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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Baseball and Poker

Last night was a great night to watch Baseball.
2 close games. lots of excitement.

Staying up till 1 am to watch the redsox is always much better when they win.
and what a win it was a walkoff home run by Manny Ramierez. thats what they get for walking david ortiz
to get to him.

This could be a short series with Curt Shilling of 38 stitches
going on Sunday.

Who thinks the Yankees will win a game against cleveland?? they are 0-2 having had their 2 best starters go and now
they are rolling Roger "the texas con man" Clemens out there on sunday trying to avoid a sweep.

Did you know the yankees were 6-0 versus Cleveland this year??
did you know that the Yanks were like 4-0 when losing the first game of the series?
200 million and they are putting their hopes on a 45 year old pitcher. good grief.

Atleast Yankees fans can comfort themselves in the fact that they have won 26 world series. They seem to be real proud of that fact.
Never mind that they haven't won a world series in oh 7 years doesn't matter to them. It also looks more likely that it will be yet another
year without a World series ring for the Yankees.

Here is a nice link about some Yankees fans. always a classy bunch.
A 25-year-old carpenter from Quincy is in serious condition after he was assaulted outside a Yonkers, N.Y. hotel last night by a group of men he said had earlier asked about his allegiance to the Red Sox.
Read the rest here

I am a Huge Sports fan, But I can not begin to Imagine why this stuff happens? Does it just get out of hand Or do people
really think it is a good idea to assault someone just because they are a FAN of a rival team team?

There were some stories that after the Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the superbowl of Eagles fans
Being very Aggressive after the game. Now does it really surprise you that eagles fans might want to cause trouble?
these are the same folks who booed santa claus, enough said.

It is this same thing in Poker, I see people that get so upset that they say such awful coments at the table.

MoFo_69: gg
[razor1232]: fckn die u lucky fckn cock******
[razor1232]: unreal fck u
tmoney665: a tad harsh
[razor1232]: diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee

Now I find this amusing But I also Find it Kinda sad.

Go read Hoyazo's post on his friend in the Monday 1k.

Football tommorrow should be fun. The Patriots are playing the Browns. On Paper it looks like it might be a good game but I think the
Patriots win going away. Yes the Browns can score atleat on the Bengals. They haven't played a Denfense like the Patriots yet and That will be
the Big Difference in the game. This is also the same team that let the Bengals score 45.

The Patriots are -17 on Bodog as of right now.that is a awful lot of points to give and right now I am inclined to layoff the game.
The Fan in me wants to bet the Patriots but 17 is a big big number.

I am going to have to wait till sunday to decide on that one.


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