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Friday, October 05, 2007

Bodog Poker and Vanessa Hutchins Nude Photo's

Bodog Poker and Vanessa Hutchins Nude Photo'sBodog Poker has some good tourneys. There is almost always a Overlay on thier bigger tourneys.

I Played the 20k last night. and started out like Astin. I had QQ and AA within the first 12 hands and took someones stack both times.
the first hand with QQ I felt that the person had AK, AQ and I was right.

Poker is a Funny Beast. You can make all the right plays and still lose but Sometimes you feel like you know what the others are doing it is a nice feeling to have.

I ended up finishing 31st for $100 bucks which isn't bad. Unlike Fulltilt You atleast doubled your buyin for making the money.
I don't understand the make the money out of 1000 people and make 10 bucks more than your buyin. Yeah thats right on Full Tilt they
the payouts are way too top heavy. U make the money after 4 hours and you don't win more than a few dollars. Fuck that.

I know If i went deeper it wouldn't be an issue.

I missed this? what was she thinking? Hmm 18 year old girl she probably wasn't. She was just doing what every other 18year old girl is doing.
taking naked photos of herself and photos of her kissing other 18 year old girls.

I am shocked and Dismayed that My daughter would be exposed to such a crazy thing.

Seriously this is a young girl who made a mistake and now is feeling the Wrath of her bad decisions.
Who gives a fuck. Let her move on. She is 18 after all and is perfectly capable of being just like Paris Hilton.

Have a great weekend.

Drop the Hammer.