrett G. D. Nelson
Published: Monday, October 01, 2007
Copyright: 2007, The Harvard Crimson, Inc.

Tell me why do prohibitionists always come off sounding like “why do you make me hurt you?” “just behave yourself!” and “why are you making me do this?”

Under the US constitution and law, marijuana could not legally be made illegal. To overcome this, they taxed it and refused to give out tax stamps, effectively making it illegal (and proves they knowingly were breaking the law by circumventing it).

Smoking does not make me stronger, smarter, or able to leap tall building in a single bound. I simply enjoy it (kinda, sorta, but not quite, “among these..” and “pursuit of happiness”).

Passing the buck on a history corruption and lies doesn't hold. Responsibility remains exclusively with the prohibitionists and policy.

Monday, October 01, 2007

24k update

11:27 Down to 12k with 1k/2k blinds. AT v 99 flopped my ace he caught his 9 on the turn, Gross
that hand gets me up to 70k. not done yet

11:40 Tripled up to 18k. still short but now a double and I am right back in it. 52 out of 59 left.

24k update

11:27 Down to 12k with 1k/2k blinds. AT v 99 flopped my ace he caught his 9 on the turn, Gross
that hand gets me up to 70k. not done yet


10:50 just went on a nice little run at the bubble to go from 13k to 27k

Patriots are killing cinci

11:09 Had another Nice run and now up to 57k in the 24k on full tilt poker.
3rd break is coming up and i am currently 13/98.

Long way to go.

27-13 Pats in the 4th quarter. I have started flipping over to the Baseball Playin Game.
11th inning.

9:50 Touchdown Randy Moss. Nice catch by moss in the endzone.

9:59 Interception by Assante Samuels. Who need training camp.

still alive in the 24k with T 6845

9:50 Touchdown Randy Moss. Nice catch by moss in the endzone.

Kornheiser and the johnsons

Tony Kornheiser just said ' thats 2 sore Johnsons"

Math Tourney on Full Tilt

15 Min till the MATH.

Come Donate with Me.

This is the Only Blogger tourney other than the Big game and the New Bodog that i havent won yet.

Did you know bengals 3-0

Wearing the uniforms they are wearing tonight.

hmm anyone want to take the bengals?

8:30 : Everyone on monday night Countdown Just picked the Pats. This can't be good.

8:35 they bring up the tape gate again. Tony Kornheiser is a Fucking tool.

8:53 we drive all the way down to their 13 adn have to settle for a field goal.
I like the 5 wide set. looks like they cant cover everyone.

0:18 Touchdown Patriots Brady to Vrabel 10-0 patriots

9:23 10-0 end of the first Quarter. Mike Vrabel should have had a sack on the last play.
He had Palmer wrapped up. This could be a Rout real soon. Cincy can't get much going on offense.

I am playing the 24k on FullTiltPoker and I am curently 184 of 591 with T6695

Man I have only seen 6 flops out of 82 hands.

9:30 Tom Brady throws the worst pass i have seen all year. turnover

9:34 Game On Cinci gets a touchdown to make a game of it.

Maroney OUT

"10-1-07, 7:05 p.m.: Both starting running backs didn't dress for Monday night's game between the Bengals and Patriots with New England putting down Laurence Maroney and Cincinnati icing Rudi Johnson."

Hmm this could make it interesting. I think sammy morris is going to be real busy tonight.

NFL Bloodbath and Home game Beat down

What a weekend in the NFL. This was my worst week this year.
How do the Texans lose to the Falcons? Pittsburgh loses to the Cardnials what is up with that?

Thank God the Patriots play tonight lets see if they can win. An NFL sunday without the Patriots is Just not the same.

My condolences to Alan who is a sad Mets fan today. How do you blow a 7 game lead with 14 to go?
someone is getting fired this week me thinks.

Played a Homegame on saturday night. 9 peeps showed up. I only have 2 photo's to show.

Hope u like this Shot Of Bubba You really are seeing his best side.

Who says this shit only happens online?

The Home game started out good but finished Badly for me. Just couldn't get my hands to hold up. First game was 9 people $20 to buy in 2k in chips 20 min levels. So why is it People always want to jack the blinds up so they can end sooner. What I do find interesting is that the Best player got knocked out 2nd and he started to complain that it was taking too long. He actually suggested 10 min blinds. I would suggest just picking a name out of a hat instead of playing cards. the first game took just over 2 hours. which doesn't seem to out of whack to me.

The 2nd game the host decided to make it unlimited $20 rebuys for the first 2 levels. Good stuff Too bad I wasn't prepared for a rebuy tourney. I actually did ok just picking my spots. and at the end of the rebuy I was in 2nd. Too bad that that was where my cards ran out.

Highlight was getting TT and Having RakeFeeder try to steal then call my push with K8 and the Flop comes 88K. What the fuck is that. Nice hand sir.

I than had to listen to him defend his raise and call for the next 2 hours. Fun stuff.
Dude you got lucky just say that and shut up. No one wants to listen to you Postulate on why this was a good play and that was a bad play all night. Most of the people there don't want to listen to your In depth Hand analysis all night.

In fact most of the people there Don't really understand half of it so stop trying to teach em shit.
all it does it make em play better. If that is really Possible.

Tonight The Patriots should win by atleast 14 points.

Drop the Hammer