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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Riverchasers and Screw the NFL network and Charter Cable.11:56 I jam A7 utg with blings of 600/1200+a get called by AK no help and out 14th.

11:56 steal 88 up to T7500

11:54 fuck me down to T5819 when I called a shortys with A9s they have 44 and it holds.

11:51 Down to T15k AQ no good versus Swimmom95's 99

11:49 just pushed a small stack with AQ he had JJ. Q on the River and we are down to 15.
I am up to T25850.

11:30 Just ran KK in to AA, all in preflop. down to 2467

11:17 Just doubled up to T17618 when my AA held up verus Mike_Maloney's QQ
I am currently 4th with 22 remaining.

Playing in the Riverchasers tonight. Sitting upstairs in bed with the wife. I am wondering how long till she asks me when it will be over. my guess is 11:00pm.

I don't get why people are so willing to put their whole stack in early in a tournament
I mean why push T2600 into a T125 dollar pot? when the blinds are 15/30????

I got lucky and doubled up early. But since the wife wanted me in bed I needed to take a shower
and came back to T5800 and I am now up to T5920

Updates to follow

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Hu Sng's and This is definetly not VegasCongrats to PirateLawyer for winning last nights mookie.

I have been playing HU sng's the 6.25s on full tilt and I am 4/5 since yesterday. I am only playing
1 at a time. But I have won 4/6 which isn't bad. I probably play to tight early But I am Donka after all so what do you expect.

Went out to Haiku for sushi for lunch with RakeFeeder and BcBombers. Once again the Sushi was Fantastic. It was my I am not in vegas with all the cool bloggers lunch.

Shrewsbury Maki 8 pieces, tuna, salmon, marlin, scallion, asparagus, lightly tempura $9
Spicy Tuna Maki 6 pieces, spicy tuna, cucumber, topped with tuna $8
Dancing Eel Maki 6 pieces, eel, cucumber, tobiko, saba, bonito flake $10

If you live in Worcester, Mass or the surrounding area I highly recommend Checking out Haiku. Kenzo is The best sushi chef around.

Don't Forget the Riverchasers Tourney tonight at 10 on Fulltilt Poker.

Drop the Hammer

Mookie Beat Down on Full Tilt Poker. Fuck Me out in 51st. Was getting short since I am not astin and got absolute crap for hands after the first 30 min.

I am off on thursday so I am signing up for midnight madness. this should be fun.

Drop the hammer

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Worcester Mass is Cold tonightMookie at 10 on FullTilt Poker.

I was bored while waiting for the Mookie I started playing the $6 + .25 turbo Heads up sngs.
1 at a time, I Managed to win the first 2 pretty easily but the third one I kept running into slightly better hands
and lost. I love playing these things the the blinds go up quick but you are deep early.

Playing these I find helps me get my Agression up, Maybe one day I can be like Hoy.

Wow is 3 min till the Mookie and there are 96 freeking people signed up.
this should be fun.

The Boston Celtics are Going to win Yet again, This time Beating the Sixers for thier ? wim.

Happy Chanukah and RIP Chip Reese

Top 10 Reasons to Like Hanukkah:
10. No roof damage from reindeer
9. Never a silent night when you're among your Jewish loved ones
8. If someone screws up on their gift, there are seven more days to correct it
7. Betting Hanukkah gelt on candle races
6. You can use your fireplace
5. Naked spin-the-dreidel games
4. Fun waxy buildup on the menorah
3. No awkward explanations of virgin birth
2. Cheer optional
1. No Irving Berlin songs

   I Hope that everyone that is traveling to vegas has a safe trip and a great time. Please have a shot of Bourbon for me.
Actually Have 8 shots for me 1 for each night of chanukah/Hanukkah.

The Wonkettes each ripped open a few of thier many gifts, The highlight was watching my youngest R open up a Electric guitar and Amp. You would have thought she won the lottery the look of Joy that came over her face.
the older one jumped around when she opened her Box of Heelies. The funny thing is is that they are not allowed to wear those in most public places but she is happy so what the heck.

