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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

So Close but yet Miles Away.

Congrats to BuddyDank for Taking down 1st in the lastest Bodonkey Tournament, Which had the Largest Field to date with 31 Brave souls joining in on the fun. Quite a few New folks too.

well I managed to lucksack my way to 2nd place. Amazing isn't it. We had a Star studded field with the likes of MiamiDon, Biggestron, Newinnov, On_thg, Tripjax.

Thanks goes out to Smokkee for Hosting this BoDonkalishish Tournament. Its is always a fun time

tomorrow is The Mookie, It will be interesting to see how big of a turnout there is since alot of the Cool Folks are going to be in or on the way to VEGAS.