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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fantasy sports Live: Bonus code wwonka

A few Bloggers have come up with a New Fantasy sports site. which actually looks promising.


Fantasy Sports Live is here to satisfy my need for action and a reason to continue watching Baseball Tonight. This venture, lead by Blinders allows people to compete in daily contests. You get a new team every contest - so you don't have to worry managing a bench or trading players. It's perfect for the sucky baseball drafter like myself.

Did I mention that they take PayPal and payout up to 90%?

Blinders describes it like this.
"I bring to you a website that compresses the Fantasy Sports experience to just a few action packed hours, offers you the ability to profit long-term from your sports knowledge, and eliminates all of the hassles of standard fantasy sports offerings like season long commitments, fees for adjusting your rooster, waiver wires, free agents, trades...

Just choose your stakes, draft a team of starters from the contest's games, and test your sports knowledge against others from around the country. We run the contests like sit and goes. They form up real-time, and close when the maximum entries are registered. Players then have until the start time to complete their draft. Once the contest starts, you can see the fantasy players on the teams you are against and a leaderboard shows the real-time contest standings. Also, by law all of our cash prizes are guaranteed. If we don't get the maximum entries it is like an overlay for those that are entered.

What I did was rewrite the rules of fantasy sports. I hope you enjoy the results."


Friday, June 22, 2007

Vote for Raq.

Hey All this is my Brother Jay's Band can everyone give them a vote, It is a free text.

The contest will run from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Check out


Attention All RAQ Fans! Jam Cruise, Relix & HeadCount are sponsoring "Vote to the Boat," a contest to select the fan pick on Jam Cruise 6 via text message. To vote for RAQ, simply text "RX RAQ", then send that text message to 56658 (This is a free text!) You will know it went through because you get a message saying "Thanks for voting for RAQ!" But the best part is....Everyone who votes is entered to win a free trip on Jam Cruise! We want to party with you on the boat, so send your text in today! You can only vote once from each unique number, so be sure to tell all of your friends and family! As an additional bonus, Relix is giving everyone who votes a free lifetime digital subscription.

The contest will run from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Check out

Thanks to all who vote for your support...hope to be hanging with YOU on JAM CRUISE 6!!!!

Chris, Todd, Jay & Greg

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

check out Moola

Moola is a fun way to kill some time and earn some money.
it also doesn't cost you a thing since they start you with the first penny.

check out Moola

this link will get you an invite.

check out Moola

Sometimes you just

Know it isn't going to be your night. It actually started off pretty good. Winning a Token
to The MATH. shit then I decided to play the 75 token frenzy and was doing good till this hand came up. All the money went in on the flop. Too bad since winning this hand would have put me in top 10 and almost surely secured my token for the big game.

But that was just a sample of my night. It feels like I lost every time but of course that wouldn't make sense since I finished 18th in the Math. I did get it in as a favorite almost every time though and LOSE. AK < AQ, with the last hand being JJ < 99.

Congrats to Jordan for his big win.

Head on over and check out Pauly's latest and greatest at the TAO

Sunday, June 17, 2007

vote for Joe

Happy Fathers day to all the Dads out there. Hope you have a Nice relaxing day.

Click Picture to vote.

Like Al Cant hang said Vote early vote often.

Alcanthang pointed us to this Photo collection and this was my favorite picture.