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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Poker and Football it must be sunday!

5:48 fuck Me just busted when i limped with KK got reraised from the aggresive bigstack and i pushed.
he flips over JJ. QJ6 flop and I don't catch any love.

too bad if I win that one I am up to 10k but oh well.

To top it off its snowing outside and I am not going to vegas with all the cool folks.

5:32 Just Doubled up to 4950 when I raised with AKo and the Bigstack pushed his 7k stack.
he had JackAce and we flop and Ace but no Jack comes and My AK is Good. First time above average all day.

5:25 T2100 bigstacks + No cards. I haven't had a Pair Bigger than 7's and that was 30 min in.
Q9, Q4. Must do something soon. But still have time blinds are only now 50/100.

5:06 first break my table is super tight. I have T2420.
Down to 614 people left with 81 getting Paid.

I really hate when the Patriots don't play on sunday. Luckily for me I donked my wait to a seat in
the Bodog 100k in a 400 Point sat. There are only 803 People so once again there is a Nice overlay. This is in addition to Bodog having the best tournament structure in online Poker.