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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

NEWS FLASH Mookie At 10Come Play the Mookie for a Fun time with double stacks. I will donate will you?
Maybe we can All make sure Bdidde bubbles again. that would make 4 in a row.

Josh Beckett has looked Fantastic tonight. He is a Big game pitcher thats for sure.
I am sort of surprised that he came out for the 9th but not with 2 down who am I to complain.
a 4 hit shuttout is nothing to sneeze at. That trade looks better and better all the time. Lets Hope
DiceK makes the same step next year.

This series could be over real fast if DiceK can win tommorrow with Shilling going in game 3 in Anaheim.
The Good thing tonight is that the Redsox bullpen is well rested since they weren't used tonight, So Francona won't have
to try to get 7-8 from DiceK.

Here's a hand from earlier it is a bad beat so you have been forwarned.