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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Live Blogging the Bodog blogger tourney and the 24k on full tiltI had a token so I decided to play the 24k on Full tilt at 8 p.m. and the Bodog Blogger Tourney on Bodog.
Bodog has added money so this is a nice litte tourney.

I have 1 really aggresive monkey at my table he is up to 6k about 10 hands in. He only limps sp tjos cpi;d ne fun.

Up to T3896 she likes to limp into alot of pots.

8:37: Jezus christ my laptop came unplugged and it just shut down in the middle of a hand

8:56 Just sucked out on her when I rivered a set. up to T 7400.
I did blow half my stack in the blogge rtourney to tripjax but I will get it back. Little by little. back to T1985

9:15 Got all my chips back and took out tripjax when i made a str8 on the river which the 6 also made him a set.
T 3530 in BDBT
T 7930 in the 24k on full tilt

9:33 AA holds up in the 24k up to 10,690

T8080 in the BDBT

10:08 2nd break in the 24k. I just lost a race with AJ v 99, I had a 4 flush on the and hit my 9 on the river but that made him a Boat
I am down to T6611

10:45 out of the 24k in 251st.

down to the final table of the BDBT with T107350