Poker star Chip Reese dies at 56. Wow 56 is way too young,


Tournament: The Mookie
When: Every Wednesday. 10pm ET
Game: NLHE Deepstack
Buyin: $10+1
Password: vegas1

Tournament: Riverchasers Online Poker Tour
When: Every Thursday. 21:00 ET
Game: NLHE Deepstack
Buyin: $10+1
Password: Riverchasers

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

So Close but yet Miles Away.

Congrats to BuddyDank for Taking down 1st in the lastest Bodonkey Tournament, Which had the Largest Field to date with 31 Brave souls joining in on the fun. Quite a few New folks too.

well I managed to lucksack my way to 2nd place. Amazing isn't it. We had a Star studded field with the likes of MiamiDon, Biggestron, Newinnov, On_thg, Tripjax.

Thanks goes out to Smokkee for Hosting this BoDonkalishish Tournament. Its is always a fun time

tomorrow is The Mookie, It will be interesting to see how big of a turnout there is since alot of the Cool Folks are going to be in or on the way to VEGAS.

Santana to boston? Patriots escape

I keep hoping that this is the deal. Lester has shown himself to be a solid Lefthanded Major league ready pitcher and Masterson is right up there with Buckholtz in terms of upside.

ESPN - After Yanks' deadline passes, Red Sox jump into lead for Santana - MLB
If the Twins were satisfied with Lester's medicals, it's believed they would accept a swap of him, Coco Crisp, shortstop prospect Jed Lowrie and either highly regarded pitching prospect Justin Masterson or another player.

Drizz asked if patriots fans were happy today. I am extremely happy that the Patriots
won a game that they probably should have lost. A win is a win no extra for style.

2 days till vegas for all you lucky mofo's. I will be stuck here in Worcester, Mass freezing my ass off dreaming of Playing Pai-Gow with drunken bloggers.

Tonight is the Bodonkey Blogger tourney with $600 added to the Prize Pool by Bodog.
8:35 on bodog see u there.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Boycott the Math and Go Patriots

I was just going to sign up for the MATH but once again hoy has decided to change the structure to his liking. Which In general I have no problem with but there is the BBT2 going on and I keep waiting for a $215 math tourney from him for the Math then only the ones who can afford it can take a shot at a TOC seat.

I don't get why he can't leave it the way it had been for ohh the last year or so. But now suddenly during a competition he wants to change it every week. I know I am not the only one who feels this way since when he asked for opinions alot of people said leave it alone till the end of the BBT2.

Every Tourney other than the MATH has been NL holdem all the way thru But All of a sudden hoy decides to change it up? Maybe he is trying to give himself a better shot by choosing games he is better at to get a coveted TOC seat???

So I will be Boycotting the Math tonight 6 max is not a game I am good at. I am actually bad at every game but just worse at 6max so I will skip it.

Hope everyone has a good time playing. and an even better time in Vegas.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Poker and Football it must be sunday!

5:48 fuck Me just busted when i limped with KK got reraised from the aggresive bigstack and i pushed.
he flips over JJ. QJ6 flop and I don't catch any love.

too bad if I win that one I am up to 10k but oh well.

To top it off its snowing outside and I am not going to vegas with all the cool folks.

5:32 Just Doubled up to 4950 when I raised with AKo and the Bigstack pushed his 7k stack.
he had JackAce and we flop and Ace but no Jack comes and My AK is Good. First time above average all day.

5:25 T2100 bigstacks + No cards. I haven't had a Pair Bigger than 7's and that was 30 min in.
Q9, Q4. Must do something soon. But still have time blinds are only now 50/100.

5:06 first break my table is super tight. I have T2420.
Down to 614 people left with 81 getting Paid.

I really hate when the Patriots don't play on sunday. Luckily for me I donked my wait to a seat in
the Bodog 100k in a 400 Point sat. There are only 803 People so once again there is a Nice overlay. This is in addition to Bodog having the best tournament structure in online Poker.