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Monday, October 01, 2007

Did you know bengals 3-0

Wearing the uniforms they are wearing tonight.

hmm anyone want to take the bengals?

8:30 : Everyone on monday night Countdown Just picked the Pats. This can't be good.

8:35 they bring up the tape gate again. Tony Kornheiser is a Fucking tool.

8:53 we drive all the way down to their 13 adn have to settle for a field goal.
I like the 5 wide set. looks like they cant cover everyone.

0:18 Touchdown Patriots Brady to Vrabel 10-0 patriots

9:23 10-0 end of the first Quarter. Mike Vrabel should have had a sack on the last play.
He had Palmer wrapped up. This could be a Rout real soon. Cincy can't get much going on offense.

I am playing the 24k on FullTiltPoker and I am curently 184 of 591 with T6695

Man I have only seen 6 flops out of 82 hands.

9:30 Tom Brady throws the worst pass i have seen all year. turnover

9:34 Game On Cinci gets a touchdown to make a game of it.